Letter from family in the gasfields

To Premier Palaszczuk

Christmas is close, a bit over 3 weeks, and things are tough, paying rent on top of my mortgage is expensive, and I still havent quite figured how I am going to pay for Christmas.

I suppose I could tell my children that Santa is not coming this year because the Queensland Government cannot prove to us our home safe, so Santa went to our home and is now to sick to deliver presents and that his reindeer drank the water and died.

They would understand, they know what it is like to be sick and have pets die.

But that will not happen my house, because regardless how you treat us and other families in the gas fields, we will not give in.

We will have christmas and my children will have presents, with the laughter of family and friends.

We are going to make our own gifts this year, from things we already have, the kids are so excited about it.

Thats a thing called Aussie spirit, regardless of what life throws at you, you step up and make things happen, like christmas for your family.

Family, yes our families will be here with us too on Christmas, celebrating a reason to be together.

Mum and Dad will be here, they have stood by our side right through this journey, and they to, will not back down, they are disgusted with the injustice being dealt by the Queensland government to the people of the gas fields.

My husbands family will also be here, and our friends in this small community, that are spending Christmas alone are invited.

Christmas will be a terrific day for my family, full of laughter and simple good food and that peace of mind you get from doing the right thing.

Now you seem very unclear on the direction this csg issue is taking, it is up to you to satisfy me, the voter, that my home is safe to live in, it is up to YOU, to prove my air and rainwater safe, it is up to you, Premeier Palaszczuk, to fix the impacts of csg.

If that is not clear enough, I will say it again, it is up to you to satisfy me that my home is safe to live in, not me prove it to you and take on the expense just to keep my family in a safe environment while you sit and giggle in Parliament playing games with hundreds of lives.

I ask again that my Rainwater be tested and proven safe.

I have requested meetings with you, but recieve no reply.

Premier Palaszczuk one day, we will meet, and on that day, when you have to look me in the eye, you will feel the full force of a woman, a woman who’s children have been harmed, harmed by you, you need to deal with the truth of the impacts csg.

I look forward to your reply regarding the rainwater and meeting.

I hope you too will experience, the love of a Christmas of giving, with family and friends.

Sandra Bamberry

Photo courtesy of the Knitting Nannas

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