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The Real Australia
Aboriginal Music Appreciation Page

Ancestral Strategic Alliance – Australia

I Belong – Boomerang Home Movement


Tools For Healing Ignorance and Intolerance

Black Nation Resistance – Legal Team For The Last Stand

Grand Theft Australia – Class Action

Idle No More Invasion Day Mixtape 2013

Deep B.L.A.C.K

Expressin Oppression

Grass Roots Law, Justice and Freedom Discussion and Information

Self Help And Wellbeing Tips For Blackfullas

Peacefully Uniting To Protect Our Oldest Surviving People, Culture And Land

Keeping Em Honest – SAVE AUSTRALIA


Banner Slogans for Blackfulla Protests

The Original Freeman

Stand Up & Be Counted

I’m Propa Deadly ~ Time To Rise ~ Time to Shine

Rise Of The 10 Percenters

Original Tribes of Australia INDEPENDANT Online News Service

First Nations Say No To Forced Fluoridisation & Vaccination


 Land Air Water Lobby/Action – LAW Australia

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A little about page admin Kaiyu Moura (Bayles)

Now living in QLD raising her children on their traditional country, gathering food, learning the old art of building shelters, dance and the local language. For the past 20 years with her late Grandmother Maureen Watson and a dance group with 6 of her sisters Kaiyu travelled schools, festivals, events etc sharing the beauty of First Nations Culture through song and dance, stories, art, theatre, nursery rhymes, poetry etc and engaging all ages in different projects that inspire positive change. Also a poet, documentary maker, songwriter, artist, event organiser, media consultant, testing the waters of micro social enterprise by starting her own tshirt and sublimation printing business and with her own label, Kaiyu creates what she calls Freedom Threads.

After building their own home on Tribal Sovereign land, Kaiyu is now homeschooling and teaching the kids about making our own tinctures, learning about bushtucker and mushrooms, growing food, building with aircrete, setting up wind turbines, composting toilets and ram water pumps... Really learning what it truly means to thrive. This is our Group where we share alot of what we do

Kaiyu and the Tribe
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