Treaty, Recognition or Independence even??

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1967 Referendum is deceitful like the coming Referendum

$800 million spent on the CONstitutional reforms “Recognise” campaign.


The Australian CONstitution purely is used for the sole intent of maintaining power.
Professor G. Clements (an eminent UK QC and emeritus Professor in law at Cambridge). He summed up the situation thus,

“The continued usage of the Australian Constitution Act (UK) by the Australian Governments and the judiciary is a confidence trick of monstrous proportions played upon the Australian people with the intent of maintaining power. It remains an Act of the United Kingdom. After joining the League of Nations in 1919 Australia became a sovereign nation. It had no further legal power to use, alter or otherwise tamper with another nation’s legislation. Authority over the Australian Constitution Act lies not with the Australian government nor with the Australian people, it rests solely with the UK. Only they have the authority to repeal this legislation …”
The Con of Constitutional Reform continues in the upcoming referendum – No-one knows what they are voting for, because the government hasn’t even finalised the wording of the document yet – people will get the name ‘Aboriginal’ or ‘Indigenous’ in the preamble of the constitution, but no-one knows what else?

A Brisbane demonstration in support of the 1967 referendum. (The Australian)

In March 2009 The Australian Government was “found guilty by a United Nations Body of practicing racial discrimination against its own citizens.” (
The capacity for the Australian Government to conduct the racial discrimination act in question was made possible by the ‘Yes’ vote in the 1967 referendum in which all Australians were deceived.

1967 Referendum
In 1967 Good will Australian Citizens thought they were voting ‘Yes’ for ‘Aborigines’ for the right to vote. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people already had the right to vote after Legislative changes in 1962.
* “The 1967 referendum did not give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples the right to vote. This right had been legislated for Commonwealth elections in 1962, with the last State to provide Indigenous enfranchisement being Queensland in 1965.” (The 1967 referendum – Fact sheet 150 : National Archives of Australia)

What really was the 1967 Referendum?
* Inclusion of ‘Aborigines’ in the Census
* Commonwealth Government could make independent laws for Aboriginal People (see…(link is external)
What impact has the 1967 Referendum had on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Australia?

The Impact has been lethal for our people’s rights. Northern Territory Intervention was supposedly put in place to prevent child abuse yet youth suicide has doubled since its enforcement. Pedophile rings remain rampant in Northern Territory headed by Non Indigenous people. Mining Royalties in the Northern Territory were seized by Jenny Macklin’s office and devied out as a ‘basics card’. In order to receive the payment allegations is those Aboriginal People have to ‘work’ for the ‘dole’ which in effect is slavery and robbery of Royalties.

1967 Referendum is deceitful as like the coming Referendum

Australians Public were deceived in the 1967 Referendum and are being deceived again on the coming Referendum. A ‘Yes’ vote will surrender Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal ‘Sovereign’ Stance as first Nations and amalgamate on to Australian Government ‘Colonial’ Sovereign Stance which has still never proven its Legal Jurisdiction.
* The impact of amalgamation is losing the chance of a ‘Sovereign Treaty’ for this generation and future generations.
* The Australian Government can still enforce Laws that Breach International Human Rights that are target specific for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
Australian Government and Mining Companies in Particular benefit from a ‘yes’ vote
The Australian Government have easier access to Mining Royalties outside the Northern Territory that should normally belong to the original ‘Land Owners’ (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People).

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have no extra benefit from a ‘yes’ vote

Our people actually lose all land ownership aquistition rights under Australian Constitutional Law.
We have no “Land Rights” yet thanks to the deceit of the 1967 Referendum the Australian Government can continue to make laws such as ‘Interventions’ to control, manipulate and even wipe us out all under their ‘Australian Constitution’ which holds no law against Genocide.
“Australia is now recognised as the only country in the world with a Constitution which permits racially discriminatory laws” (Chair of Oxfam Ms Hedy D’Ancona, Sydney Morning Herald, 30 October 2000).
Please complete this short poll asking about your thoughts on the future direction of First People:

Race power

S.51(xxvi) is the problem. Australia is the only nation in the world with a Constitution that discriminates against people on the basis of their race. This Races power (S.51(xxvi) says that the Parliament has the power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government with respect to the people of any race for whom it is deemed necessary to make special laws. That power was extended to INCLUDE Aboriginal people at the 1967 Referendum. The problem is that the wording of S.51(xxvi) means that the laws can be made for good or ill, depending on your point of view of what ‘good’ means. Howard said ‘good’ meant the startup of the NT Intervention (and he had to suspend the Racial Discrimination Act to do that). Some Aboriginal and some white people thought the Intervention was not ‘good’. But this S.51(xxvi) has been used by the federal parliament to make laws that benefit Aboriginal people – like recognising native title, protecting sacred sites and for making direct federal payments in areas such as Indigenous education, employment and housing. If you just got rid of S.51(xxvi) you would lose those good things. Another good thing that would be lost is your ability to work towards a Treaty with the govt. because that is linked to S.51(xxvi) in the sense that it gives the federal parliament the ability to make national laws for Aboriginal people. So S.51(xxvi) needs to be reworded to save all the good things, but to make sure it can’t be used to discriminate against you. This is what the legal debate is all about, and I believe Noel Pearson is trying to hang onto the good powers and make sure the bad powers are done away with.

