Spike Protein and Graphene Oxide Detoxification Protocol

For those pressed for time and resources, we went on a hunt for the easiest yet most powerful antidotes.

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Summary of the Spike Protein and Graphene Oxide Detoxification Protocol


This is the Nutrition protocol to protect those who’ve been injected with spike protein, graphene oxide and mRNA and the same protocol is useful to protect those concerned with the spike protein and graphene oxide shedding coming off those who’ve been injected. We now have evidence of the latest injections containing: mRNA, spike protein, graphene oxide, SM-102,  and numerous other potentially toxic substances (also: some—but not all—injections, appear to be higher in graphene oxide and some appear to be saline placebos).

If you know someone who has been injected and requires help, please provide them with this Nutrition Protocol:

Most Important Elements of the Protocol (Shortlist Summary)

Spike Protein: Shikimate neutralizes the S.pike Protein

Shikimate Main Sources to Detox S.pike Protein
• Pine Needle Tea for shikimic acid or shikimate (from green edible pine needles) There are toxic pine needles, be careful! When drinking pine needle tea, drink the oil/resin that accumulates too!
• Fennel and/or Star Anise Tea
• Schizandra Berry Tea

• Iodine* (dosage depends on brand, more is not better). Iodine is a product you have to start with small dosages and build up over time.

• Vitamin D3* (10,000 IU’s per day)

Graph.ene Oxide Detox:

• C60 (1-3 droppersfull per day): One of the issues we are seeing with those who have been injected is disturbances in their energetic field (magnetism) and hot spots of inflammation. C60 is a rich-source of electrons and acts like a fire extinguisher to inflammation and simultaneously (because it bio-distributes throughout the body) drives a normalization of electron flow throughout the body. In this category, we offer two products, the traditional C60 product* is made by yours truly and the C60 SuperConcentrate* is made by a carbon scientist friend of mine and contains a higher concentration of electrons. C60 is recommended to neutralize s.pike protein, detoxify graphene oxide and SM-102.

• Kohlbitr Activated Charcoal: Take between 400-2000mg (1-5 capsules) a day with water.

• NAC: N-Acetyl Cystiene is the best precursor to glutathione in the body which has the best research for neutralizing graphene oxide. Take 900-1800 mg a day. Get it while you can. The US Federal communist government is trying to make NAC illegal unless you have a doctor’s prescription.

• Enzymes (especially those containing serrapeptase and nattokinase such as VeganZyme— dosage for VeganZymes is 3 caps, twice daily):
Serrapeptase: Serrapeptase provides the anti-inflammatory breakdown of excess and unusual protein. Dosage: 100-200 mg on an empty stomach per day.
Nattokinase: Nattokinase has a long history of being used to prevent blood clots. 2000-4000 Fibrinolytic Units per day (2-4 capsules) with or without food.

Special Note: Iver.mectin is showing great promise against hydrogels containing graphene oxide and found on PCR test swabs, but it is a pharmaceutical, so I do not include it.

Here is the Complete Protocol

•Coated Silver (1-6 drops per day, depending on degree of exposure) (Coated silver blocks the sulfur-bearing protein on the spikes from entering the cell. Sulfur-rich amino acids on the spike protein interact with silver causing them to fold incorrectly).
• NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) (accelerates detoxification and is considered a producer of the super detoxifier glutathione in the body) Dosage: 1200-2400 mg per day on an empty stomach. NAC is recommended to detoxify graphene oxide and SM-102. NAC is tough to find after the FDA recently made it illegal to purchase over the counter in the USA. Request NAC from your doctor!
• Zinc (30-80mg per day depending on immunological pressure)
• Vitamin D3* (10,000 IU’s per day)
• Lyposomal Vitamin C (30ml, twice daily)*
• Quercetin (500-1000 mg, twice daily)*
• Iodine* (dosage depends on brand, more is not better). Iodine is a product you have to start with small dosages and build up over time.
• PQQ* (20-40 mg per day)

How to Remove Toxicity From Your Body

Choose a few to start with that resonate. There are many. Test and try. Become aware of the signals your body is giving you. Find your way back to health.

