Covax Shedding/Transmission

What is covax “shedding”? How does it work?

The word “shedding” is defined by the FDA as “the release of VBGT or oncolytic products from the patient by one or more of the following mechanisms: excreta (feces); secreta (urine, saliva, nasopharyngeal secretions, etc. ); or skin (pustules, sores, wounds).”

The following is an excerpt from the full study on shedding:

The Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)/Office of Cellular, Tissue, and Gene Therapies (OCTGT) is issuing this guidance to provide you, sponsors of virus or bacteria-based gene therapy products (VBGT products)1 and oncolytic viruses or bacteria (oncolytic products)2 with recommendations on how to conduct shedding studies during preclinical and clinical development. For purposes of this guidance, the term “shedding” means release of VBGT or oncolytic products from the patient through one or all of the following ways: excreta (feces); secreta (urine, saliva, nasopharyngeal fluids etc.); or through the skin (pustules, sores, wounds). Shedding is distinct from biodistribution because the latter describes how a product is spread within the patient’s body from the site of administration while the former describes how it is excreted or released from the patient’s body. Shedding raises the possibility of transmission of VBGT or oncolytic products3 from treated to untreated individuals (e.g., close contacts and health care professionals). This guidance represents FDA’s current thinking on how and when shedding data should be collected for VBGT and oncolytic products during preclinical and clinical development and how shedding data can be used to assess the potential for transmission to untreated individuals. This guidance finalizes the draft guidance of the same title dated July 2014. FDA’s guidance documents, including this guidance, do not establish legally enforceable responsibilities. Instead, guidances describe the FDA’s current thinking on a topic and should be viewed only as recommendations, unless specific regulatory or statutory requirements are cited. The use of the word should in FDA’s guidances means that something is suggested or recommended, but not required’

🌿 Gerard Bini is a building biologist with acute intuitive senses that have been honed over many years of practice. Having known him since 2014 I’ve been meaning to have him on the show for some time now, and finally he joins me to discuss graphene ox!de and its impact on the human biofield.

Graphene ox!de has just landed on the research community’s radar since it was identified as a key ingredient in the cooties-19 j@bs.

Gerard’s specialty is reading bio-energy and geoelectrical fields, working with his own harmoniser technology to neutralise toxic electromagnetic influences (including toxic human bioplasmic fields).

His perspective clashes in some key ways with that of many in the industry whose technology doesn’t address the charge quality of the EM fields in question, nor the issue of human biofields. Gerard fills the holes left in the discussion.

For starters, the human biofield is negatively charged, while graphene oxide carries a positive charge – along with our electronic devices which generate a harmful positive charge – but that’s just the beginning of the story…

🧩 You’ll Learn:

  • The difference between the biofield of a corpse and someone who had the C-19 jab;
  • What shedding REALLY is, and…
  • HOW it works
  • How the cooties-19 jab affects the human biofield
  • What Gerard discovered by “reading” the biofields of TV personalities who had the needle
  • How to avoid and neutralise the “shedding” (and what about mindset?)
  • How concerned do we need to be about 5-G
  • The hidden truth of 5-G street lights
  • The energetic difference between the new C-19 j@bs and the more established ones
  • The difference between someone who’s had the C-19 needle VS someone who has just been “shedded”
  • How EMF pollution influences the meridian system
  • Geopathic stress and houses as resonant cavities
  • The underrated importance of toxic HUMAN biofields
  • Death imprints,

…and much, MUCH more.

This is an interview I’ve been waiting to have for several years now – and I suspect you will enjoy it as much as I did (provided it’s approached with an open, informed mind).

Official Documents Confirm Vaccine “Shedding” Is Real and Dangerous!

The fact that the increase in Covid cases and the emergence of a novel variety coincided with widespread immunization appears far too coincidental.

It’s still unclear whether this novel Covid Delta Variant was caused by “shedding.”

However, as the FDA acknowledged in 2015, it is worth investigating and appears to be extremely likely.

Documents from the FDA from 2015 have surfaced, revealing that they were aware of “vaccines” and virus shedding.

Despite this, we’ve seen “health officials” claim that shedding is a hoax throughout the pandemic.

The documents on shedding advise scientists on what should be included in “shedding research.”

