It was from Australia art, music, religion, democracy, astronomy, navigation, gender equality and all the nobler pursuits that enlighten, was exported so long ago.

Ancient Blackfulla Genes and Bones in South America, North America, Siberia, Mongolia, Japan, Malaysia, India …

By Steven and Evan Strong

We have already initiated proceedings through establishing an Australian foundation as the beginning place. The next step is to investigate nine locations/genetic sources which justify our belief that humanity began in Australia and that this genetic and esoteric seed was exported from Australia as Original mariners sailed throughout the Indo-Pacific Rim.


The exodus of the first Original Homo sapiens sapiens begun hundreds of thousands of years ago and spread to all parts of the Indo-Pacific Rim. The problem is that no matter how strong the evidence supplied through genetics and bones, the very best we will get from official channels is that this is all ancient history, even if it did happen, it is a story is long gone. Today’s attitude towards history has a time-line that begins when humans began to gather yet again into concentrated clusters of settlement around 7,000 years ago. Whatever happened earlier, just doesn’t register on the historical radar. Before that historic turning point there is talk of caves and a nomadic lifestyle overlaid with innuendos suggesting a less intelligent hairy clientele. With no building, metropolis or machinery to admire these assumed sins of technological omission have sadly lead to a situation where what happened then is no longer relevant, and somewhat of an embarrassment. Therefore, if the Original people were prominent in ancient world affairs, it merely comes from a less informed and intelligent setting, and fortunately we have moved forward since then.

Moreover, if the Original people had sailed to distant locations there should be archaeological proof in print. A simple inspection of any accredited text or academic book will find no entry that supports such a radical proposition. So with no published proof of earlier Original mariners sailing the globe, and if by some remote chance it did occur, having taken place in less cultured and cruder times, either way such an event is of less consequence.

Those objections are wrong on so many levels, the most pressing error relates to timing.

Twelve Steps Towards the Original Truth

This may surprise many, but the truth of the matter is that there is a bounty of rigorous science which has identified solid connections through Original mitochondrial DNA, Y Chromosomes, historical records and cranial measurements to people who were, or still are, living in North America, South America, Mongolia, Siberia, Japan, Malaysia, Andaman Islands and India.


Step 1: The White Flag

 The Out of Africa Theory is False

The theory of modern humanity evolving in Africa between 150-200,000 years ago has been proven to be false.

The discovery of an ancestor to the Neanderthals, who was walking on this planet between 300-400,000 years ago in Spain, means that the accepted division of hominids that led to Neanderthals, Denisovans, Red Deer Cave Man, Homo Enigma and an assortment of related hominids had to take place not 200,000 years ago, as assumed, but more like 400,000-500,000 years ago. “That would mean that the ancestors of humans were already wandering down a solitary path apart from the other kinds of archaic humans on the planet 100,000 to 400,000 years earlier than expected.”

The researchers in Spain have genetically identified relatives “to early Neandertals” (4) which has been dated at 430,000 years old. Because of this sensational date they were forced to concede that the early divergence of hominid strands occurred 550,000 to 750,000 years ago.


Step 2: Point Ritchie-the Final Nail in the Coffin of the Out-of-Africa Theory

Fire Stick Farming Evidence Goes Back 186,000 years

Highly respected archaeologist, Jim Bowler, along with a host of mainstream experts, will assure any that ask that sometime between 50-60,000 years ago modern humans who sailed from Africa stepped ashore somewhere at the Top End, then slowly spread along the northern coast line of Australia.

Despite Bowler’s expectations material taken from a midden from Point Ritchie was reliably dated to be 80,000 to 90,000 years old.  What is a touch puzzling is that Bowler, along with Gurdup Singh and Peter Ouwendyke, presented a joint paper on their work on a core sample taken at the Great Barrier Reef in 1983 which they proposed dated human activity through fire-stick farming back to 186,000 years.


Ainu man.jpg

(Older Ainu Man in Japan)

Step 3: Original Plus Mongol Equals Ainu

The Ainu People Of Japan Have Original Genes

German anthropologist Dr. Hermann Klaatsch was adamant, that this (pictured) Elder has all the facial features, hair, physique and genes of an Original person. He also was convinced humanity began in Australia and that it was from Australia the first humans set off to other countries. the truth is that the Australoid is the dominant Asian phenotype. All Asians were Australoids until recently… clearly there are still some Australoids in SE Asia such as Negrito people of Malaysia, Thailand (Mani), The Philippines (the Agta) and Indonesia and the Senoi of Thailand but these are the minority.

