Australia is not the Lucky Country for it’s First People

First People of Australia, Post/Tweet your experience of racism. I’ll go first. To get a motel room wen travelling, darker ones in family hid. #1Mob

Cont… I took my kids out of school because the racism became unbearable and couldn’t find a safe school. I could write a book about it. I had to sit out a film project too cos an older fulla had no trouble talking openly bout shooting blacks off his land with his dad and pop. It was a real social experiment, living there in a popular tourist destination for the more privileged (it seemed). When my mob come to visit me, people would snap there heads to turn n stare at a group of black fullas in a part where very few Blackfullas visited yet alone lived ie Hastings Point. It would be embarrassing if people saw themselves behaving this way. And generally I think people in oz would be shocked to see the extent our mob are criminalised on base of race.

Ex policeman Mathew Bond recently did a great interview with Amy McGuire about the blatant racism on the street and offers a rare insight to the extent of our issues with justice. Film the police.

My sister was locked in a cell and treated like an adult at 13 cos they didn’t believe her age. I can’t see them doing that to a Caucasian persons child.

As soon as we met up with more blackfullas and walked anywhere we were usually stopped by coppers, had to empty our bags, give our names, addresses and dob, then tell them where we were going and why.

Seeing 10 of your friends locked up for nothing just cos the cops can.

Being chased by cops and having dogs set on u, having to jump 10 mtrs and hide in a church for hours cos u know what they do to black people. Having your good mate killed a few nights later after being harassed and chased by police (probably the same police).

Seeing women in the street clutch their handbags when they see u coming with your son or partner.

Us Black fullas don’t know our rights well and get taken advantage of then treated inhumanely by the justice system and employees. We are locked up at a higher rate because of the racist police force.

Getting cheated out of land rights because of complex legal terms and issues that is way over our head.

Getting told we get everything for free and special rights that aren’t fair.

Havin to tell the darker family members to hide so we can get a taxi. Being told by a taxi driver they won’t stop because theirs aboriginal people there.

Being called Abo, boong, coon at school, the racist jokes that kids thought it was ok to tell, questioning the colour of my skin and identity. And then to have ur kids come home complaining of being told they are being told by other kids they r the same colour as shit and things “yuck their black”! And have a principal of a school we were trying to enrol in to escape the constant racism at another school, ask my placid natured so if she was going to give her any trouble. The third schools principal we tried to enrol kids into had 80 black kids and told us boldly not to expect Aboriginal programs because they just assimilate the kids there. I ended up homeless for 5 years so my kids could attend schools that were emotionally and culturally safe. 3 newborns in a tin shed, pregnant, all of us almost freezing and been blown up by a gas fridge. Showering and washing clothes in a caravan park with newborns.

Being told we should all be good aboriginals like Noel Pearson. We should all get over it, be thankful it was the Dutch or Chinese that invaded. If we don’t like the way it is, give back the money, cars, phones, clothes. Insay fladly and u sail back to where u came from so we can live in peace.

Asked what percentage I am and usually told I must only be an eighth. To this I started to reply, that’s what happens when your great grandmothers are raped by white men.

As a tour guide, being told that someone complained they were insulted that a white person was the guide of a cultural tour. Being hassled to play the didgeridoo by the tour operators for months after telling them it’s taboo for women to play.

Being stopped by police if you put an Aboriginal flag sticker on ur car or having a car full of blackfullas in an older car.

Being asked by an elderly priest why some Aboriginal people like to suffer?

One of the key recommendations in the Royal commissions report into deaths in custody’s report was to improve race relations, yet lack of race relations 20 years later is the key reason for the extremely high incarceration rates.

In the hundreds of Aboriginal deaths in custody cases in Australia only one person has ever been charged and later got off.

The crown has never acted honourably when dealing with the tribes.

The racist law and policy still alive in this country today is tyrannical and treasonous, ie gross mal practice – suspension of racial discrimination act, intervention, suicide and incarceration rates. Which is why a lot of us say we r in secret, silent, Cold War.

The truth is not told so our fellow Australians remain part of the tool to keep us oppressed. Teach the children the truth, I don’t think anything is more important than undoing this mess in Australia in terms of racism. If we want our kids to be free in their country.

When we travel overseas as performers etc is the only time we are treated the way we deserve to be treated it seems, with proper respect.


The total disregard of our way of life, wisdom, spirituality and ability to care for the earth maintaining balance and harmony for hundreads and thousands of years. As Dr Greg Phillips states I too believe it is  not only the role of Ancient People to save ourselves but our species and the entire planet.

Humanise, Decolonise, Indigenise to Thrive!

The law, the food, the imperial system is killing us all. If the food, money, justice, education and housing systems etc are failing the very people they were set up for,  how are they going to work for us – the marginalised and oppressed First Peoples?

A recent study revealed that in just seven weeks the Aboriginal participants returning from urban life to traditional lifesyle, lost weight and all their health markers (insulin resistance, blood pressure, cholesterol levels) normalized. Watch the documentary here: In Search of The Perfect Human Diet

Time to check ourselves as a species as ancient people fight for clean water for all of our children not just theirs. Time to shed the belief systems that we have been programmed and imbedded into the Concious state and have never served humanity at all.

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Further reading:
Discrimination against Indigenous Australians: A snapshot of the views of non-Indigenous people aged 25–44 

Key findings:

Discrimination against Indigenous Australians is considered common 
Discrimination against Indigenous Australians is considered one of the most prevalent forms of discrimination in Australia.
• Witnessing acts of discrimination is widespread, with more than half of non-Indigenous Australians claiming that they have witnessed acts of discrimination towards Indigenous Australians 

 Source:  Beyond Blue Snapshot

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