  1. Put a pinch of high vibe, nutritional sea salt, Redmond’s real salt, bamboo salt, programmed with love, holding the intention of blocking nano proliferation, commanding the unbinding and the purging through feces and urine all nano particulates safely, without harm to your physiology, on your food and in your drinking water daily, each meal, each glass of water. Most important thing you can do!
  2. Drink 1 ounce of apple cider vinegar in 1 cup of water, 3 times a day. If that’s too strong, make two cups of water.
  3. Take 1/4 tsp of food grade aluminum free baking soda three times a day in freshly squeezed lemon water.
  4. Take boron supplements as directed.
  5. Take Activated Charcoal two to three times daily with plenty of water. It’s a binder and it constipates.
  6. Liquid Zeolite to pull heavy metals.
  7. Take L Glutathione. Be gentle starting this for immune compromised folks. If you cant tolerate orally, take a capsule and insert vaginally or anally to let the amino acid get into your system and liver gently.
  8. Foods high in natural L Glutathione is asparagus and globe artichokes. Bon appetite!
  9. Golden Paste: Make and take golden paste three times a day. Google recipe. Make up. You can freeze extra. Great for inflammation, pain and so much more.
  10. Golden Milk: Add golden paste to coconut milk, goat milk, raw cow milk, almond milk made at home. Add cinnamon, clove, cardamom, cayenne, whatever else you desire. Drink before bed. Inflammation buster. Mucous buster.
  11. D3 with K2 daily.
  12. Bentonite clay, take orally to extract toxins from bowels.
  13. Take chlorophyll. Chlorella is now very contaminated as is spirulina. Chlorophyll is cleaner.
  14. Take diatomaceous earth but start slow for weakened bodies especially people riddled with candida. A dusting on the pinky to make sure you can tolerate it.
  15. Take oregano oil daily.
  16. Take oil of cilantro.
  17. Use Manuka honey daily.
  18. Put 2-4 drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in 1 liter of water and drink. This oxygenates the blood killing pathogens.
  19. Take a high grade magnesium or use magnesium oil transdermally.
  20. Take a high grade trace mineral daily.
  21. Use Illumodine Iodine and Nascent Iodine. Suggested dose is 3-5 drops in 16oz of water, after 7 days this dosage can be safely doubled to 6-10 drops per 16oz of water.
  22. Essiac Tea treats cancer, fungi, heavy metals, toxicity
  23. Liquid Silica removes all sorts of pathogens from the body
  24. Tea tree oil, 1 drop in manuka honey
  25. Structured Silver in Suspension. Suggested dose is 2-3 drops per 1 liter of water, 2 times per day.
  26. Take MMS
  27. Take Fulvic Acids
  28. Use colloidal silver especially nasal spray.
  29. CBD oil, high organic grade
  30. Take food grade vitamin C daily. Tapioca is a great one from Pure Formulas.
  31. Eat plenty of oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes. Take the peels of any and all of the above. Dry. Grind in a coffee grinder with no coffee residue in it until powder. Put in a jar. Theres your perfect Vitamin C.
  32. Water cleanse for 3 days. Just lemon in water or apple cider vinegar in water only for three days with trace minerals.
  33. Eat tons of sunchoke artichokes, organic. Wash. Grate. Add in freshly squeezed lemon juice and put in fridge, raw. Balances blood sugar levels and pulls radiation especially in this raw, predigested way. Eat at least 1 TBS before your meal or a small bowl between meals.
  34. Eat beets. Wash. Grate. Add lemon freshly squeezed. Refrigerate. Put on salads. On the side of food. In between meals. This heals everything especially the blood, liver, gallbladder so you can detox.
  35. Eat one to two raw clove of garlic daily. Eat whole. Do NOT chew. Let it dissolve in your stomach slowly. If you must cut to swallow, cut, let it rest 1 minute. Drink down.
  36. Use cayenne on everything.I put on most foods. It cleans liver and bowels. Habenara too. Blood cleanser.
  1. In the morning, before you do anything else, make lemon tea.

