27/11/21 Updated – Water And Food Needed Urgently In Boggabilla

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Thank you to all the kind souls who’ve bn in touch and/or helped already


Thank you everyone for the many offers to help the community of Boggabilla. There have been many mixed messages online and in government agencies etc. Thank you to everyone who ignored the rumours/claims that there was no need for food and helped out already.

We have just received information that children are going hungry, so please keep sharing and caring.

Ive just been given a name of an aunty who can get food to families who need it.

There are 2 ways to help if your not near by, we can order through woolworths and it get delivered to the 94 Yeoman Street Boggabilla and it will get dropped to the town and country club on thursdays.  Or we can call foodworks and they deliver to Boggabilla a few times a week. We are ordering in the name of Roxanne Duncan and aunty will get the word out to other families if we can get the support flowing. 

If you can make an order could you please let me know the order number so i can help mob follow it up if theres any issues and know how much relief has been received?  Thanks again to everyone for helping out, getting in touch and sharing the message. It really means alot to see the true blue aussie spirit surfacing like this. its just magic.

From the bottom of my heart, we say thank you.  

Please let us know if theres any other questions.

Big love,
Kaiyu and the tribe

For those people wanting to donate funds to help out the Boggabilla community here are the options for you:

1. Cash or credit card at Foodworks Goondiwindi.

2. Direct deposit. Foodworks Goondiwindi Pty Ltd. BSB: 084-004. Acct #: 88 28 55296. Reference: Bravehearts #422

3. Post cheques to Foodworks Goondiwindi. Bravehearts #422 as the reference on the cheque

When i shared the sad informarion that people have been saying there is no need for food in Boggabilla this was the response i received by the family member who got in touch with me originally to alert us to the issues Boggabilla were faced with 

Call out for food and water in Boggabilla 

Reports from families outside Boggabilla have come in informing us mob cant leave unless they are double jabbed and lot of em against it too.

They only have a little servo (service station) in the town and closest shops are in Goondiwindi 

We are calling on all humanitarian groups, black organisations and allies to rally together to get essentials to this community as quickly as we can.

Please share this message as far and wide as possible 

For those being bribed to get the jab just to have access to essentials, here is a stat dec and notice of non consent. Sign the stat dec in front of a JP and try to use these documents to access essentials.

Link to stat dec


Message just received from one resident of Boggabilla – 

I tried to go gundy yesterday but wasn’t allowed to , no proper food here gotta go servo for hot chips and gravy all time it’s fucked.

Please help!

SOS to all caring Australians

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  2. crisscross767
    Nov 28, 2021 @ 18:14:31

    “The Omicron Variant” – Magic pills, or solving the Africa problem?
    Kit Knightly

    “………….Hopefully, as the narrative becomes more and more absurd, more and more people will wake up to reality.

    It has been pointed out that “Omicron” is an anagram of “moronic”.

    One wonders if that’s deliberate and they’re making fun of us.




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