Can We Make Some Noise Online?

This is the launch of the official “Get The Full Picture” campaign, spreading much needed awareness about the upcoming referendum on Constitutional Recognition. Supported by grassroots activists across the country. 

Calling out to all our Grassroots mob to upload pics or videos

We  are going to need everyone to get involved if we have any chance of being heard. We are up against a multi million dollar “Vote Yes” campaign.

Smart Mob say “No Consent” To the Recognise Scam.
Don’t Let the Government hijack our Lands, Culture and Sovereignty for free!
See our urgent message stick here:

We will not defeat Recognise with just a few activists holding the front line. The Government recognise stooges are organised, they have millions of dollars of Government money, resources, they have media and paid foot soldiers. It requires people power to defeat such a grand scale scam. Recognition will undo all the benefits of Mabo 2 case in where our Sovereignty became recognised. The government will not recognise our sovereignty post the recognition referendum all they will recognise is their power over us and their rights to make laws for us at a unlimited capacity. Black funding, identified jobs, black housing, abstudy and even organisations will go down like a deck of cards. Merging of sovereigntys means assimilation which means all services are mainstreamed as so called ‘equal’. Closing the gap is really closing the distance to assimilation. Some activists have mobilised which is deadly now it’s time for everyone to rise up. This is the only chance right now to save Sovereignty that became lit up since Mabo 2.  

Domestic recognition is not Sovereignty it is ownership of property.

Points to remember for the Message to get out there for those wanting to make a 1min video:
– $800 million spent on the CONstitutional reforms “Recognise” campaign.

– Stop the government of Australia commit further crimes against the tribes

 – ‘Recognise’ campaign is treacherous for First Nations People

– The government wants to name First Nations people in the constitution so they have more power over them. It will allow the government to discriminate on the basis of race.

– The proposed referendum on Constitutional Recognition is a farce. They do not have consent to dictate terms of this proposed amendment on our behalf, Australian Citizens again voting on what they believe to be best for the tribes. Nor do they have jurisdiction in this country. 

– It fails the test of compliance with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. It gives the government the power to pass legislation like the ‘Northern Territory Intervention’ against the First Nations people in all the states.

– The vote will give non-Indigenous people the power to make the decision on ‘Recognition’ (This is because they have 97% of the vote.

– ‘Sovereignty was never ceded’ – this legislation will make it much harder for people to assert their sovereign rights – in other words it will kill any chance of workable and grass roots self-determination.

– We have not been properly consulted on the wording of the proposed changes. So we won’t get a say on the finally wording or have the final vote being the minority in this country.

– There has been no funding or resources made available for the “Vote No” campaign. This is bias and undemocratic.

– The R campaign is run by (un-elected) people especially selected and funded by the government to promote Constitutional Reform.

– On 7th December, 2015 the government appointed a new council to promote Constitutional Reform to work independently to the ‘Expert Council’ , including some of the front line people from the ‘Expert Panel’, which was named ‘The Referendum Council’. This council includes more non-Indigenous people than the ‘Expert Panel’. The non-Indigenous members are leading right-wing Lawyers and media experts..

– The referendum meetings that are happening nationally as part of the so called “consultation process”, is invite only. These meetings are not transparent, open for all to have their say and are inviting mostly “Yes” voters to manipulate the outcome of the meetings to further push their agenda.

– National Meetings shutting us out
Please try get along to these meetings. 

Silence  is considered consent so we have to make noise. Even if it’s outside the meetings with some protest banners, bring your kids, mums, dads, aunties, uncles, grandparents, elders, cousins and friends to one of these assimilation authorisation meetings and let them know #NoConsent


10. Write to the Referendum Council members copying and pasting from our letter provided through the link. The members are: Co-Chaired by Ms Pat Anderson AO and Mr Mark Leibler AC. The other members of the Referendum Council are Professor Megan Davis, Mr Andrew Demetriou, Mr Murray Gleeson AC, Mr Mick Gooda, Mr Stan Grant, Ms Tanya Hosch, Professor Kristina Keneally, Ms Jane McAloon, Mr Michael Rose AM, Ms Natasha Stott Despoja AM, Mr Noel Pearson, Ms Amanda Vanstone, Ms Dalassa Yorkston and Dr Galarrwuy Yunupingu AM. The former Co-Chair, Professor Patrick Dodson, resigned as a Member of the Council on 2 March 2016.

11. You can also upload a video message or picture of yourself holding a sign with #VoteNoToConstitutionalChange to the Vote No to Constitutional Changes’ Facebook page
12. Share posts and keep the conversation going.
Vote No to Constitutional Changed 

Facebook Page:

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