Decolonise Your Diet Episode 9 Question & Answers with Documentary makers

Interview with – Kaiyu Bayles and her son Tiga Bayles Jnr DYD Ep. 9

Kaiyu discusses the journey behind the scenes and how the experience shaped her life after her late father discussed the idea with her. This idea is what you have listened to and shared with Kaiyu and Tiga Bayles Jnr, her son and Tiga’s grandson, is the idea Tiga shared with Kaiyu Before his passing. A special episode, not to be missed.

– Over 70% of the foods we eat today did not exist before the industrial revolution. From an evolutionary perspective, there is simply no way for our bodies to know what to do with these “foods” (which, as we all know, aren’t real food at all).

– Broken down by nutrient ratios, what we feed cattle to “fatten them up” is almost identical to the government-sanctioned food pyramid for a “healthy” diet. Is it any wonder we are in the middle of an obesity epidemic?

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