Watch Episode 3 – Tell The Children The Truth Series

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Episode 3

Tell The Children The Truth Series 

Deaths and injury caused by The C🦠r🦠na Vir🤢s Vacc💉ne?

Warning – language may offend, contains graphic images

Genocide 2021 (Series)

Episode 1 –

Episode 2 –

Warning from Palestine

Episode 3 –

Letter sent to the health Minister in Canada by Dr being interviewed

Death By Covid Vaccine

NHS whistleblower talks about the truth behind fhr vax agenda 

There’s a mystery at the heart of the most aggressive vaccination campaign in history.

Another personal story ⚠️

Woman who took COVID-19 vaccine and developed blood clots dies in NSW

Aaron’s reaction story

12 year old girl paralysed after the killshot

Hundreds driving to Pfizer to get the jab…

At least they are hauling their own medical tents and morgues

Don’t need the FEMA camp right now. 



Horrific video out of California shows LAPD officers forcibly administer the COVID-19 vaccine to a trio of women with special needs who were forcefully resisting the shot.

Right here in the good old “land of the free” ! Where a 10 year old can decide if they want the v@x while in school against their parents wishes, but a 25 year old with Downs is physically FORCED to get the same jab she is screaming and begging not to get!! Why is it the 10 years olds choice, and not the 25 year olds? Because the goal is to give everyone the jab, if you haven’t figured that out. Even if it takes the police to help hold you down!! 🤬🤬🤬

This video only shows 2 of the victims to this Operation Homebound HORSESHIT. I’m looking for the others I saw last night, & will update if/when I locate them.

Hundreds more stories on other platforms

Pregnant women in UK given green light to have Covid jab

Tones of links in the media about adverse reactions and deaths

Medical experts have advised volunteers who have participated in Phase III clinical trials of Covaxin to use a condom before having sex for three months




Frontline Workers Testimonies & VAERs Reports_26MAR2021.pdf

No sign of recovery after vax injury

A lady shares her experience with the Moderna shots

Terrible seizures after 2nd shot


Video on shedding 

Shameful no journalists will share the truth, here it is 

To keep up to date with all the latest real time reports of adverse reactions, check these groups out

Adverse mRNA Experimental Vaccine Reactions Australia

Vaccine Injury Stories

Covid19 Vaccine Victims And Families

Telegram back up group

I Had The Astrazeneca Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccine adverse reaction testimonials

Telegram back up group


Vaccine Passports 2.0

Over 100 pages with articles about people that have died or had severe effects. Please share!!! We must stop this genocide and save the human species

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Pls add other groups on fb and other platforms, in comments ⚠️⚠️⚠️

Each week this album will be updated – check in to keep up to date here

A fun and informative quiz for anyone wishing to take any of the new Covid ‘vaccines’ or to brush up on your knowledge about the jab. Record your score in the thread below.

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Now living in QLD raising her children on their traditional country, gathering food, learning the old art of building shelters, dance and the local language. For the past 20 years with her late Grandmother Maureen Watson and a dance group with 6 of her sisters Kaiyu travelled schools, festivals, events etc sharing the beauty of First Nations Culture through song and dance, stories, art, theatre, nursery rhymes, poetry etc and engaging all ages in different projects that inspire positive change. Also a poet, documentary maker, songwriter, artist, event organiser, media consultant, testing the waters of micro social enterprise by starting her own tshirt and sublimation printing business and with her own label, Kaiyu creates what she calls Freedom Threads.

After building their own home on Tribal Sovereign land, Kaiyu is now homeschooling and teaching the kids about making our own tinctures, learning about bushtucker and mushrooms, growing food, building with aircrete, setting up wind turbines, composting toilets and ram water pumps... Really learning what it truly means to thrive. This is our Group where we share alot of what we do

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