If u believed being recognised in the constitution was a good thing, don’t feel bad for hoping the government were finally doing something for the food of our people. Truth is though, the crown has never acted honourably wen dealing with the tribes. The government has never done anything in good faith to benefit our mob, so why would this be any different.


A petition was received by the Queen in October 2014 with over 1600 signatures, that took 80 years to deliver. In that time nothing has changed to the point the message is still the same:
The petition states Aboriginal Australians had been robbed of their land and legal status by the Australian government.
With the backing of more than 1800 signatures, it warned of “the extinction of the Aboriginal race” if the injustice was not addressed.

There are no short cuts, we can’t treaty with the government because they are not sovereigns. This is another trick they are trying. Our youth suicide rates are the highest in the world, the least we can do is make sure what we do today is for the betterment of our children’s futures. If your interested in learning more, please see the list of links on the website.




We request past hurts be recognised first and foremost as in a truth and justice process, avenues towards independence be explored and healing initiatives in place for future generations.

Oh n it wouldn’t hurt sitting with a Blackfulla who knows about this stuff before donning a shirt and spruking the ideas and priorities of government.

On 2 June 2015, the Aboriginal Medical Service of Western Sydney (AMSWS) broke the news on the ABC Latelineprogram that a key performance indicator of funding through the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) was demonstrable support for Recognise.
A month later comes the news that all Federal funding is ceasing and the AMSWS will be forced to close its doors to the 11,000 patients to whom it provides healthcare.
Coincidence? I don’t think so.,7904

Here is a quick summary of the cuts we know about so far:
* $42 million cut from National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (ATSILS);
* Cut to funding for Vibe Australia, the most recognised platform of empowerment for Indigenous Australians;
* $160 million cut from Indigenous health programs;
* $3.5 million cut to the Torres Strait Regional Authority;
* $15 million earmarked for the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples has been cancelled;
* $9.5 million cut to Indigenous language support.

On Friday, May 20, 2016 — ABC News 24 & iveiw gave broadcast to the Indigenous Recognition in the Constitution: Discussion Panel at the Darwin Entertainment Centre as part of the Garrmalang Festival.

It was revealed on this broadcast that $800 million was spent over 3 years on the Government Recognise campaign.

The Referendum Council admitted that once their report goes to parliamentary hands that they lose control over the wording and the Government will have all the control.

The Panel ignored First Nations people in the audience clearly indicating they do not want to be recognised.

Meanwhile the Referendum (Machinery Provisions) Act 1984 section 11(4) stipulates that the government can ONLY spend public funds on printing 2000 word pamplets for mass mail out to the people. Go figure?

Referendum (Machinery Provisions) Act 1984, Section 11 (4)

Source of $160mil proposed:

#SovereignTreatyFirst #NoConsent
Long list of Recognise Campaign Sponsors

Bipartisan political support, I smell a rat!

Backed by the major Football codes, Cricket Australia and corporations including Qantas, Telstra, Westpac, KPMG, Lend Lease, Sodexo, Accor, Transfield, National Australia Bank, ­Commonwealth Bank Australia, Rio Tinto, Chevron & Woodside & look closer, #GenerationOne was founded by John Andrew Henry Forrest (aka.Twiggy). Under the guise of #Recognition they will legally continue to intervene.. steal country.. further generations, culture, language, heritage, and desecrate sacred sites and song-lines.. and now they attempt to steal #Sovereignty. A recognise vote for Constitutional change will only ever Recognise and protect the Government and vested interests of corporate sponsors. How long do we trust #HumanRights #justice to greedy thieves? How long do we allow the pain, #shame and #injustice Australia? What legacy will we leave for all of our children? #Resist #Revive #Reparation PLEASE SHARE & CLICK ON PICTURE TO CHECK THE COMMENTS
Comment – Recognise has been set up by Twiggy Forrest and is supported by mining companies and Transfield..who runs the jails and concentration camps for LNP. It is a total scam and the end result will be a huge loss for Aboriginal people. One of the changes to the act will allow the government to make separate laws for Aboriginal people. Generally that is known as apartheid. Do not be sucked into this…most aboriginal people are against it.
Aboriginal And Party Leaders To Discuss Recognise Campaign As Activists Call For More Radical Agenda

If you’re still not sure about the Recognise campaign…Take a look at the major sponsor – Transfield services!!!

#Recognise is a scam!! That’s the only thing we need to recognise!!!



#RecogniseTheScam #Recognise is lies #VoteNoToConstitutionalChange #NoConsent

10 more reasons to vote no:
Watch videos to learn more or follow the link at the bottom.

Slide show:



Further reading:

“On every occasion section 51 has been used, it’s been to harm the interests of Aboriginal people. It’s section 51 which was tested in the Hindmarsh Islands affair, and which affirmed the power of parliament to suspend the Racial Discrimination Act to specifically disadvantage Aboriginal people. This was done in Hindmarsh, in Wik, and in the introduction of the NT Intervention.” Chris Graham


Please do ur own research.

Compiled by Kaiyu Bayles

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