Thank You Rona!

Starting this Friday, Every Friday until the Globalist System Crumbles

In the spirit of gratitude I’d just like to take the time in all seriousness, to be thankful for the positives right now and since the scam started. Thanks to the rona, as painful as its been the veil has been lifted for millions around the world, we have been shown through rona who the real people are in our lives who we need to be spending time with, we have come together to fight the common enemy oppressing humanity for generations. We are here

We are now faced with a decision, do we continue down the same track we are on or is it time to take stock, reassess and replan a better way forward now that we know what we know from events unfolding over the last 2 years. We know the globalists are hell bent on a take over and keeping us all as their slaves. We know they want us all using the digital identity to make life miserable for those who don’t comply. We know who is behind it and we know unless we keep standing up globally, they will have their way with us through their controlled puppets in power.

David Avacado Wolfe is onto something and many others have also been trying to convey the same message…. The tribal people offer many solutions and are key to any successful movement.

In Australia for example, the mob here have been resisting and fighting back for 230 years the way we are having to for the first time in our lives. Shouldn’t we be looking more and listening more to the tribal people right about now? If we want this to end for good, we must stand in the true power, the power of the true custodians of the earth. They not only know the enemy better than anyone after centuries of being at war, in their culture and way of existing pre invasion, is the key to humanities ability to live in peace balance and harmony. And they hold the only legitimate claim to rule their lands. Think about this, the same power structures that bamboozled so many of us and family and friends are also the same ones brainwashing people in their institutions and responsible for the lack of awareness of the importance tribal people have in maintaining the old earth law and laws of nature. Its time to really get back to our roots and grow stronger in the knowledge systems they are trying to keep us from learning, those that are based on peace, balance and harmony. That’s what they don’t want, us coming together and living as tribal people did. Right now, getting back to basics is probably the number 1 act of rebellion we could partake in.

Every little thing we purchase just about can be traced back to the same billionaire companies. This is where our power comes in, the thing that feeds the beast is our money overall else. If we want to cut the head off the snake we have to hit it where it hurts, in the pocket. The only way they are keeping us oppressed globally is by financial control, so its time we take our power back. While we are protesting there are many other actions we can get proactive with. We could organise a vote of no confidence in the government and use all the rallies as opportunities to get letters signed, because petition signatures don’t get half as much attention as signed letters. We could push for Australia to be removed as a signatory of the UN’s IHR (the legally binding document behind the pandemic response) or to leave the UN and the WHO altogether. Whatever we do we must be led by the tribes if we have learnt anything from history.

All We Have To Do Is Stand Up And It’s Game Over

Did you know it would only take .025% of the global population to be self sufficient for the whole gloablists financial system to come crashing down? It’s a proven fact and we don’t all have to move off grid, growing and making everything we use in life either. With global pushback we could have an equivalent effect by doing other things that together, all add up to have the same outcome. Like:

This was a solution we hit up all the influencers and organisers with, asking for them to share and get behind it to help us build momentum. Strategic global economic boycotts. Starting this Friday and continues for as long and as much as you like.

Don’t ever want to shop with the big names again? Great take it all the way, share this message to start the ripple effects so others can follow.

Set up alternative shopping precincts (just a fancy name for markets and street food on a weekday) outside major retailers once a week to give people an option to buy direct from farm etc.

In a nut shell don’t spend your money on any of the big corporations on Friday’s.

No fuel,

No banking,

No shopping at major retail outlets,

No trading with anyone other than local business.

No posting on social media (other than about the economic boycott)

Change Your Profile Pic To Join The Ongoing Global Boycott – Buy A Shirt To Spread The Message Like Wild Fire

Why? Proven fact- It would only take .025% of the global population to become self sufficient, for the entire financial system to come crashing down.

Printing shirts now, hoping to start some waves. Spark some curiosity and show people that the biggest statement we can make is the way we live our lives. Choose wisely where your money goes and keep your family safe.

These are solutions taught to us by our elders, that I feel its time to share. The next step they taught us was to come together around the things that matter to everyone – Land, Clean Water, Air and Food. Come together forming recirproccal relationships based on good will.

Callout for anyone interested in the formation of a lobby group to get organised around these things and led by the tribes here in the landmass known today as Australia.

Our Friday Fun Gear – Let’s Start Something Organically Aussie!

Keyrings and magnets coming soon to help spread this message like wildfire 🔥🔥🔥

Shirts available now

Good News!!!!

We now have somewhere to share all the creations from out bush

Our online marketplace is now live!

Merch available here-

If you love what we do, why not buy us a coffee n help us help community

We’re volunteering our time to keep you up to date n ahead of the game. Work with us to continue doing what nobody else can, shout us a coffee please if you appreciate our work and want to see more from us.

For a decade we have maintained the website and over 10 pages and groups on social media unassisted. If you appreciate the big stories, digs and urgent actions we get out please support our work, subscribe by hitting the black button or donate here –  In these days especially out bush, a little goes a long way, so please dig deep and share.

Thank u and love u all in advance

Kaiyu and the tribe our bush 🖤💛❤️🔥🙏🏾✨✨✨

Creator –

Our Journey So Far

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  1. deni
    Feb 26, 2022 @ 10:08:36

    Love your shirt except there are people going to be insulted by swears, so you need to cater for them as well. “ON FRIDAYS, WE UNSTUFF THE SYSTEM” and taked the “ED” out of unfucked should be unfuck



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