Protection For All Under Tribal Law

The Power of Sovereignty: Exercised

This video highlights the true Power of our Sovereignty. We exercise our Rights over our Realm and our indisputable, inalienable right to self-determination. The goal is to protect ourselves, our lands and all people who reside on this incredible continent. We invite the Tribes of Australia, the Sovereigns of the world and all non-tribal people to stand with the Original Sovereign Tribal Federation, as we push to free the world of this evil continued Genocide of the people.

Arrernte OSTF Statement

Stand Up!!!!!! We are calling on all Australians to Unite together with OSTF to come against this tyranny destroying our Human and God given rights…
If you are seeking protection from the FRAUDULENT COVID LAWS
Worried about forced vaccinations in your workplace
Worried about your children being targeted for vaccination at there schools
Fear of not being able to travel to see family around our beautiful country
Please, we invite you to stand united in the biggest revolution this country has ever seen
Listen to video, share far and wide and contact us, you have rights to decide over your own body
We are with you

Courtesy of Karen Goori on Facebook

Tribes Offering To Protect All People From Harm

Watch Video of David Cole explaining the protection Declaration

David Cole OSTF
Shared from David Cole

‼️Update on Police Turning Food and Essentials Away From Western NSW Communities.

  1. Mixed Messaging from Orgs that Should be Sitting Around the Same Table.
  2. It Seems that Through Self-Determination and Sovereignty, We’re Not Able to Address Our Own Issues
  3. Local Economy and Welfare Dependency Comes Before Poverty Amidst a Pandemic.
    🤷🏽‍♂️ Here’s the Evidence, Somebody/Anybody Please Explain?

From Bruce Shillingsworth

Here is the evidence of failure we First Nation People and communities has to face.The dictatorship, genocide and mission manager style regime .

Look Wats Happening In Wilcannia

Operation War Games – In First Nations Communities ONLY it seems!

While everyone’s busy in there own lives they are coming for mob.

Talking to family in Alice bout wat we can do to stop the army up there. They are stopping people from getting food, water and medical care if they don’t get vaxxed. Making them sign waiver so they don’t film and talk out. Im hearing from people in Alice, one mum had heart and dropped dead in front of her kids after being vaxxed. I heard 8 passed last week. This is from people on the ground and I’ve seen footage of army trucks in Alice now and army down the river in Wilcannia wtf? Links for vdeos included in article

Door knocking in Mooree

Makeshift Quarantine Centre in Wilcannia for people who come in “close contact”.

Food being blocked from getting through to Enngonia NSW

Fining people $1000-$5000 for getting essentials

Where are all the allies?

NoFear #KeepingMobSafe #JustSayNo

Huge Vaccination Hub In Wilcannia

Vaccination Hub Wilcannia


Did everyone miss this or just dont care that she just admitted the vax will kill people, she included First Nation People over 60 in her statement.

Slip of the tongue? neh more like an accidental admission that they are lying imo

Informed Consent



What’s happening here? Army and police down the river, Wilcannia

This is on the TGA website.
Why isn’t it being shared on the msm about the indigenous population and myocarditis, knowing that there’s a higher background rate of rheumatic heart disease in the community?

It’s wake up a mate, cuz or loved one time!

🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 Red Alert 🚨🚨🚨🚨

We need to wake up fast, wat this woman is talking about is happening now.

But only here to us and nobody is listening. We need to get up to speed before they wipe us all out

This is exactly what they cdc is planning for the rest of the world, here’s the doc for those who don’t believe it. Straight from the cdc.

If you don’t have time to watch it’s telling us they plan to remove “high” and “low” risk people from their homes to isolate. We have video proof and photos to prove they are already doing this and have done it here already. So I’m asking you all to pls share, you will be next if we don’t stand together. This is a global plan, tested out on our communities first.

Pls warn people, send us a pm for free Know Your Rights Packs sent out to community.

Know Your Rights Info and number to call for help below.


Locked in your house until you get the jab !! You might find some interesting information in this document . It was actioned in 2016/2017 by the WHO . It involves all the state premiers being told that the public health dept will be planning to vaccinate 95% of the population , gather up all our DNA , and hook us all up to a Biometric Digital ID pass system : with all that personal data to be handed over to WHO . It was signed off in 2018. Its set for completion in 2023 ; which means none of us will be allowed out of our homes until every single one of us has been poisoned. Its part of the IHR agreement that was signed in 2005 that activated the pan-corona measures. The IHR is a public private partnership deal with 196 nations that agrees to ensure that International trade and commerce traffic is not disrupted during a WHO declared emergency. This is why we are locked in our homes . Its to keep us out of Mr Globalists way . Its looks like the IHR has been hijacked and corrupted by the Globalists and is why we are being driven into the ground by unlawfull activity and stealth. It being used as a weapon of mass destruction using a pen. All the people have to do to stop the abuse is call on the PM ScoMo to withdraw from the IHR agreement and corona will cease to exist for Australa. Corona pandemic was declared to facilitate the nations to implement their NAPHS plan thats all . There is no real pandemic Perse’

Free Know Your Rights Packs And Protection Orders For Mob Available Now

Send us a message if u need packs sent to your community

Packs include –

🖤 Legal letter to decline the vaccine (drafted by lawyers at Advocate Me) and OSTF Notice

💛Trespass Sign

❤Printable Know Your Rights Card and FliersYou can download and print Know Your Rights Info Here

Army trucks in Alice, keep a close eye on mob.

