Decolonise Your Diet Ep.4 “A National Snapshot of the health and wellbeing of First Nation People”. With Professor Greg Phillips

DYD Episode 4 “A National Snapshot of the health and wellbeing of First Nation People” – Kaiyu interviews Professor Gregory Phillips, a medical anthropologist, has a PhD in psychology (Dancing With Power: Aboriginal Health, Cultural Safety and Medical Education), a research master’s degree in medical science (Addictions and Healing in Aboriginal Country, published as a book in 2003) and a bachelor degree in arts (Aboriginal Studies and Government majors). Broadcasts: 18/7/18 “Decolonise Your Diet”

The Bringing Them Home Report exposed the extent to which trauma has impacted on Indigenous Australians and concluded that most families have been affected by the forcible removal of one or more children. The need to address the legacy of forced removal, by considering special investment in Indigenous healing, was a strongly supported recommendation at the 2020 Summit held in Canberra in April 2008. Reference was made by summit participants to the medical anthropologist Gregory Phillips proposal that healing is fundamentally about therapeutic change and cultural renewal. A holistic view of healing approaches was elegantly outlined by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) in their National Inquiry into the Separation of 3 of 25 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Children from their Families. HREOC supported measures of restitution of language, culture, and records of harm done; be combined with measures of rehabilitation such as offering therapeutic services.

Tune in tonight live at 6pm EST on 98.9FM

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