Ozone Therapy Treats COVID-19

There are number of clinical trials and studies suggesting that Ozone Therapy can treat COVID-19. A pilot study for treatment of COVID-19 patients in the moderate stage using intravenous administration of ozonised saline as an adjuvant treatment was used in a registered clinical trial by Alok Sharma a, Mili Shah c, Satya Lakshmi e, Hemangi Sane b, Jignasha Captain d, Nandini Gokulchandran a, Pallavi Khubchandani a, M.K. Pradeep d, Prakash Gote a, Balaji Tuppekar a, Pooja Kulkarni b,*, Amruta Paranjape b, Radhika Pradhan b, Ritu Varghese b, Sushil Kasekar a, Vivek Nair a, Ummeammara Khanbande a Department of Medical Services and Clinical Research, NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute, Navi Mumbai, India b Department of Research & Development, NeuroGen Brain & Spine Institute, Navi Mumbai, India c Training and Education, Ozone Forum of India, Mumbai, India d Ozone Forum of India, Mumbai, India
e National Institute of Naturopathy, Ministry of AYUSH, Pune, India


This pilot study answers if Ozone Therapy treats COVID-19
Objective: Ozone therapy has tremendous therapeutic potential owing to its antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and potential to improve oxygenation. A pilot clinical trial was conducted to evaluate the safety and efficacy of intravenous ozonised saline treatment in patients with moderate COVID-19 pneumonia.

Patients and Methods: 10 patients were administered 200 ml freshly prepared ozonised saline intravenously over 1 h once a day for 8 days along with standard medical treatment. Clinical symptoms were monitored everyday and laboratory biomarkers, radiological findings at 1,3,6,10 days. Telephonic follow up was done for all after discharge till Day 14. 7 out of 10 patients required oxygen supplementation at recruitment.

Results: There was severe adverse event recorded in the study group. All patients improved from moderate to mild category in average 8 days and were discharged in average 9.7 days. None deteriorated to severe stage. All clinical symptoms resolved within 6 days and oxygen supplementation requirement reduced to none within 4.1 days. There was statistically significant reduction in CRP (p = 0.003), D-Dimer (p = 0.049), IL6 (p = 0.002) and statistically significant improvement (p = 0.001) in SpO2/FiO2 ratio. Change in LDH was borderline statistically not significant (p = 0.058). All patients showed significant resolution of bilateral interstitial infiltrates at the end of 10 days.

Conclusion: Resolved clinical symptoms, improved oxygenation, clearance of infiltrates on Chest X-ray and improvement in biomarkers in a short period with non-progression of the disease showed that IV ozonized saline therapy was safe and effective to prevent disease progression in COVID-19, making it an effective novel therapeutic tool.

What is oxygen therapy?

Oxygen is one of nature’s most powerful cleansers, in addition to its vital role in sustaining all kinds of life. The reason it is such a powerful cleanser and detoxifier is that it chemically reacts with almost every element. In the process of such reactions, it transforms the element it reacts with. The goal of oxygen therapy is to target oxygen to react with bacteria, viruses, toxins and other undesirable compounds to help cleanse and detoxify the body.

How can I administer oxygen therapy?

There are basically three forms of oxygen available to individuals for cleansing, detoxifying and healing. They are free oxygen, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide. Each can be applied to detox the whole body. While an oxygen tent is the most recognizable form of administering oxygen therapy, deep breathing exercise, ozone therapy and hydrogen peroxide therapy are simpler, more accessible ways to use oxygen to cleanse and detoxify your body.

Deep Breathing Exercise

Free oxygen is the oxygen in the air we breathe. This is the form of oxygen that we need for respiration and metabolism. We can increase the amount of free oxygen we get by simply breathing clean air and practicing deep breathing exercises. Here is a simple guide that a yoga instructor put together on a deep breathing exercise. Deep breathing gets much needed oxygen to all parts of your body. It is a very convenient therapy that you can do at home, in the office, or anywhere you have a moment to yourself.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone, another form of oxygen, is normally formed in the upper atmosphere. While free oxygen is formed as a pair of oxygen atoms, ozone is formed with three oxygen atoms bonded together. The extra oxygen atom is highly reactive and will readily react with chemical pollutants, toxins, bacteria and viruses, rendering them harmless. One of the byproducts of this ozone reaction is free oxygen. Ozone is up to 5,000 times more effective than chlorine bleach at disinfecting. That having been said, ozone is not something to be used lightly, as it is so highly reactive.

