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200 Aboriginal Communities at threat of forced Closure


Stop the Forced Closure of Aboriginal Communities in Australia | | Twitter: @sosblakaust

Official Hashtags: #SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA #NOconsent #Lifestylechoice

Tony Abbott has publicly incited racial hatred and vilification against me by saying it is a lifestyle choice for my people to live in remote communities, the result of this is various govt departments or police or social services refusing to acknowledge, preserve and value my culture, tradition, spiritulalilty, religion, right to protest, deregistering sites sacred to my people. He is saying mine and all Aboriginal people’s personal and spiritual beliefs and the decisions I/they make don’t matter as much as other people living in remote communities including mining communities who receive government and related services and funding. It can be proven that this is his opinion.


Joe Hockey made a recommendation to the Commonwealth Grants Commission to reduce and refuse funding only to remote aboriginal communities and the services that support them, not to all remote communities. This is unfairly targetting me and my race, our personal and spiritual beliefs as the traditional owners of this land, this country. It has not targeted and publicised any other remote communities.It can be proven that this is his opinion and is racial hatred and vilification.


The Commonwealth Grants Commission has withdrawn funding of services to remote aboriginal communities and not other remote communities on the racial predjudice/opinion of the Prime Minister and Treasurer of Australia.


Western Australian Police have unlawfully removed property and intimidated peaceful protesters in aracially motivated actions, they did not go and take tents, bedding etc from white homeless people in parks on the sam day. They openly sneered at people who have been made homeless by removing them from remote communities and this sets an example that racism is acceptable for the rest of the population


The deparment of human services have introduced a cashless welfare card that will disproportionately impact on aboriginal people. This will negatively impact the remote comunities as they will have to move to places that accept these cashless cards, removing the right of freedom to choose where they live without prejudice. This impacts me as every freeom taken away from any of my people incites racial discrimination againast everyone who identifies as aboriginal.


Aboriginal people have had fluoride added to their water in predominantly aboriginal communities, a move intirely based on race.


The racial discrimination act has been suspended for all this to be made possible.

Refusal to me and my people of services such as power, water, healthcare, education, public safety and law enforcement as well as other services because of our race is in contravention of my Human Rights and results in extreme social and economic disadvantage. Interfering in our right to peaceful protest, and interfering in sacred ceremonies (putting our ceremonial fire out is akin to going into a church and tipping out holy water or removing the bible) are breaches of our common and religious rights

Grand Theft Australia – Class Actions
3 Pronged Spear tactics

Legals – Ideas 2 keep a flow in the movement – Plan 4 Self Sustainable Communities

1. Help with Complaints to the Human Rights Commission:

Calling for volunteers to help with forms in affected communities.

There is a racial discrimination commissioner, who should already be involved but apparently they need to receive a complaint before they can do anything

There is state and federal discrimination, and there are little outs in all the laws so need to try and hit the right nail on the head first go, so a call for as much info and personal statements of events you can give us, will go along way.

To get copies of the complaints form and a reply paid envelope pls contact us at the Ancestral Strategic Alliance on FB.

Supporters can send complaints too! Email your issues with the communities at threat here: if u need help, sing out!!!!!

2. Planning for self sustainability

We are seeking expressions of interest from appropriately qualified supporters willing to assist in providing sustainability to the affected communities. Looks like we need electricians, plumbers, carpenters, resources and supplies etc

Just as research shows we are happier and healthier on country, speaking language, living in community.

Occupy any of your vacant land, this is our right.

For those with skills or resources to offer, please get on board as we begin project rebuild in a community that was closed down last year.

Right now we are trying to survey our mob about the needs of each community, some are without water and power since the government shut it off and bulldozed homes without any formal notice or consent.

We are calling on volunteers and contributions needed to rebuild a small self sustainable community using low impact methods to build ie sand bag, earthship and simple sheds etc.

If you can help in any, we are wanting to set up funding page for people to contribute directly to the project. Once we establish the best way to make it happen we will advertise.

For now please post details of communities u are aware of that have had their water, power cut or have bn forced to leave.

“Unviable.” That’s a term used by the WA government in recent weeks to justify closing up to 150 more remote Aboriginal communities. But as I have seen first-hand, there is nothing more “unviable” for Aboriginal people than to be forcibly evicted from their traditional lands and assimilated into white townships.

The eviction of the residents had the opposite effect. Many residents were left homeless and either camped or stayed with relatives throughout the Kimberley region. Three years later some residents are still homeless or not appropriately housed.

