Urgent Callout For Bourke Families In Lockdown Doing It Hard

I’ve been yarning with one of the residents in Bourke NSW whose one of many who have run out of food and unable to leave their houses. Now they have run out of money too.

We got 11 houses with no food in Bourke and nobody getting food like they said would be happening. They are in lockown until the 5fh of November. If you can help pls get in touch, we have someone able to get the food and are raising money to help these families get through.

Not even milk for tea

Bourke Residents running out of food in lockdown
You can keep updated here or email me at kaiyubayles@protonmail.com

Message I just received from one house-

Their is no-one bring food down to the reserve ppl we are on Lockdown close contact we are not allowed to leave the house we got no food meat or vegetables or fruit to live on. The people up town with their high classes jobs ain’t even coming down & drop food off only a nurse named Kelly.

Resident In Lockdown until 5th September

Kelly will buy the food & deliver we got nothing sis not even milk for a cuppa tea it’s sad

If you can help mob, pls send me a pm to connect you. This is just too much now, this broke me true.


Message from today

Fines Getting Out Of Hand During Lockdown

Bruce Shillingsworth Having A Serious Yarn By The River

‘Causing stress and anxiety’: Aboriginal people in far west NSW copping hefty COVID fines


📝 An Indigenous Grandmother in Brewarrina received a fine of $5,000 for going to the shop for food to feed her family.

ShillingsworthTalks #CovidFines

#WesternNSW #Brewarrina


A fine has been issued to my Daughter Rikka on an Aboriginal Mission in remote NSW for assistance to retrieve essential items and home searched without a warrant under Covid rules and regulations

WATCH VIDEO HERE https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=573535813821943&id=100034965888426

Already disadvantaged Aboriginal Communities receiving covid-19 fines in Western NSW.



We Have Lost 11 So Far In Communities Across The Country, After Getting Vaxxed

Reports of 2 people passing in Ipswich QLD, 1 death in S.A and 8 deaths in Northern Territoty following the vaccine.

Because we have no trusted media it’s almost impossible to get mob to speak out, it’s only because we are a family known for working in media and speaking out, that I feel people feel OK coming to us.

We are asked not to give names in most cases and can only share so much unfortunately, we ask people to be patient and wait for families are comfortable enough to come forward. We need to support mob, be there for eachother and check in on everyone.


Communities are doing it tough pls help where you can

Brewarrina Conmunity
North West NSW

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