Bring water with 1/4 to 1/2 lemon with skin on, washed, in water to boil. Steep 20 minutes. Add 1 tsp of maple syrup. A pinch of cayenne pepper. Drink. Then,

  1. Oil Swish using coconut oil, sesame oil or cumin seed oil. Swish in your mouth for 20 minutes pulling over your tongue and up in your gums. Spit into toilet or outside. Daily.
  2. Juice daily. Citrus, apple, fruits, celery, carrots, beets, zucchini, cilantro, parsley, veges… and drink within 20 minutes completely. Eat the pulp, too. Put in soup, stew, on salads.
  3. Use cumin seed oil on salads, take separately, but take daily at least 1 TBS daily. Heals liver. Gallbladder. Colon. Body.
  4. Eat raw onions and garlic on salads and veges. If you cook garlic, wait until end. Turn off food from cooking. Put fresh garlic in. Plate. That’s enough cooking garlic ever needs.
  5. Boil fresh parsley in pot of water. Bring to rolling boil, simmer for 1 hour. Add extra water. When done, add lemon, maple syrup. Cool. Refrigerate. Drink. Great for kidney detox.
  6. Eat loads of raw cilantro or cilantro tea. Same as above. Just leave out lemon. Detoxes heavy metals. Make sofrito and use raw.
  7. Put sliced onion on the soles of your feet for an hour up to overnight. This is a powerful detoxifier. Do not underestimate this. For children and autoimmune harmed, start with 30 minutes to an hour. Avoid exposures when doing this.
  8. Buy powdered clay. Add 1/4 to half cup to hot foot bath. Soak your feet in clay water for 30 minutes.
  9. Powdered clay again. Mix a couple of TBS in warm water. Rub clay paste on neck, under arms, around breasts, around groin, bottom of feet – lymph nodes. Let dry. Shower off. Then dry brush.
  10. Do a non fragranced Epsom salt foot bath. Add very hot water in a flat tub. Add 1/2 to 1 cup Epsom salts. Soak for 30 minutes to an hour adding hot water if water cools.
  11. Soak in a hot tub of epsom salts with body fully immersed. Soak 30 minutes to an hour.
  12. After toweling off from bath or shower, have in a spray bottle filled with reduced to 3% from food grade hydrogen peroxide. Spray on body lightly and rub in or if weakened, spray in air in front of you and walk through mist, naked. Dont dry off. Oxygenates blood killing parasites, fungus and more.
  13. Dry brush lymphatic system gently, daily or three times a week, naked. Use shower brush and following YouTube tutorial, move those lymphs properly.
  14. Bounce on a rebounder daily for 20 minutes.
  15. Do castor packs over your liver three days in a row. On the third evening, take an ounce of pure olive oil and an ounce of squeezed lemon. Rest on right side. It’ll purge your liver.
  16. Use castor oil over sore lymphs especially breasts ladies. Take hot shower. Mist with hydro peroxide. Rub castor oil over liver, or over breasts where lymphs are, or over colon. Dress in warm flannel or soft cotton.
  17. Do a master cleanse eating just fruits and vegetables for four days while doing castor packs over liver. Flush on the fourth or fifth day using pure olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon. NEVER take epsom salts as recommended. It’s very dangerous. (See my master cleanse.) Do this once a month if strong enough.
  18. Get an ion foot bath (Ebay, amazon) and use it properly twice a week. I got up to doing it daily. It pulls toxins out through the pores of your feet. It’s worth it.
  19. Do organic coffee enema. This cleanses the liver beautifully. (Find kits with coffee on amazon.)
  20. Do colonics at home or by a 5 star colon hydrotherapist.
  21. Take Selenium. Phenom antioxidant.
  22. Milk thistle is a powerful plant that contains the compound silybin which supports the functioning of the liver, the organ responsible for detoxification.
  23. For very weak kidneys: “home dialysis” For TWO WEEKS, TWICE a DAY:

Take a 5 gallon clean bucket and fill with hot water. As hot as you can stand it. Add 1 cup fragrance free epsom salt.

Put your legs in bucket with hot water as high as it can go.

Wrap yourself in a warm blanket. Put on a hat.

Soak in this hot water to knees until sweat breaks out on forehead. Remove feet. Twice a day is almost a good as dialysis.

  1. Put in a humidifier by your bed or desk, etcetera these ingredients for Lung Chemtrail Detox

•1 drop of 35% Hydrogen Peroxide
•4 drops of Zeolite (please see my review on Zeotrex)
•2 drops of MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution)
•Pinch of Sodium Borate (place in water container and shake until dissolved)
•4 drops of TriGuard Colloidal Silver
•1 drop of Oil of Oregano
•2 drops of Oil of Cilantro

  1. Make sure everything you ingest, inhale and put on your skin is 100% organic, chemical free, metal free. Discontinue all fluoride items. Do not use ANY deodorants, toothpaste, tampons, chemical cleaners, fragrances, soaps, make up, etc.

