Discussion & Resource pages

Discussion & Resource pages
Welcome to our string of brother n sister pages that promote healthy discussion and the sharing of vital information around Cultural Preservation, Protection, Celebration, emursion and re-emergence

This page  has been set up because of a perceived desire in the community to have a place which supports the open and respectful discussion on the issues affecting us.

Respectful is the operative word here. Nobody will be banned and no posts will be deleted if you stick to that rule of respect for your fellow list-members and others. At the first sign of disrespect, abusive behaviour or ad-hominum attacks, you will be deleted by the admins. No correspondence will be entered into – the admin’s decision is final.

We look forward to your input and hope that through facilitating open and respectful debate on this important topic, we can arrive at a place where personal choice and transparent leaders can be supported by both sides of this issue.
Please take a moment to introduce yourself to our members and to let us know why you are interested in this issue / what work or research you have already done on the subjects at hand.

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