Austism can be reversed, this is one parents story of how Homeopathy reversed the effects of austism in their son.

Most homeopaths come to this great art of healing because of some “conversion” experience. Typically, some miracle — large or small — has alerted them to the mystery and monumental nature of Hahnemann’s discovery. In my own case, my younger son Max was cured of an “incurable” condition: mild autism. He began treatment at age 3.5. A year later, none but the most discerning would suspect that he had had any kind of problem at all. Obviously, this miracle changed the entire dynamic and potential future of my family. It also propelled me to alter my career course and devote myself to the study and promotion of homeopathy.

Max’s story is an interesting and unusual one for several reasons. First, we were incredibly blessed that our family homeopath found the correct remedy on the first try: Carcinosin. This remedy was his similimum if there ever was one. Fitting him like a glove, he has suffered from barely any aggravation in the two and a half years he has been on and off this remedy. The posology chosen for Max was similarly fitting — the LM dose. Over the course of his treatment, he has shown well-defined patterns of response to this approach. One of the reasons I decided to write this article is to provide further enlightenment to the homeopathic community about the nature and merits of this less-well-known but increasingly important remedy. The same can be said of this method of dosing — less commonly used and understood, the LM dose is surely on its way to prominence for deep chronic cases.

Since Max’s story is long and involved, the best way to tell it is chronologically. I have decided to also include details about other treatments we tried and changes we made in educational environment and family dynamic. All of these factors had an impact on Max. They may thus provide useful information for homeopaths and other families dealing with childhood behavioral problems. At the end of his story I will conclude with my own personal observations about the essence of Carcinosin, a summary of his symptoms, and brief discussions about LM dosing and the treatment of behavioral conditions in children.


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