If you dont want the skies poisoning you then stop poisoning yourself with toxic foods and products!

Do not do all at once. This is a comprehensive list of what to do to cleanse your body to purge toxins and all pollution but you MUST discontinue poisoning yourself.

Heal your temple
Love your body
Find your balance

Sending Love

Posted on Telegram by a kind enlightened soul, very grateful xoxo

Ur 1 Stop Shop 4 CVax HELP

Toolkit for those declining the vax lawfully

Click Here For All The Resources You Need

Templates (Oz)

Available for Download (Thanks to Advicate Me)

We are very aware that many people are impacted daily through coercive tactics, and are forced to acquiesce to false directives or policies that go against the government guidelines, or one’s own rights. 

So the purpose of this initiative is to provide you with template letters that will help you address as many of these issues as you encounter them, without the need for our assistance. This means your immediate concerns can be addressed while we continue with our campaigns.

We will be updating and adding to our library of templates, as the need arises. 

Templates for Masking

Mandating COVID-19 & Flu Vaccinations

RT-PCR Testing

Covid-19 Vaccination Declination Letter




Stop Services Australia Sharing Your Vaccination History

Time is short since the federal government has already said they have everything ready to go for the vaccine passports and are only waiting on the States to complete their end.
Please visit this website – https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/organisations/health-professionals/forms/im017
 and fill in the form IM017. It cannot be submitted online but must be printed out and mailed – we recommend you do this by express post and also if you don’t mind spending a few dollars extra, paying for the proof of delivery so you have the signature of who has received it should they claim they never got it.

🇦🇺G&B Lawyers 🇦🇺
📌2nd July 2021 ·

Any law that purports to make it mandatory for a person to submit to a COVID-19 vaccination is invalid.
In 1945, the then Chief Justice Latham held that quarantine laws “may be regarded in most, if not all, of its aspects as a form of public health legislation”.
The Commonwealth has the power under section 51(ix) of the Constitution to make laws with respect to ‘quarantine’. This is a power granted to the Commonwealth. Not the States.
At [257] of the decision, Latham CJ held that the Commonwealth “could not pass a law requiring citizens of the States… to submit to vaccination or immunization”.
So there are several important things that flow from this High Court decision.

  1. Vaccinations and immunizations are matters that fall within the category of ‘quarantine’.
  2. Only the Commonwealth has the power to make laws with respect to ‘quarantine’ under section 51(ix) of the Constitution.
  3. The Commonwealth is prohibited from passing laws requiring citizens to submit to vaccination or immunization (which are quarantine matters).
  4. The States have no power to make laws with respect to quarantine, including matters dealing with vaccinations and immunizations (as Latham CJ held that these things are ‘quarantine’ matters).
  5. The States are unable to do something that the Commonwealth is prohibited from doing under the exercise of the quarantine power.
  6. Therefore the States cannot pass any law that requires citizens to submit to vaccination or immunization.
  7. Part 3B of the Public Health (COVID-19 Air Transportation Quarantine) Order (No 2) (NSW) 2021 is invalid.

All workers who have been identified under the ‘NSW Airport and Quarantine Workers’ Vaccination Program’ should consider the above before making any decision as to whether to have a COVID-19 vaccination.

see comments for screenshot from G&B Lawyers

Thanks to G&B Lawyers

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The best resource I’ve seen yet

Military on the Streets – Legal Origins with the recent camera footage of military patrolling streets with the State Police forces, the question arises, what if any powers exist for this to occur in Australia in 2021? Well there are some relevant legal provisions starting with the Australian Constitution and proceeds to the Defence Act 1903 (the Defence Act) and regulations made pursuant to it. There may be another legal basis for Commonwealth intervention which is not explicitly spelt out in the Constitution, but which is considered to be no less compelling, but how are these managed when it is a virus with a high survivability rate? and does that constitute an emergency?

Section 119 of the Constitution
As mentioned above, the Constitution makes some provision for Commonwealth assistance to the States in the maintenance of law and order. Section 119 of the Constitution provides as follows:

“The Commonwealth shall protect every State against invasion and, on the application of the Executive Government of the State, against domestic violence”.

