Phone That Protects Data And Combines Break Through Science For Indvidualised Health Help?

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New Science for Better Health

ClearHealth uses a groundbreaking dynamic sensing technology to painlessly scan your entire body unlocking clues to your body’s individualized health and nutrition needs.

ClearHealth Was Created for Us All

Our cutting-edge technology and desire to help all of human-kind drives our global plan

ClearSCAN is the Future of Health

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Using our dynamic ClearSCAN sensing technology, ClearHealth’s Professional Wellness Coaches can securely unlock details about your individualized health needs.


Find out what your DNA says about your health, traits and ancestry.

Genetic Health Risks

Learn how your genetics can influence your risk for certain diseases.

We help identify genes that may contribute to your risk for Breast Cancer, Celiac Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and more.


Discover where your DNA is from out of 150+ regions worldwide – and more.


Learn how your genes play a role in your well-being and lifestyle choices.

Carrier Status

If you are starting a family, find out if you are a carrier for certain inherited conditions.


Learn how your DNA influences your facial features, taste, smell and other traits.


ClearHealth combines breakthrough science in physics, biochemistry, artificial intelligence, structure, analysis, and nutrition to offer solutions for individualized health needs. All personal data is secured on Decentralized Health storage and shared via the user’s choices.


ClearHealth was created by a large team of scientists, healthcare professionals, wellness coaches and extremely dedicated individuals who want to help everyone on the planet.



ClearHealth was built using your privacy and security as primary pillars of our platform. Your data is safe with ClearHealth and you are in control.



Looking at the thousands of customized data points, ClearHealth may look like it was created just for you. But our software, hardware devices, and Professional Wellness Coaches are available worldwide.


Builds an integrated Decentralized System that helps empower all mankind to be free to choose how our data is stored and whether or not we want to share it.

ClearID Protects You With The Touch of a Finger.

Privacy and security have become tradeoffs with big data companies. Their business model is to make money, and in order to maximize profits, they sell our user habits, our behavioral profiles, our location and shopping habits, even our friend connections. It’s all stored in a central location, and we all know how often those get hacked. In fact, if you want to see where your email account has been compromised, go here:

The problem is two-fold: first, centralized storage. Keeping data on millions of people in one place is just asking for trouble. It’s much safer for individuals if their data is decentralized, little bits of it stored across thousands of servers. Second is password protection. Every one of us has had our passwords compromised at some time. The remedy is to create different passwords for all of our accounts that are impossible to predict, then change them often. That gets to be a full-time job if you have many accounts. 

Here’s how ClearID works: long character passwords are generated for each of your accounts, and regenerated on a regular basis. Every account has a separate password, something that looks like this: 4u8t967nfjtuym34%%@*nmjuf*:0afghoiu^()HG. OK, that’s not something you would remember off the top of your head, so the passwords are stored only on your phone, nowhere else. Your phone is the locked storage, and key. To access your passwords you simply touch your finger to the biometric reader and the camera scans your face. Nobody else has access to your fingerprint and face. With ClearID, accessing your bank account is as simple as typing the bank’s name in a search box. A moment later, your phone vibrates asking for a fingerprint, and you automatically log in: ClearID empowers you to wield that really long, hard-to-remember password using just your fingertip and face.

Now think of how your photos, documents, and private information is stored… Where is it, actually? And who has access to it

ClearID stores your data in tiny bits across thousands of storage servers. The keys to decrypt your data and put all the bits back together are controlled, once again, by your fingerprint and face. Because your phone knows that you are really you, your data can be accessed from anywhere, but only by you with your phone as the key. That means practically unlimited storage that only you can access. No back doors, no admins peeking in. 

Are you still questioning if you need ClearID. Did you really check to see if your passwords are safe? If not, you should see if your passwords have already been breached like the other 10 Billion+ hacks by just entering your email address here (knowing we can give you your password about 80% of the time, that’s scary and nuts):

Finally, a secure way to store, access, and share your digital self. Check out the ClearPHONES for yourself at

How ClearUnited Works

ClearUnited is designed to give as much credit to its Influencers as possible. Creating your Circle of Influence (C1-C7) is as simple as referring your Circle of Friends to buy products they’ll love. As friends refer friends, Influencers qualify for greater Circles of Influence and earn more commission. The best part? We donate the rest to Charity

Share ClearUnited with your Circle of Friends to become a Top Influencer and join the Founders Circle with access to additional commissions! Time is running out!

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Products with a Purpose

  • Buy products that make a difference
  • Share referral code with Friends and Family
  • Get discounts and cash back when they purchase
  • Get more cash back when Friends of Friends buy
  • Create financial freedom or donate it to Charity

Keep it Simple

Every ClearUnited Influencer is recognized for each Friend and Friend of a Friend that joins their Circle. Part-time Influencers supplement their monthly income. Full-time Influencers make a living doing what they love.