There are two common ways to administer ozone therapy. First, you can purchase commercially available ozone generators to help purify the air that you breathe in your home or your office. These generators create a small amount of ozone, which reacts with pollutants in the air, resulting in pure free oxygen. Try practicing your deep breathing exercise near an ozone generator and see if you can feel a difference.

The other method is particularly relaxing, as it is combined with hyperthermia, in a spa or hot tub. Many spas contain ozone generators to purify the water, instead of using chlorine. The result is not only pure, clean water, but water that is rich in oxygen. You can administer oxygen therapy by immersing yourself in this water. This will expose your entire body to a safe form of oxygen.

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Hydrogen peroxide is water with an extra oxygen molecule bonded to it. It has similar properties to ozone because it is reactive for the same reasons – the extra oxygen atom readily reacts with pollutants, bacteria, viruses and toxins. Hydrogen peroxide therapy is widely used for therapeutic purposes because it is easily available. Did you ever use hydrogen peroxide to clean a wound before applying a bandage or to dissolve wax in your ears before cleansing them with water? Well, now learn to use hydrogen peroxide therapy for whole body detoxification and cleansing.

Keep in mind that hydrogen peroxide is also a dangerous chemical agent – when used in sufficient concentration, it can burn your skin. Therefore, you should be sure to sufficiently dilute hydrogen peroxide before using it either externally or internally.

Oxygen therapy is The Natural Path to good health.


Ozone Therapy has historically been used to treat various conditions. More recently, it has been used as a tool for enhancing anti-aging. By increasing the oxygen level in the blood, it oxygenates the tissues in the whole body. Not only it positively affects the appearance of our skin, but also it helps our body’s healing process. It supports blood and liver detoxification and boosts the immune system. It can be administered intravenously, rectally or through a special sauna. For therapeutic purposes, a program of minimum 10 sessions is recommended.

Many people find they get great relief from Ozone Therapy. One of the best things about ozone is its completely non-toxic and produces no side effects when administered correctly by trained staff (See this study here). https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5674660/

Each year we rely heavily on antibiotics to treat various illnesses. Although they help some infections, they do not address viral infections, which are the most common cause of the flu. In fact, antibiotics not only kill off the bad flora in our body but the good flora as well, which weakens our immune system.

Ozone is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral agent and Ozone Therapy offers an alternative without the toxic side-effects of antibiotics. When used as a preventative therapy, Ozone Therapy can protect you from contracting an illness that could eventually require antibiotic treatment.

As a Miracle Treatment: Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy was first used medically in the mid-1800s as a sterilization method in operating rooms. Later, it was used as a treatment for a wide variety of illnesses including tuberculosis. It is now commonly used to enhance anti-aging.

Ozone therapy takes only about 15-20 minutes per session. When the blood is inundated with oxygen and ozone, it creates an aerobic environment in which cells with anaerobic metabolisms cannot thrive, including bacteria and fungi. Although ozone is dangerous if inhaled, properties in our blood prevent it from harming us. In fact, the benefit of ozone in the bloodstream and organs is currently being researched and new facts are coming to light regarding using Ozone Therapy as a safer alternative to conventional medicine.

As Prevention: Ozone Therapy

Frequent travellers are most at risk of getting sick. Varying sleeping patterns, hectic schedules, the low oxygen level and recycled air in airplanes weakens the immune system and makes it easier to get sick. Especially for the people who are on-the-go schedule, we suggest getting an Ozone Therapy before and after their trip. By the way, they’ll be boosting the immune system before leaving which will help the body to fight better with the contaminants and stresses of travelling. Ozone Therapy can also help during winter months as an alternative to the flu shot. Just as a flu shot is a preventative measure for the flu, Ozone Therapy is a buffer to the many contagions the confined winter months can expose us to. An interesting side-effect of ozone therapy is a clearer complexion and this effect is the only reason why some people undergo treatment!

