First Nations women are walking from Melbourne to Canberra starting in Melbourne, on the 1st of September.

With an early morning breakfast send off.

Venue yet to be decided.

Why?? Because the sisters, aunties, mothers and grandmothers have been witness long enough to the pain and suffering, hopelessness and despair of our people and homelands through the systematic Genocide of our people by forcing conditions of life upon them resulting in the Physical mental emotional spiritual harm of a group of people.

We have seen enough of the self medicating blocking out from our trauma and grief and becoming dysfunctional. We need our own healing camps and safe places for the community to come to in times of despair.

We have seen enough of the poverty in our communities when the rest of Australia are growing rich on the proceeds of Genocide through the loss of our homelands through real estate and mining.

We are saying to this government and it’s agents including our own people: “To Set Our People Free From Bondage to an Alien Law system that is not of our own choosing..

We are bound by the first law for this old country and that is creator spirit/Gods Universal Rule of Natural Law.”

The most Omnipotent Law of all Laws it is the superior Law the Supreme Law to any man made rule of law system.

We are requesting an audience with the Ministers in Parliament with a list of issues that we are claiming back as the Sovereigns to our homelands and water ways.

For more information please contact Myself Susan Rankin



N.B. We are needing to get a support group together in Melbourne to help do some fund raising for materials for the walk.

All interested people please contact Susan.


We are a grass roots Organisation of First Nations women of Australia who are raising funds for materials for the walk from Melbourne to Canberra called the First Nations women of Australia ceremonial walk for freedom for our people.
At the moment our people are the highest rate of incarceration rates in jails for minor and petty charges.We also have the highest rate of deaths in custody.Since the Apolgy for the Stolen generation we have even more children taken today than ever before in such a short time.
First nations peoples are dying up to 18 years earlier than the western world due to eating foods and medicines that we are genetically allergic to that is causing all other kinds of illnessess and diseases to take over our bodies especially Auto=Imunne-Dificiiency-Syndrome and stress related sicknesses.At the moment our Youth sucide are the highest in the world in pandemic proportions and we are less than 4% of the Human population we should in Fact be on the Endangered Species list.
We are needing donations or sponsorship for materials for the walk such as petrol cards for the support vans that are carrying the food swags tens and sleeping water sleeping gear and gift cards for extra food along the way as we will have some peopel with Diabetes I am sure.
Art and craft materials for the children of the walkers do do banner painting and art work of the journey.A generator to keep phones and laptops charged to do up dates and phone interviews along the way and last but not least is a good size Marquee or tent and tarp with ropes and pegs for the kitchen area for the walkers out of the weather and wind.And to have some extra cash in our pockets in case of any mechanical misshaps that we might have along the way with the support vans.
We do not want much considering that this walk is about the absolute pain and suffering of our people under an Alien Law system that is not of our choosing that is the cause of the systematic genocide and ecocide of our people and lands.

 Please show your support at:


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A little about page admin Kaiyu Moura (Bayles)

Now living in QLD raising her children on their traditional country, gathering food, learning the old art of building shelters, dance and the local language. For the past 20 years with her late Grandmother Maureen Watson and a dance group with 6 of her sisters Kaiyu travelled schools, festivals, events etc sharing the beauty of First Nations Culture through song and dance, stories, art, theatre, nursery rhymes, poetry etc and engaging all ages in different projects that inspire positive change. Also a poet, documentary maker, songwriter, artist, event organiser, media consultant, testing the waters of micro social enterprise by starting her own tshirt and sublimation printing business and with her own label, Kaiyu creates what she calls Freedom Threads.

After building their own home on Tribal Sovereign land, Kaiyu is now homeschooling and teaching the kids about making our own tinctures, learning about bushtucker and mushrooms, growing food, building with aircrete, setting up wind turbines, composting toilets and ram water pumps... Really learning what it truly means to thrive. This is our Group where we share alot of what we do

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