So the elite private schools are opposed to even letting thier STAFF have a Jabba because maybe they don’t want shedding around their kids? 🧐🤔🤷 Who knows..


discussion on the current genetic nano bio insertions and operating system being inserted or to be over written and the current methods to protect

Scientific Demonstration of Vaxxed persons assaults on unvaccinated for Life Energy – Zombie Apocalypse: Nurse Klanmother Karen Lucyk MacDonald

Shedding (original video pulled, screenrecording)

Please Circulate Among Concerned Experts

Biofeedback is the only way to measure and correct the damage done by this weapon of mass destruction (killshot).

Contact Vaccinosis: Vaccinated as a Public Health Hazard – Nurse Klanmother Karen Lucyk Macdonald

To see first hand accounts of the suffering after vax, you have to go to a website because the injured are being censored sadly.  Here is one such site:

1000 Covid Stories

The Spike Protein and Venom

Klan Mother Karen can do remote sessions to heal the damage done by transmitting the cvax

Help For The Vaxxed?

Summary of the Spike Protein and Graphene Oxide Detoxification Protocol

This is the updated Nutrition protocol to protect those who’ve been injected with spike protein, graphene oxide and mRNA and the same protocol is useful to protect those concerned with the spike protein and graphene oxide shedding coming off those who’ve been injected. We now have evidence of the latest injections containing: mRNA, spike protein, graphene oxide, SM-102,  and numerous other potentially toxic substances (also: some—but not all—injections, appear to be higher in graphene oxide and some appear to be saline placebos).

If you know someone who has been injected and requires help, please provide them with this Nutrition Protocol:

Most Important Elements of the Protocol (Shortlist Summary)

Spike Protein: Shikimate neutralizes the S.pike Protein

Shikimate Main Sources to Detox S.pike Protein
• Pine Needle Tea for shikimic acid or shikimate (from green edible pine needles) There are toxic pine needles, be careful! When drinking pine needle tea, drink the oil/resin that accumulates too!
• Fennel and/or Star Anise Tea
• Schizandra Berry Tea

• Iodine* (dosage depends on brand, more is not better). Iodine is a product you have to start with small dosages and build up over time.

• Vitamin D3* (10,000 IU’s per day)

Graph.ene Oxide Detox:

• C60 (1-3 droppersfull per day): One of the issues we are seeing with those who have been injected is disturbances in their energetic field (magnetism) and hot spots of inflammation. C60 is a rich-source of electrons and acts like a fire extinguisher to inflammation and simultaneously (because it bio-distributes throughout the body) drives a normalization of electron flow throughout the body. In this category, we offer two products, the traditional C60 product* is made by yours truly and the C60 SuperConcentrate* is made by a carbon scientist friend of mine and contains a higher concentration of electrons. C60 is recommended to neutralize s.pike protein, detoxify graphene oxide and SM-102.

• Kohlbitr Activated Charcoal: Take between 400-2000mg (1-5 capsules) a day with water.

• NAC: N-Acetyl Cystiene is the best precursor to glutathione in the body which has the best research for neutralizing graphene oxide. Take 900-1800 mg a day. Get it while you can. The US Federal communist government is trying to make NAC illegal unless you have a doctor’s prescription.

• Enzymes (especially those containing serrapeptase and nattokinase such as VeganZyme— dosage for VeganZymes is 3 caps, twice daily):
Serrapeptase: Serrapeptase provides the anti-inflammatory breakdown of excess and unusual protein. Dosage: 100-200 mg on an empty stomach per day.
Nattokinase: Nattokinase has a long history of being used to prevent blood clots. 2000-4000 Fibrinolytic Units per day (2-4 capsules) with or without food.

Special Note: Iver.mectin is showing great promise against hydrogels containing graphene oxide and found on PCR test swabs, but it is a pharmaceutical, so I do not include it.

Here is the Complete Protocol

•Coated Silver (1-6 drops per day, depending on degree of exposure) (Coated silver blocks the sulfur-bearing protein on the spikes from entering the cell. Sulfur-rich amino acids on the spike protein interact with silver causing them to fold incorrectly).
• NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) (accelerates detoxification and is considered a producer of the super detoxifier glutathione in the body) Dosage: 1200-2400 mg per day on an empty stomach. NAC is recommended to detoxify graphene oxide and SM-102. NAC is tough to find after the FDA recently made it illegal to purchase over the counter in the USA. Request NAC from your doctor!
• Zinc (30-80mg per day depending on immunological pressure)
• Vitamin D3* (10,000 IU’s per day)
• Lyposomal Vitamin C (30ml, twice daily)*
• Quercetin (500-1000 mg, twice daily)*
• Iodine* (dosage depends on brand, more is not better). Iodine is a product you have to start with small dosages and build up over time.
• PQQ* (20-40 mg per day)

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