We All Know This Is The Beginning, Any Country Could Be Next. It’s Time To Rise Up

Biosecurity Amendment (Enhanced Risk Management) Bill 2021

🚨 Biosecurity enforcement orders to be placed upon “classes of individuals”

🚨 Specifically requiring them to wear specified clothing or equipment (108M)

🚨 To be relocated and detained (108L)

More Info On Proposed Biosecurity Bill Amendment

Please Sign The petition To Reject This Bill Amendment

Boxes of Body bags 

FedEx Shipping 100’s of 1000’s of Body Bags and Kits?

Here’s the purchase link

It Will Soon be too Late – For the Children 

Video by Old Man In A Chair aka Vernon Coleman

‘Urgency’: Vaccine blitz to target First Nations communities before lockdowns lift

This is disturbing .. listen to what she says from the 16:35 minute mark “we need to have a plan for those children who will be unvaccinated”.

Australian Aboriginal Dies Six Days After Second Dose of Pfizer Covid Vaccine, Sending Shock Waves Through the Indigenous Community

Man becomes ninth Indigenous COVID death


Australian localities are erecting ‘mandatory quarantine facilities’ for Covid positive travelers. The cost for this dystopian, compulsory, prison-style retreat? $2,500 for individuals and $5K for families out-of-pocket. No parole unless you can provide a negative #Covid19 test.#Australia #CovidCamps #QuarantineFacility #Wellcamp #1984 #HowardSprings


Global Action To Stop All Covid Measures

Have You Heard Of The IHR?

Watch 60 sec video to find out how the IHR is behind all covid measures in your country/community

Letters Being Drafted For All Australians To Sign To Demand Australia Withdraws From The IHR

WHO, GAVI, IHR links and the lockdown in Australia. ‘‘How did the WHO and corporations convince the global community that there is a ‘pandemic’ (or even the possibilility of a pandemic) when there is clearly no change in their own countries?


Here are 15 relevant petitions closing at midnight on Wed 27 October.

(Remember that it is best to confirm each one before signing the next one).
Petitions EN3285 and EN3375 already have tens of thousands of signatures:

  • Freedom of choice – Covid Vaccine

  • Adopt Rapid Antigen Testing

  • NO Vaccine Passport / National ID card

  • End lockdowns, covid 19 principalities & campaigns, open borders

  • Terminate the Covid19 Biosecurity Emergency

  • Reject Biosecurity Ammendment Bill 2021

  • Reject the Doherty Institute report

  • NO COVID-19 Health Pass!

  • Freedom of Vaccine Choice in Australia

  • No vaccination passports or anything similar Australia wide.

  • Stop Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccinations and Passports in Australia

  • No to vaccine passports

  • AHPRA edict silencing health practitioners


  • The Ivermectin Ban – an authoritarian threat to Public Health

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  1. crisscross767
    Oct 09, 2021 @ 13:33:20

    The editor Cairns News posted –
    Bombshells in NSW case: Govt & expert admit jabs not mandatory, dangerous and ineffective
    “The stunning court developments have been ignored by all but one mainstream media channel, the online Daily Mail UK. But even that report ignored the admission under cross examination by leading pediatrician, immunologist and government adviser Professor Kristine Macartney that the vaccines are experimental, dangerous and ineffective.
    “For those that may have not been following the Supreme Court hearings over the past couple of weeks against Hazaard and the NSW Government: As per my earlier post, Kristine McCartney is a big key player in this whole story. Today, along with 20,000 + other Australians I watched the Supreme Court case continue in NSW against the government for the rollout of mandatory vaccines The barrister asked Kristine McCartney a few questions today (the player behind the scenes that insisted we lock down our state and mandate vaccines as the only solution) Barrister – Is it true that double vaccinated people are 13 times more likely to catch and spread the virus? Kristine – Yes Barrister – Are vaccines dangerous at all to pregnant women or those planning to fall pregnant? Kristine – Yes Barrister – Is it true that the vaccines have never been studied for effectiveness and safety? Kristine – Yes, they have never been fully studied”
    “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” – Aesop
    “Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason? Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” – John Harington. Epigrams, Book iv, Epistle 5.



  2. crisscross767
    Oct 09, 2021 @ 13:38:53

    Some interesting reading here –

    Note 2. These viruses mutate very frequently

    We all know that flu and cold viruses mutate frequently. The vaccine against the flu has to be “done” twice a year to be up-to-date. For the common cold group of viruses, in more than 60 years we never succeeded at making an effective vaccine. Because they modify themselves (they mutate) very frequently.

    They mutate even faster than the famous HIV, for which after 30 years of hard research, we only start to test and see the possibility for an effective vaccination.

    A recent study (PNAS) analyzing only the latest version of the virus from 160 Covid19 patients already saw 3 major viral groups, and 101 different genetic sequences. All this divergence occurred in patients ONLY and in a few months. Another study (from Johns Hopkins) reports a mutation rate of around 1/1000 RNA bases/yr, this would mean for a 30kbase genome, around 30 variants per year.

    While it is likely that scientist can find some sequences in the virus that could be more stable and thus candidates for a vaccine (see Shang ref. below), announcing the vaccine, as the ‘way’ out of this pandemic is absolute mis-information. And actually some mutations may even attenuate the virus, and
    make it less dangerous, some other mutations may make it spread faster.

    A vaccine development may take close to 1 year, and then what? Injections 3 times a year, and having ALL the side effects if we were to rush testing? Dr. A. Fauci (Former Head of Infectious Diseases at the NIH, Bethesda, USA) did mention both a possible but very optimistic timeline.

    …………………In the same manner, explaining that we could eradicate this virus – this means wiping out the virus FOREVER from the planet – is not correct, even not possible. We could eradicate the Poxvirus totally from our planet, and we are nearing the full eradication of the Poliovirus, only because we – humans – are the only hosts/victims of those 2. But when a virus can choose between species like most members of this family (that can go between humans, bats, pangolins, rodents… but also cats, tigers, dogs…), eradication is just IMPOSSIBLE. We would have to vaccinate all humans, all other animal hosts or animal reservoirs.

    The way I see it, if there were a Covid-19 isolate it would have been obsolete in a fortnite.



  3. crisscross767
    Oct 10, 2021 @ 11:42:02

    Russian roulette

    What percentage of the the Covid vaccines are placebos and why? Listen from the 19 minute mark.

    Update from John O’Looney On Vax Deaths – British undertaker, a hero to the people continues to speak out.




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