Know Your Rights And Standing Strong As One Is, The Only Way To Survive This

Need Help Fighting Fines?

If you have been fined for not complying with lockdown restrictions etc, pls see link below.

Support Available

The first of 30 motor homes have arrived in Wilcannia. Teams are on the ground now getting them ready for the first locals to start isolating in them from Monday.

Click On The Toolkit For Access To More Templates & Useful Resources

How Covid Is Affecting Aboriginal Communities In Australia

Trigger and Language Warning – Emotional scenes and offensive language

Watch Video Here –

It’s like a different world for our First Nations People in Australia, given fines for getting essentials, forced to stay home even with negative tests, removed from the home and taken to isolation centres because they are high risk. Families told they cannot receive life saving medical treatment unless they receive the covid vaccine, families unable to access medical centres and hospitals, food or access to support.

We are a close knit community, cut off from eachother, our elders are without support, the young ones are doing it tough and testing already struggling communities.

Here is a compilation of videos you can find on social media, sharing stories of real people living in our outback towns, reserves and missions.

Apologies, it’s really really rough but I’m working on my phone.

Big thanks to Shillingsworth Talks and aunty Monica Kerwin for their updates and keeping Mob informed, such a vital community service and so needed right now.

If you know someone who needs support or Know Your Rights info, pls connect in our Facebook group- Keeping Mob Safe.

Thank you also to the team of at AdvocateMe for being on call to help families in distress.

Check out my blog to keep connected

Further Reading – If your not familiar with the plans unfolding now, this info will shed some light on the situation

The CDC’s Plan Being Trialed In Australian Aboriginal Communities?

See the document here from the CDC –

How Are They Going To Fill These New Centres? The CDC PLAN ABOVE


Record Everything

For Quick Reference Save The Know Your Rights Card To Your Phone and the pics on this page

Pls save to your phone and send to mob to do same

Listen to brother Keenan Mundine explain important info about how to talk to police

The number to call for NSW/ACT is 1800 765 767 but u can’t call from a mobile

AdvocateMe Lawyers – 0425 754 299 (just not available on weekend, send text message)

See video for example on how to deal with police acting unlawfully

This article from 16th august 2021states –

“Now that police have extra powers and are joined on the ground by 800 members of the Australian Defence Force, we are extremely concerned about the potential for Aboriginal people to again be targeted and intimidated,” Mr Carter said.

Yet we are seeing exactly what they warned the police not to do.

The ALS must be made aware of all the cases of police harassment in our communities.

#NoFear #KeepingMobSafe #JustSayNo

Join our Facebook group for support or to keep informed here

Keeping Mob Safe Facebook Group – Everyone Welcome


Read up, here are some useful resources

Learn More About Your Rights

You have more rights than you realise, knowledge makes a man/woman unfit to be a slave

Everything you need to keep mob safe from unlawful arrests

Click on the template below to view –

Cant Wear A Mask?

Legally Decline Flu/Covid Vaccine

PCR Testing and Your Rights

Vaccine Declination Form

Fight The Fines Info

Fight Unlawful Fines

Templates –

Fight The Fines – 

Step You Can Take To Fight The Fines ($25 ebook) –

Look at all the laws which protects us from Government and Police persecution. We actually have a lot of rights which are currently being infringed unlawfully.

Please print out and study.

We have a right to NOT wear a mask, NOT be tested and NOT be vaccinated and NOT be penalised for it!

Commonwealth Constitution Section 51 sub-section 9 sub-section 23A Section 92 Section 58 Section 109 Section 115 Section 117 Section 118 QLD Human Rights Act 2019 Section 12 Section 16 Section 17C Section 19 Section 22 Section 29 Covid-19 Emergency Act 2020 Section 4 – This Act does not supercede Human Rights Act 2019 Public Health Act 2015 Section 2 Section 5 Section 23 Section 362D Biosecurity Act 2015 (Commonwealth Law supercedes State Laws) Section 60 Section 61 Section 62 Section 63 Section 95 Section 108 Bill of Rights 1688 Section 12 Australian Immunisation Handbook Section 2.1.3 – Valid Consent 10th Edition Page 487 – Vaccination is not compulsory Privacy Amendment Act 2020 Section 94H

Print These Flyers and Know Your Rights Cards

Be vigilant!


Urgent Callout For Bourke Families In Lockdown Doing It HardAugust 24, 2021

The 100 Year Cycle – Quarantine Centres Popping Up All Over The WorldAugust 28, 2021

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