Insofar as its secondary aspect is concerned, Section 119 requires first of all that a state of ‘domestic violence’ exists and secondly there must be a request for assistance from the State Government. Section 119 does not authorise unilateral action by the Commonwealth Government. The need for the section is linked with the fact that the States are unable to raise a military force themselves (Section 114 of the Constitution).

The States called for Commonwealth assistance under Section 119 on several occasions earlier in the century and on each occasion the Commonwealth refused.(7) Refusal was based on the Commonwealth’s independent assessment as to whether a state of domestic violence existed. Although commentators agree that the Commonwealth would be bound to give the assistance sought under Section 119,(8) practice suggests that the Commonwealth will make its own assessment in relation to the degree of unrest and that mere allegation by a State will not invoke the section.

It has been suggested that in view of the Bowral call-out and the mechanism that was used there, it appeared unlikely that Section 119 will ever be invoked, however, it appears as though COIVD-19 has created an exception. Professor Blackshield has argued:

Since almost any social controversy can nowadays be injected with ‘national security’ implications, it would seem that a way has been found of circumventing Section 119 and intervening in State affairs whenever the Commonwealth chooses. In the long run, that may be the significant new precedent created at Bowral.

Military on the Streets – Laws – Section 51 of the Defence Act
The operation of Section 119 is reflected in Section 51 of the Defence Act which reads as follows:

“Where the Governor of a State has proclaimed that domestic violence exists therein, the Governor-General, upon the application of the Executive Government of the State, may, by proclamation, declare that domestic violence exists in that State, and may call out the Permanent Forces and in the event of their numbers being insufficient may also call out such of the Emergency Forces and the Reserve Forces as may be necessary for the protection of that State, and the services of the Forces so called out may be utilised accordingly for the protection of that State against domestic violence”:

Provided always that the Emergency Forces or the Reserve Forces shall not be called out or utilised in connection with an industrial dispute.

It has been suggested that Section 51 is unconstitutional to the extent that it imposes a further requirement on top of Section 119 of the Constitution, i.e., the need for the State Governor to issue a proclamation that domestic violence exists, before the assistance envisaged in Section 119 can be rendered. There may be some sympathy for this view although it is equally possible to argue the opposite view based on the approach that Section 51 merely sets out one way of making an approach to the Commonwealth Government and does not in fact preclude other approaches by the State. On this view, Section 51 does not attempt to negate Section 119 of the Constitution but merely sets out one way in which it can be applied. It would be argued that Section 51 of the Defence Act relies on Section 51(vi) (the defence power) and Section 51(xxxix) (the incidental power) of the Constitution as a sensible means of catering for the protection envisaged by Section 119. If however, Section 51 of the Defence Act was interpreted as imposing an absolute requirement for a proclamation by the State Governor as a pre-requisite to Commonwealth intervention, then constitutional invalidity seems inevitable. ( See, for example, B. D. Beddie, ‘Aid to the Civil Power’, paper presented to conference of the Australasian Study Group on Armed Forces and Society on Law, Change and the Services, R.M.C. Duntroon, 24 June 1983, University of New South Wales, Faculty of Military Studies, Department of Government.)

The Constitution provides that the Commonwealth may make laws with respect to “the naval and military defence of the Commonwealth and of the several States, and the control of the forces to execute and maintain the laws of the Commonwealth” (s 51(vi)). Further “The Commonwealth shall protect every State against invasion and, on the application of the Executive Government of the State, against domestic violence” (s 119). So can the military be called out to attend your home to enforce the law? In November 2018, the Morrison government passed the Defence Amendment (Call Out of the Australian Defence Force) Bill 2018 (the Defence Call Out Bill).

It streamlined the process of calling out ADF troops to assist in state and territory domestic violence incidents.

“Domestic violence” is a vague term contained in section 119 of the Australian Constitution, where it stands as something different from the threat of “invasion”.

And while section 39 of the Defence Force Act, limits troops from being called out to “stop or restrict any protest, dissent, assembly or industrial action”.

The troops can be sent in to “stop or restrict any protest, dissent, assembly or industrial action” if there’s a “reasonable likelihood” of death or injury, or “serious damage to property”.