Our Collective Mission

ClearUnited provides the opportunity for people to succeed by simply sharing product they use with people they love. Tens of thousands of families and individuals now compete directly with major technology companies – and win! When customers purchase ClearUnited products each month, profits from those sales go directly to families rather than to large corporations. Most ClearUnited customers just want great products and their bills paid for, and thats ok with us. We believe in a world where we all work together, United as One, to see the change we all have hoped for. United, we can.

Michael Proper

Founder, ClearUnited

ClearFoundation acquires Ampliphi Health

Orem, Utah, March 1, 2021 — ClearFoundation, a leader in decentralized open standards and infrastructure technologies, announces the acquisition of Ampliphi Health PMA to add to the set of offerings within the ClearCompanies Private Membership Association (PMA) specifically ClearHealth. ClearHealth, is a pioneer in the emerging field of next-generation medical science. ClearHealth combines breakthrough science in physics, biochemistry, artificial intelligence, structure, analysis, and nutrition to offer solutions for individualized health needs. All personal data is secured on Decentralized Health storage from ClearCenter and hundred of thousand ClearNODEs around the globe and encrypted and shared via the user’s choices.

Ampliphi Health has focused on research studies to determine the efficacy of remote DNA Frequency Scanning and Tuning. Utilizing the emerging science of Quantum Physics, Ampliphi Health applies specific scanning and tuning frequencies to participants collected DNA with the expectation that the DNA’s quantum antennae will communicate these frequencies to the body wherever it might be. The scanning process reads the tuned state of various elements in the body and the tuning process brings out of tune elements back “in tune” through supportive or neutralizing bioenergetic frequencies. This process is based on the Quantum Physics principle of Quantum Entanglement which is the basis of new scientific and technological advances in the fields of advanced cryptography and quantum computers. 

“Ampliphi Health’s study results have been promising to date”, says ClearFoundation Chairman Michael Proper, “ and we are excited to continue refining the science and conducting studies as we secure and enhance the results on the ClearPHONE and ClearSHARE decentralized technologies and secure infrastructure and find additional understanding through the application of our advanced AI and digital scan data from the ClearPHONE and other recently acquired technologies from I2I Network and Roy Curtin acquired in early 2020.

Douglas Smith, the CEO of Ampliphi Health and new CEO of ClearHealth is thrilled to be part of the Clear Companies family. “ClearUnited is an influencer channel that is a perfect demographic fit for our emerging technology. They are interested in data privacy which is key for personal health data. They are innovative and looking for alternatives to standard medical care.”

The advanced decentralized network of ClearCompanies and their advances in smartphone privacy and innovations in their scanning and frequency applications through their ClearPHONE matched with Ampliphi Health’s advances in frequency tuning is a wonderful partnership that will pioneer advances in the health sciences for some time to come,” said Paul Isom, the Chief Research Scientist of AmpliphiHealth and new Chief Research and Development Officer of the ClearCompanies.

Douglas Smith
CEO – ClearHealth

ClearFoundation Forms ClearEnergy to Deliver the Future of Power Solutions

By Michael Proper, ClearFoundation Chairman, and ClearCenter Founder & CEO

Today we’re excited to announce the addition of a new branch to the ClearFoundation family. We’re calling it ClearEnergy.

Since 2009, we’ve been forming a masterplan around a decentralized vision including decentralized blockchain applications, decentralized IT infrastructure management, and decentralized energy which will bring great benefits and independence to individuals and communities from every socioeconomic station around the world.

Our recent acquisition of KAILO Energy valued at $20+ million is the start of the next phase for our overall decentralized vision.

We’re so excited to have the great team from KAILO join our ranks and help launch the first stage of the ClearEnergy vision.

The founders of KAILO Energy were among the first employees at Goal Zero where they helped launch the portable and solar power-backed battery industry. The driving motivation behind their solar charged batteries was one that is near and dear to our hearts — to help provide life-changing services to the most marginalized and underserved people of the earth.

The KAILO team went on to create the PowerBox line of portable and home battery backup solutions that can keep critical circuits in a home up and running in the event of a power outage. Imagine the peace of mind knowing your home’s refrigerator or your village’s water filtration system will keep working when the power grid temporarily fails.

ClearEnergy is accelerating the KAILO product roadmap starting today. Soon we’ll launch the ClearPOWER line of integrated battery backup solutions for homes, businesses and datacenters.

This new product line can provide up to 12 KWh of backup power — enough to keep your entire home or business running.

All ClearPOWER products in the future will feature 2 groundbreaking concepts. First, we’ll strive to provide independence and enablement to communities around the world by providing methods to store, trade, and exchange energy credits. This will even the playing field and give control from the utilities back to the people. Second, we have created a way to tokenize energy through ClearFoundation’s CLEAR Token. ClearPOWER users will benefit from multiple ways that their systems can farm CLEAR Tokens that can be used as a true store of value.

It’s all part of ClearFoundation’s larger plan to create a stable natural and renewable asset-backed energy fund for the future.

We’re just getting started… stay tuned as we roll out our full decentralized vision over the coming years!

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ClearAbundance’s mission is to help create connected, and Decentralized Sustainable future for indigenous communities throughout the world.

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