Appearances and ‘real’ people.

From The Ring Cedars.. From Illusory People chapter.

Anastasias grandfather says in response to Vladamirs statement whilst pointing at two girls in the park talking.  “I think one of them – the one smoking – is unreal.”  And later says “look closely. The girl has on very uncomfortable high healed shoes. Besides, there a little too tight for her.  She wears them precisely because someone else is dictating what shoes women should be wearing these days. And she’s wearing a short skirt of material made to look like leather but it isn’t leather.  It’s harmful for the body, but she’s wearing it according to the dictates of society’s current fad. Look at all her gaudy make-up and how arrogantly she is behaving.  Outwardly she is independant.  But only outwardly.  Her whole appearance is at odds with her self, her real self.  She’s been ‘smitten’ by an image of someone elses thoughtforms, a soulless, illusory image has eclipsed her living soul and taken it captive.” it takes a strange twist when asked to prove if this  is true.  Grandfather approaced the two girls, looked the one smoking in eye n said “put the cigarette, dear girl, into your right hand. You should try holding it in your right hand.” she obediently obliged. But it was more to it than that.  Her face suddenly became completely altered.  Her arrogance had vanished.  In fact, everything about her was differen: her face, the way she stood.  And in a completely different tone she said: “I’l try grandfather.” “You should have your child, dear girl.” “it’ll be hard for me.  I’m all alone.”. “let him come to you. You go and think about that hand of yours, think about your child, and he will come.  Go along now dear girl, you must hurry”. Vladamir says after this “can you tame any woman like that? That’s terrific! Some sort of super-hypnosis, eh? Far out!” to which the Grandfather replies ” it’s not hypnosis.  And theres no far out mysticism here.  It’s simply an attentive attitude to ones fellow man.  And i mean to the man, not the dreamt up image which obscures the real man.  And, man responds instantly to this, he finds his strength, when you appeal directly to him, ignoring the illusory image.” “But how did you manage to see the invisible man behind the visible image?” “It’s all very simple, really. I watched them a bit.  The girl was holding the cigarette in her left hand.  She was also rummaging around in her hand with her left hand. Which means she’s left handed.  And if a small child holds a spoon or does something else with the left hand, his parents try to get him to use the right.  She got along fine with her parents.  I realised this when i saw the way she looked at the man and woman walking along with a little girl in tow.  I spoke to her the way her parents might have when she was little.  I tried to use the same tone of voice her parents might have used.  Back when she was little, unaffected, not under someone else’s image.  That little girl was the real man, and it responded rite off.  And it’s the alien image doesn’t want the child. But the girl’s inner being wants the child very much. They’re struggling with each other.  Now her inner being will win out!!!”

I just found this last night in my favourite series, hope u like it. I could never find the words n now i hav, so i had to share.

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