No Jab No Pay… The Nightmare Continues

How many families have been squeezed out of public housing because they can no longer afford it with the penalties from no jab no pay and now unable to work because they refuse to inject poison? I know we ain’t alone, is anyone else talking about it?

I’d love to hear from others and how their coping and how they’ve managed since the bullshit started back in 2016

There is a proportion of our community really suffering, losing government family benefits because of our medical choices n now unable to provide for our families. Is anyone talking about this? We need to, here’s my story

Phone n nets gone

I won’t be online much anymore. Apologies everyone, I’m doing my best. So grateful we getting water and power sorted but now we got so much more to deal with. Feelin like we are literally being starved out, if we were any weaker (without the support) we would have caved under the pressure. But the more we resist the more it becomes almost impossible to survive. We know it’s no accident, really feeling for everyone forced to live in poverty for choosing not to be injected or inject their children with poison. It’s not for the faint of heart and I’ve reached my limits.

Coming home from my boys birthday party which Id bn preparing since 7am, to find we have no way to ring up or send a message to anyone.

The kids father hasn’t had a cent since being laid off months ago and would have starved if we didn’t all pull together. He won’t be paid for months more than likely after working full time all his life. Because he has to get a separation certificate to get a benefit and his old employer is committing fraud basically by saying he resigned when he never. So unless he accepts a certificate with reason listed as resignation, he can’t get a payment from Centrelink.

We are living on $500 between 6 of us n are only just managing to survive with some cultural tours planned and a tour for a family last weekend. The car costs $200 to fill n we live off grid, we can hardly afford petrol for the generator or car or gas for the shower n stove or food for the ducks.

I can’t take much more and will b quiet while I fight my way out of this mess we are in without our kids being affected too much.

I’m determined not to give the gov that power over us and it’s taking all my might, strength, wisdom, spiritual and mental abilities to just get through each day.

We are running low on petrol for the car, without that we are stuck out bush. We desperately need help.

I’ve bn asked to do interview and I can’t, I’m way too emotional I think, I tried to tell my little sister m about wats happening and started crying. I didn’t even realise it was affecting me so much cos I’m like a Mumma bear cornered, in fight mode trying to get out of this shit heap.

If it wasn’t for the support we’ve gotten I would have given up. We have power and water sorted and just as we were shopping to make final decisions on wat generator to buy and who to do the drilling job, the net goes down and we have to use our last money to buy data.

It might b just me but it feels like No1 seems to understand, Centrelink have taken $25/fn per child til we are left with the min rate of payments, don’t get child care benefit so it would cost us $150/day just to have bub in daycare…. All because we don’t inject our kids with poison. This has been happening since 2016 no jab no pay.

Nobody seems to be talking about not being able to afford rent, having to move out of a house because of these penalties. And now while we are trying to survive they take the last life line we had, child support. With the kids dad laid off now because of his choice not to shoot up poison, I feel like we are literally being starved out here. They are failing but it feels like that’s the intention and I just wonder how many others are in this situation.

Nobody seems to understand that yes this is bad enough being out here and having our means to survive reduced to next to nothing. But if I was in a house, $300/wk would go on rent. So I feel like I’m fucked if I do and fucked if I don’t. If I had of stayed in a house, I’d be homeless now unable to afford rent. But instead where out here doing our best to survive and just thankful we have somewhere to live cos we know how bad things could have been if we didn’t move here wen we did.

I’ve reached my coping limits and hoping something gives soon. It so hard to even write about it, I just can’t talk to anyone, I’m actually in shock this is happening and I’m trying to pretend everythings ok.

Deep down I’m shit scared and I just can’t talk about it like it’s nothing, like it’s all ok. Hope u understand, I just don’t want to be undone emotionally. I’m trying so hard to keep that good feeling in the house and so far succeeding.

Feels like we could just fall apart tho at any time, just way too much pressure trying to make sure the kids don’t remember this time as a really dark part of their lives.

Feeling like everything is just stacked against us n determined not to give up.

Any help would be deadly. I’m trying to set up a platform where people can become members, follow our journey long term and where we can finally share the behind the scenes stuff, all our videos of our projects and photos etc. But for now, i have 8 days left of the fundraiser if people would like to help or can send donations through PayPalme.

I want to show u a video that explains what it’s like not to work on country. It’s not easy to watch, thinking of the kids dad the whole time and what he’s going through. I just cried. It’s my nefew talking, makes it harder for me. My dad n his grandfather are brothers n he was one of the 10 rangers who folded, none of them wanted the vax. It’s soul shattering for me in so many ways. Men don’t say much as we know but watching this allows u to walk in their shoes. Feel wat the kids dad is goin through right now. It’s fucken sad. I really do feel for frontline workers and teachers who can no longer continue their professions, cos we know what it’s like to have that ripped from you. But has anyone thought about wat these mob do now? They can’t just find another job and everything’s ok, this is more than a job to mob n I hope this video gets that across

From 14:30

This is our fundraiser, blog posts and short video, sending link to the video soon

Fundraiser –

Blog posts about the fundraiser –

Is anyone else in the same boat? I’d love to hear from anyone doing the impossible just to make ends meet now, maybe we can support each other through the nightmare. Help eachother make sweet lemonade with all these lemons.

Please share your story so people are aware that this is getting dire for some families, thought factors that are out of our control and unforeseen. We really need to hear from you and support each other if your doing it tough too cos of your decision to keep ur family safe.

Here is a video of Our Journey Back To Kuntry –

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Good News!!!!

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If you love what we do, why not buy us a coffee n help us help community

We’re volunteering our time to keep you up to date n ahead of the game. Work with us to continue doing what nobody else can, shout us a coffee please if you appreciate our work and want to see more from us.

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