Episode 2 “Decolonise Your Diet” Broadcasts: ‪4/7/18‬

Kaiyu Bayles interviews Bill Gammage, author of the book “The Biggest Estate On Earth, How Aboriginal People Made Australia”.  Broadcasts: 4/7/18

Tune in live: https://989fm.com.au/get-live-streaming/

With European settlement “a majestic achievement ended”, now “we have a continent to learn”. Says author of “The Biggest Estate on Earth” Bill Gammage. His challenge to us all: a revelation of what will be required if we are to one day “understand our country” and “become Australian”.  If you want to hear more from authors Bruce Pascoe, John Newton and Bill Gammage, join us for our upcoming series as we take a journey discovering the oldest super foods and the genius knowledge systems of our First People of this country we all call home now. This is our shared history. “Decolonise Your Diet”, coming to you across the airwaves this June.

Podcast link published 24hrs after broadcast

Episode 3 “Agriculture or Accident” – yarn with uncle Bruce Pasco, author of “Dark Emu, Agriculture Or Accident?” Broadcasts:11/7/18

Episode 4 “A National Snapshot of the health and wellbeing of First Nation People” – Professor Gregory Phillips. Broadcasts: 18/7/18

Episode 5 “Amazing Results Using Bushfoods” – We catch up with aunty Thelma ‘Bubsy’ Lander, who says trading a diet of western junk food and alcohol for the traditional Aboriginal cuisine of kangaroo tail and emu meat has helped her to lose 48 kilograms. Broadcasts: 25/7/18

Episode 6 “Traditional Approaches To Health” –  Interview with Clint Bussy –  We discuss Historical Diet transition/ Health transition, Food security and health benefits of traditional foods.  Broadcasts: 1/8/18

Episode 7 “That Sugar Film” – Interview with filmmaker Damon Gameau, Award winning Documentary Filmmaker. Broadcasts: 8/8/18

Episode 8 “The Results Are In” – Professor Kerrin O’Dae  In just seven weeks eating bushtucker, mob who returned to the bush from the city lost weight and all their health markers (insulin resistance, blood pressure, cholesterol levels) normalized.  Broadcasts: 15/8/18

Episode 9 “Question & Answers with Documentary makers Kaiyu Bayles and her son Tiga Bayles Jnr”.  Broadcasts: 22/8/18

Episode 10 “A Bushtucker Health Revolution” – Interview with Mike and Gayle Quarmby.  Mike and Gail planted over 500,000 bushfood plants on Aboriginal communities. Broadcasts: 29/8/18

Podcast episode 1 https://989fm.com.au/?powerpress_pinw=325169-podcast

98.9FM interview with Kaiyu Bayles about the series https://989fm.com.au/?powerpress_pinw=325500-podcast

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