A review of recent genetic study of the Ainu by researcher Robert Lindsay confirmed that “the Ainu are indeed cold adapted. Ainuid Australoid types were widespread over much of Asia from 9,000- 2,000 years.

Russian researchers diprove out of africa theory.jpg

Step 4: Adam Never Lived in Africa

 There is no African Genes in any male lineage outside of Africa

If Eve did by some remote chance live in Africa, then she had been involved in a long-distance relationship between continents, because Adam never walked one step in or near Africa. A recent and extensive study of the Y Chromosomes of males throughout the planet, of which the main focus was to test the validity of the Out-of-Africa theory, was unequivocal in determining that there is no African genetic input in the genesis of any male lineage outside Africa.


What the researchers found after comparing African and non-African male Y Chromosomes was that the findings “offers evidence to re-examine the validity of the “Out of Africa” concept.”  As far as they concerned the genetic credentials of this popular theory accounting for the emergence of Homo sapiens sapiens in Africa 150,000 to 200,000 years ago is in tatters. Their analysis of the data found that “a more plausible interpretation might have been that both current Africans and non-Africans descended separately from a more common ancient ancestor, thus providing a proverbial fork. A region where this downstream common ancestor arose would not necessarily be in Africa.


Step 5: Kissing Cousins

Is History Wrong? Were Originals Here 500,000 Years Ago?

At the turn of this century the proper noun Denisovan did not exist. Fifteen years later it is commonly accepted that outside the Neanderthals, they were the most widespread and numerous of the many non-sapien strands of hominids. First discovered just over a decade ago in Siberia, until some mtDNA was extracted from the finger of a female Denisovan thought to be about 30,000 years old, it was first regarded as an interesting off-shoot, but thought to have no direct relevance to modern humans.

The genetic analysis of this woman’s genetic make-up was totally unexpected, it now seems every human of today has a percentage of their DNA that directly matches. And in some cases, well one in particular, the identical genetic cross-over is not insignificant and has no earthly parallel. The Original people of Australia have between a 4-6% match to the Denisovan gene.

Whether comparing to the Neanderthal input or any other extinct hominid group the highest levels sit at just over 2%, up to three times that score is phenomenal.

How can the Original people, who are supposed to come into existence fifty to sixty thousand years ago in an isolated southern continent, be so closely and intimately related to hominids that are at least 500,000 years old? The numbers do not add up and common sense is the first casualty of this equation.


8 Aboriginal rock engraving most likely of an ocean going watercraft


Step 6: A Chilean History Lesson with a Mayan Sub-plot

Elders And Mystics Visited Australia From Around The World Thousands Of Years Ago

At every school in Chile when the children study their origins and ancient history, all are taught of a theory that espouses an Australian presence in Chile and throughout South America taking place tens of thousands of years ago. It is suggested that the Original mariners basically ‘hitched’ a ride on the ‘Roaring Forties.’ Under favourable conditions the children in Chilean classes are assured it would take less than a month to complete the first part of the journey and step upon the American continent.

Often Elders and mystics from America would make their way to Australia as pilgrims seeking tuition in the esoteric. The boat they occupied was completely sealed, without rudder or sails and left entirely to the timing and ocean currents. They took maize for food and as the boat was watertight and unsinkable, as long as the currents behaved as they had done so for millennia, the expectation was to make landfall somewhere near present-day Sydney.

It may be a coincidence, but we sincerely doubt it, that close to Gosford on a rock platform situated less than two hundred metres from the sea, there is a pecking of a boat with a high stern and bow needed to negotiate open seas and large waves. What was always of interest is what is missing, there is no sail, mast, upper cabin, rudder or any form of steering device.


Dravidian Tamil Genetic Link to Australia

Step 7: Seven too Many

Same Ancient Song Sung In India and Same Genes

During research of mtDNA conducted in Southern India was part of a national survey, results revealed there was the presence of seven samples that exhibited distinct Australian Aboriginal genetic signatures.