The ADF may be used to protect Commonwealth interests and, when requested, to assist the States to quell ‘domestic violence’ (Defence Act 1903 (Cth) Part IIIAAA). Section 51B says that the ADF may be used to protect a State against domestic violence if that violence is occurring or likely to occur and the is unlikely to protect itself.

To ‘call out the troops’ various steps are required. Section 30 of the Defence Act provides a simplified guide to the process. It says:

The Defence Force can be called out under a call out order made under this Part. A call out order is made by the Governor-General if the Prime Minister, the Minister and the Attorney-General (who are called the authorising Ministers) are satisfied of various matters.

There are 2 general kinds of call out orders: Commonwealth interests orders and State protection orders. …

Under a Commonwealth interests order, the Defence Force is called out to protect Commonwealth interests in Australia or the Australian offshore area. The order might apply in a State or Territory, or in the Australian offshore area, or in more than one of those places. Each State or self-governing Territory in which domestic violence is occurring, or is likely to occur, must generally be consulted before the Governor-General makes a Commonwealth interests order.

A State or self-governing Territory can apply for a State protection order to protect the State or Territory from domestic violence.

Members of the Defence Force can exercise certain powers if the Defence Force is called out under a call out order. There are 3 categories of powers:

powers that generally can be exercised only if authorised by an authorising Minister; and
powers that can be exercised in an area that has been declared by the authorising Ministers; and
powers for protecting infrastructure that has been declared by the authorising Ministers…
We saw the ADF ‘called up’ during the 2019-2020 bushfires crisis. We can see what a call up (as opposed to a ‘call out’ order looks like – see Calling out the troops (January 5, 2020). To the best of my knowledge there has been no formal order such as the one we saw in January. Further, the use of the ADF in hotel quarantine is not protecting the states from domestic violence; it is therefore not an example of a state protection order. Nor is there ‘domestic violence that would, or would be likely to, affect Commonwealth interests is occurring or is likely to occur in Australia’ (s 33) so this is not a Commonwealth interests orders. In short the ADF has not been called out under Part IIIA and is not providing Defence Aid to the Civil Authorities.

This must, therefore, be an example of Defence Aid to the Civil Community (DACC). DACC is not provided for in the Defence Act, rather it is governed by the DACC Manual. I would infer that the current use of the ADF is either DACC category 4 or 6 that is:

Category 4—significant non-emergency assistance provided to other Government departments or authorities, to Local, State or Territory Government or other authorities or organisations, commercial enterprises, not-for-profit organisations, individuals or bodies in the general community (DACC 4).

Category 6—law enforcement non-emergency assistance to civil authorities in the performance of law enforcement related support. As is the case with all DACC categories, there must be no likelihood that Defence personnel will be required to use force (DACC 6).

Under those categories the members of the ADF have no particular power. They cannot use force nor compel compliance with directives. They are in the same position that the SES or a private security guard would be in if they were asked to help maintain the quarantine. They are a well disciplined, self-sustaining force that are willing to turn their minds to any task they are given. That means they are an effective labour force but as guards at hotels, the most they could do is ask (with some moral authority) people not to leave and report them to police if they do. It’s no offence to disobey the soldier but it may be an offence under relevant public health orders and the Biosecurity Act 2015 (Cth) to leave the hotel or otherwise not comply with the directions that have been given.

They have a power of arrest, just as any citizen does, but it would be ‘brave’ (as Sir Humphrey Appleby might say in ‘Yes, Minister’ for those old enough to remember) for an ADF member to try to arrest someone who failed to comply with a requirement under a public health direction.

the ADF provide a very effective surge capacity to help maintain quarantine at the various hotels, but they have no particular legal authority or power. https://emergencylaw.wordpress.com/2020/07/02/using-the-adf-to-maintain-quarantine/

Print this and make a badge to wear or save to phone

Fake sign in!

Here is one for NSW

Fake check-in procedure for mobile phones in Vic, NSW and Qld (more states coming):


In order for it to work properly, the URL needs to be saved as an icon on your home screen (this deletes the URL at the top and correctly emulates the site). Name it ‘CoVID-Safe’ or ‘Check-in Qld’, as appropriate.

To add an icon to the home screen on iPhone :


Service Victoria

It works!
Just check the name of the store on the QR code flyer. It just depends how thorough you want you to be..

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