As an Immune Booster: Ozone Therapy

Whether travelling, working long hours or battling premature aging, Ozone Therapy is an option worth considering. This oxygenating boost is a much healthier alternative than conventional medicine.

Benefits of the Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy has a variety of health benefits. These benefits include:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps to detoxify the liver 
  • It is a supporting therapy for cancer patients
  • Improves circulation problems
  • Helps prevent and treat infections
  • İdeal for anti-aging; delays aging processes
  • Helps manage chronic fatigue syndrome and stress
  • It is supporting therapy for cardiovascular disease
  • Prevents and treats viral illnesses such as hepatitis B and C, shingles, cold sores and flu
  • Treats wounds, acne, psoriasis
  • Prevents and treats Rheumatic illnesses
  • Supports diabetes therapies
  • Prevents and treats allergies
  • Prevents and treats joint stiffness

How effective is Ozone Therapy?

Many years of scientific research and clinical practice throughout the world have found medical ozone produces a wide range of benefits. A number of studies have found Ozone Therapy can:

– Make viruses inactive
– Kill fungus and bacteria
– Enhance blood flow within the periphery and to all body organs
– Protect cells by regulating and activating scavengers and cellular antioxidants
– Has immune-modulating effects by absorbing some cytokines
– Clean arteries and veins by breaking up red blood cell clumping
– Oxidize toxins and facilitates their excretion
– Chelate heavy metals
– Reduce pain and inflammation (see study here)

As well as these benefits, Ozone Therapy has a wide range of other benefits. To find out more, see our study here and also this study here.

Science and research https://ozoneclinic.com.au/research/research-entry-1/

The Ozone Clinic in Sydney are part of international scientific community conducting research in several holistic modalities.

They’re part of an international scientific community which conducts research in several holistic modalities such as Adaptation Medicine, Biological Medicine, IV nutrition, Laser Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Medical Gases, EHF Therapy etc. Some of these modalities often fall outside of scope of mainstream medicine, particularly in some English-speaking countries, where most of the research is supported by large pharmaceutical companies.

Their lab works close together with some of the research facilities and other labs in Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan, Germany and USA.

They can quickly determine the efficacy of the treatment and constantly adjust the selected treatment protocols, if necessary, to achieve maximum efficiency.

Most of the patients who suffer with complex chronic health conditions know well that many doctors select their treatment protocols based on an educated guess. Sometimes it works, but sometimes after months of treatment and high costs, some patients realise they havn’t improved or often, they’ve even become worse.

Our testing systems allow us to see already after 12 hours how a patient responds to a selected treatment protocol. These testing systems are based on a state-of-the-art Russian technology, allowing them to focus on wellness and entire well being of the whole person.

professional team of microbiologists have unique specially developed microscopy tests which can assess the presence of some rare types of bacteria and fungi.

We conduct integrative blood tests combining multiple microscopy methods such as phase-contrast, dark field, bright light, Giemsa Stained and fluorescent microscopy.

These tests have been found to be extremely helpful for Lyme Disease sufferers since, in most of the cases, they can identify the type of co-infections which need to be addressed as well as the presence of fungal infections, candida, biofilm, activity of bacteria etc.

We have had some cases where patients have previously been treated for a problem they did not have and by using our diagnostic method, they were able to correct and address this.

Their I-Wellness Navigator is developed by leading scientists.

The pinnacle of our efforts is a joint project with Russian and Ukrainian medical scientists which led to the development of a complex diagnostic wellness system called the I-Wellness Navigator.

The I-Wellness Navigator allows us to create a 3D map of person’s physical, emotional and mental health. This enables us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each individual we see and this helps us to develop a personal wellness program aimed to repair and regenerate a person. Then they can transform themselves and reach optimum health – a rejuvenated, new version of themself!

Check em out here https://ozoneclinic.com.au/about/ Im going to start with a blood analysis and finally get on top of my health so i can thrive.

Had to share the journey so u can join too and benefit from the info i stumble across, not by accident i dont think.

With Love xoxo


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