Families Conciously Creating The Future

Future Families is a unique not for profit community association commenced in March 2007 by a group of Adelaide (South Australia) mums.

We are a ‘one-stop-shop’ offering products, services, practitioners, information and support for parents regarding:

Gentle, Natural Birthing
Conscious Parenting
Natural Health and Wellness
Chemical Free, Sustainable Living

This website provides a vast array of information and resources directly via downloads and links.

Who may benefit from Future Families?

Anyone choosing conscious parenting! That is anyone wishing to raise their children with the greatest of kindness and respect.

Parents seeking alternative choices to a highly medicated approach to birthing and wellness.

Parents seeking to understand children’s developmental needs and how they can appropriately respond to support their children’s development.

Parents who see children as spiritual, emotional and mental beings to be nurtured with love, attention and kindness – and healthy food!

Parents seeking alternative assistance for childhood problems such as:
* Learning difficulties
* Allergies
* ADHD / ADD / Autism
* Special needs children

Parents wishing to raise healthy, happy adults.

The Alliance for Transformation the Lives of Children – co-founded by Pam Leo (www.atlc.org) has done amazing work to reveal research and provide extensive guidelines on this nature of parenting.
We consider their Blueprint of Principles and Actions to be an invaluable resource for every parent, midwife, doctor, child care worker and politician – in America – and here in Australia.

Source: http://www.futurefamilies.com.au/

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