Decolonise Your Diet Podcast – Episode 1 Out Now

1st Episode now available on podcast “The Oldest, Most Nutritious Food on Earth”.

Did you know Australia Has the Oldest and Most Nutritious Foods on Earth?

So why aren’t we eating them?

Before the British invaded, The First People of Australia were thriving on a vast diet of more than 6000 plants, grains and meats. There is a native strain of rice; grass seeds used for bread and native birds with meat comparable to the best poultry in our restaurants. Join us for the launch of our new series “Decolonise Your Diet”. Featuring our interview with John Newton, author of Oldest Foods On Earth.

Podcast episode 1

John Newton yarns with Kaiyu Bayles about his book “The Oldest Foods on Earth”.

Broadcasts: 27/6/18 on

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