When discussing this genetic science with an Original man of high education of both Black-fella and White-fella teachings, he shared with me an incident that took place when he was India. For reasons I can no longer remember, he needed to make his way deep into the forest of Southern India seeking time out from the noise and bustle of daily life, well away from any sign of civilisation. Now alone, he felt the need to make a private offering to nature and sing a secret sacred song he learnt from his father, who was from one of the desert tribes in the middle of Australia.

Not long after he began to sing this ancient song, the forest joined in. From all around he could hear the same words being sung in the correct order. Then the ‘bush men and women’ stepped out into the clearing and they stood as one in completing a sacred song that knows no boundaries, yet shares the same ancient Motherland.


Step 8: Twenty-two Tribes

Originals The Closest Cousins To the Tribes Deep In The Amazonian Jungle

A very recent genetic comparative study of some isolated Indigenous tribes found deep in the Amazonian jungle was meant to resolve questions about their closest connection and kin within the American continent. Being so remote and insular the genetic pool the Tupu and Ge-speaking tribes were considered to be as close as untouched as could be found.

The only certainty their paper can testify to is that Original people and genes were in America at a time with five figures. Dr. Walter Neves has 55 Original skulls found in Brazil and quite a few are at least 10,000 years old, and some much older. The real truth is that the tribal people of the Amazon still living in the forest are the last surviving edition of an ancient Original narrative in America.


Step 9: The Pericu

Genetic Connections In California

“Several dozen Pericu skulls,” which are normally stored at the “Regional Museum of La Paz in Baja California Sur in Mexico and the National Museum of Anthropology and History in Mexico City,” were recently allowed to be examined in detail.

“They turn out to be something far more enigmatic. What they are is still not entirely clear but they do not seem to be Amerind . . . Their closest relatives seem to be the Fuegians, the Australians, some Papua-New Guineans and the other populations of Pacific and Indian Ocean areas.

The men, who “normally went naked,” hunted with the assistance of woomeras to propel their wooden spears, which the Spanish referred to as “atlatls (spear throwers).” The observations and details supplied by the Spanish virtually echo the commentaries made by the British when they began to confiscate Australian Aboriginal tribal lands.


Step 10: Up and Down the South American Coast

Originals The First Colonist

It would seem the Aboriginal people were the first colonists, and it appears there is now only one remnant population of the Aboriginal descendants, which leads us to ask what happened. Some commentators, such as Lowell Ponte, accept Australia as the country of origin.

Professor Augusto Cardich (University De La Plata) is a respected authority on ancient cave art and is adamant he can detect an Aboriginal influence throughout Patagonia. He is insistent, that at Los Toldos and another Patagonian site, Estancia la Mana, the paintings (dating from 12,000 years B.P.) are “almost identical to those I saw in Australia.” The similarity was not confined to rock art paintings, as he noted “some engravings in Australia . . . which can also be seen here.

 Tierra Del Fuego.jpg

Step 11: Tierra Del Fuego

Original Connected Genetically To Brazil 

Dr. Hermann Klaatsch felt that the distinctive facial features and physique of the Indigenous people from southern tip of South America was due to the influence of Original genes. Remaining consistent to his belief that most strands of modern humans are Original, Klaatsch feels even though humanity’s base is Australia, the Original people did not progress intellectually and stagnated in their primitive ways and ignorance. It seems Klaatsch has no more respect for the Original cousins, dismissing them as being of the same stock and lacking in redeeming features. “The question is still full of puzzles, especially as regards the Yahgans of Tierra del Fuego, whose very primitive physical and cultural features remind us of the lowest known races of the Old World.” (58) We have learnt that whenever Klaatsch refers to what he believes to be the lowest or most primitive race in his book, that is ‘Klaatsch-speak’ for the Australian Original people.

Ignoring the rampant racism, the photographs Klaatsch took show people with a wide face, thick bones and noses that look decidedly Original, and are definitely not Asian. Nor are the contradictions limited to facial features. The people from the southern extremes are renowned for their robust physique and very tall stature, which again is not typical of the Asian race, but very much ‘par for the course’ for the people of Tierra del Fuego.

The Brazilian connection remains to this day because they retained viable numbers that protected their ancient Original lineage.


