Native Title

Native Title

In the course of his first voyage of ‘discovery’ during the late 1700s, James Cook claimed the entire east coast for Britain under the premise of terra nullius.  The struggle for Land Rights has been raging in this country for almost two and a half centuries now, a fight against theft, lies and genocide.  So what does true LAND RIGHTS mean for First Nations peoples?


Gary Foley (Gumbaynggirr historian): In the 60s and 70s, we were talking about real LAND OWNERSHIP; land that we could have control over, so we could say “no, you can’t come in here” or “we want to do this with our land”.  That’s what self-determination is – the power to control your own affairs.  Ownership of land is fundamental to this in terms of creating the basis for people to survive the attack of colonialism.  Land Rights is important because it would provide the means by which the Aboriginal community could go through the process of reconstruction and recuperation.  Until Koori communities have got economic independence, we will have no freedom.

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