Engineered Food Crisis Incoming

IF all these warnings we’re seeing aren’t enough to move you maybe this will be

Farmers told to destroy their crops,


Proof of Food Shortages in UK, Africa and USA – watch video

Operation Wargames Australia

Operation Sea Lion was a major wargame conducted at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1974. Its aim was to find out what might have happened had Nazi Germany launched Operation Sea Lion, their planned invasion of southeast England during World War II, in September 1940. The wargame was organised by the Daily Telegraph and Dr Paddy Griffith from the Department of War Studies at Sandhurst. The British umpires were Air Chief Marshal Christopher Foxley-Norris, Rear Admiral Teddy Gueritz and Major General Glyn Gilbert. The German umpires were General Adolf Galland (air), Admiral Friedrich Ruge (naval) and General Heinrich Trettner (land). After the game’s conclusion, all the umpires unanimously concluded that the invasion was a devastating defeat for the German invasion force

Game preparation and methodologyEditThere was “a computerised ‘Battle of Britain’ phase “(the computer filled a whole large room…)” prior to the start of the game, simulating a continuation of the Luftwaffe assault against RAF airbases in Kent and Sussex; and predicting both the actual extent of British and German aircraft losses, and the (vastly inflated) claimed air victories being reported by German pilots in intelligence reports to the German commanders. Consequently, the German side started with the erroneous intelligence that continued RAF resistance over the South East had only been achieved through stripping fighter units from the rest of the country, and hence that achieving German air superiority was a realistic prospect, sufficient to justify seizing the opportunity offered by likely last fair weather of autumn 1940. By this device, the Game designers were able to justify the counterfactual of Sea Lion being launched, even though actual air superiority had not been achieved. The computerised “Battle of Britain” preliminaries (programmed by Ivan Collier) lasted several days before the main event.[3] Umpires were allowed to make decisions based on their own intuition (like game masters in a role-playing game) and not in the way wargames are usually played. Preparation involved giving each player a written brief telling them what was known, what was expected of them and how they should behave in the game. Paddy Griffith was the “Grand High Umpire.” There were six other ‘umpires of first recourse’: two for land, and one each for railways, sea, air and political.[3] These were: Andy Callan, John Davis, Michael Orr, Dennis Barr, Nigel de Lee and Tony Thomas. They “took ‘orders’ from the playing teams, and usually fed back routine ‘reports’ locally, without referring them upwards for higher adjudication by the prestigious team of eight international generals and admirals. That happened only when contentious or controversial issues arose that the ‘prestigious team’ could constructively debate.”

A COVID ‘ring of steel’ around Sydney would play havoc with Australia’s supply chains

Dire Warning for all Australians keep coming in

Austrlainas we have 6 to 8 wks Max to prepare, watch and listen carefully to these warnings

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