Step 12: Two Admissions of Error and one Common Solution: Australia

The Science Is Wrong & The Scientist Have Admitted It. Humans Did Not Originate From Africa

To an extent all of the drama and parting of the ways begins with a scientific paper published twenty-five years ago by Professor Allan Wilson and Rebecca Cann titled, “The Recent African Genesis of Humans.

The priorities are back to front here. Instead of an opening paragraph announcing the seminal discovery of how, where and when humanity originated, it is an outright declaration of intellectual superiority and boasting of their self-proclaimed victory over a lesser-form of scholarly pursuit. The article opens with a delineation between the unworthy and enlightened. “In the quest for the facts about human evolution, we molecular scientists have engaged in two major debates with the paleontologists.” Now setting out the two protagonists, it seems one has led us astray and the other towards the light, and the time is right to apportion blame and plaudits. “After 15 years of disagreement, we won that argument, when the paleontologists admitted we had been right and they had been wrong.”

What is revealing is that the word won is the only word in the joint paper that is deliberately highlighted with sloped italics. Being the pivotal part of the introductory sentence in the first paragraph, it is very apparent that the bickering and animosity it caused is a major issue.

That qualifier, as it turned out, was fortunate, because before the beginning of the last decade of the twentieth century both Cann and Wilson had recanted and were certain that it was in Australia, not Africa, humanity came into existence. The reason is simple, both of them had not personally examined Original blood and relied on genetic assumptions they found were false. Their paper and the ‘molecular clock’ they posted was reliant upon two assumptions that pertained only to the Original race: that their mtDNA is the youngest and least diverse (one-third that of the African mtDNA) and a belief that Australia was uninhabited until settled by Africans 50-60,000 years ago.

They were wrong and had the integrity to admit that mistake and tidy up the bad research and errors made. Cann was the first to see the error of their ways and in a sampling of the blood of “112 humans, including twelve Australian Aborigines (sic), all from Western Australia.” (65) She found that “mitochondrial DNA puts the origin of Homo sapiens much further back and indicates that the Australian Aborigines (sic) arose 400,000 years ago from two distinct lineages, far earlier than any other racial group.”


In Total …

So Eve is not African according Wilson and Cann, a date of genesis of no less than 400,000 years is proposed by Stringer, Wilson, Cann and what is another fascinating diversion, Slater also referred to the same date. There is also no doubt the Original mtDNA is the oldest and predates anything African by a considerable amount. An investigation of the mtDNA of a huge collection of over 600 vials of blood taken from full-descent Original men and women was conducted by Roy Simmons (Commonwealth Serum Laboratory), and he found no link between African and Australian genes and that the Original mtDNA is much older than the African gene.

The Russian researchers of Y Chromosomes are adamant that Adam is not African, which is merely the male version of the same female story. What has to be understood is that in combination all of these genetic studies cannot supply latitude and longitude, but it can give certainty in one exclusion, in that there is one continent where humanity did not evolve. All of this adds up to one absolute minus, Africa, and a possible plus, Australia.

Put it all Together

In prosecuting our case let it be known that we only have to validate one step out of twelve on our receding time-line to win the debate. If just one example of Original presence outside Australia is substantiated then the genetic door is open, as a boat did set sail and Original genes have become part of the heritage of whatever people or location is awarded the official stamp of approval. Moreover, once setting sail successfully why stop at one place when everywhere is reachable? For our critics to prevail in this debate Chris Stringer reluctantly admits must take place, all twelve steps have to be fully discredited for the Out-of-Africa theory to remain on its pedestal.

The awkward part of that hypothetical debate is that if Stringer was asked to adjudicate, he would have to decline and declare his bias towards the anti-Out-of-Africa camp. Since it was his paper and speech that openly challenged the accepted date and place in such unequivocal terms, Stringer must remain consistent to his own research and cast his vote against Africa and look elsewhere for an alternative.

Can we suggest to Stringer that in seeking a new set of global parameters he should first consult the Original Custodians of what is agreed to be the oldest culture in the world. A few words of guidance and context from a spokesperson of the First Day will provide the clarity in direction that is now lost in the genetic haze.

“They say we have been here for 60,000 years, but it is much longer. We have been here since the time before time began. We have come directly out of the Dreamtime of the great Creative Ancestors. We have lived and kept the earth as it was on the First Day. All other peoples of the world came from us.


(summary by Kaiyu Bayles)

Source (for full list of references click on link)



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