The children suffered the most from the eviction. On our visit we were told that most of the children from Oombulgurri who now live in Wyndham do not go to school.

Many others have been removed by the department of child protection.

We are witnessing Genocide. Evidence has been out for 4 years proving we are better off on country and still our traditional way of life is being smashed apart to further explore mining interest.

Speaking an Indigenous language linked to youth wellbeing

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth in remote areas who speak an Indigenous language are less likely to experience risk factors associated with poor wellbeing, according to a report released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The report found that in 2008, almost half (47%) of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth (aged 15–24 years) in remote areas spoke an Indigenous language. These young people were less likely to engage in high risk alcohol consumption and illicit substance use, than those who did not speak an Indigenous language. They were also less likely to report being a victim of physical violence.

However, the report also showed that there has been a decline in the proportion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth who can speak an Indigenous language. In 2008, 13% of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth could speak an Indigenous language, down from 18% in 2002.

If we all just do wat we can, we could just be amazed at wat we can achieve. If all u can do is share that’s great and if u can get involved thats great to and we look forward to hearing from you smile emoticon

We need help now

Old people having water and power cut and getting removed from their home with no letter to warn them.
Injustice for 1 is injustice for all!!!

We R 1MOB – we bleed together. This is war on our entire race, our way of life and the future of our people.

This is illegal and being condemned by the international communities.

The whole government is illegal, their policy, their law and we do not give free, informed and prior consent.

Wat will it take to stand up to this racist country? We have alot of supporters and can make change. But we the people must cry out at the site of injustice or our children have no future in this country other than to be bread out.

Please fight for our old ways, pick up the baton and run with it for ur kids, ur family, ur brothers and sisters, nan and pops, aunties and uncles and the kids to come.

They are threatening to bring the army if we stop them from moving mob. This is all for mining. Please u mob we gotta come together, u dont got to be no leader… if u got arms and legs or any means to resist – ur people need u now.
Look at the picture, evil continues while good people do nothing.

The time is now to take our final stand.

Please share the post:

*************** Marianne L Skeen’s Post *****************
Share this please..

My mother had her power cut & water turned off Then was relocated to town last year against her wishes,!!.. Mardiwa loop, Halls Creek, WA

With: Marianne L Skeen Michelle Aleksandrovics Lovegrove

if you know of any other affected communities please list them here

3. Hardcore to personal protests
A suggested supporter action plan

Bn keeping my ear to the ground, listening to our deadly mob and supporter talk about plans. This is wat i gathered up.

There is a humanitarian crisis happening on your doorstep. You do not have to save the world or donate money. You can:
1. Do something LOW LEVEL. Like a couple of pages. Like a few pictures just to show that you have seen what is happening and to show that you care. You are busy but you DO care. This means so much to people who are really out there struggling on their own. Every like or every word of support really touches people’s hearts on a personal level.

2. Do something MEDIUM LEVEL. Find some Aboriginal pages. Post them on your facebook, add a personal message of how you feel about his situation.

3. Do something HIGH LEVEL. Do your own protest, or join a protest against this situation (Be sure to get a copy of the cultural protocols before planing). I am joining a protest in London this week. I am proud to join a protest which supports the rights that were died for in the 1960s Civil Rights Movement.

4. Go HARDCORE: Write to your media outlets and ask them about why they didn’t publicise the recent protests for Aboriginal people. Write to your politicians and tell them that what the a re doing is unacceptable, tell them that you will not vote for them if they continue with this attack on Aboriginal people.

5. BE HUMAN: Let people know how beautiful Aboriginal culture is. Do some research and have a 10 minute conversation about what you have learned on your lunchbreak.

Time to stand up and be counted. The world’s media is starting to shine the light on this situation. Please don’t be that PERSON who stood in the shadows. Just like ONE post on ONE page. That will be enough to show that you care. C’mon Australia. Racism went out of fashion in the 1960s. People got beaten up and died for this cause.
Please do one of the above, to support Aboriginal people. That will be enough. But please do SOMETHING.
Many of my friends are immigrants or GAY. So please let’s not pull the ladder up after us… EH???
(Time to RAMP IT UP…. STAND UP AND BE COUNTED OR UNFRIEND ME PLS) Franka Pavlova (minus swearin lol)

If you are a member of a Union, I suggest you call them tomorrow and start agitating them to DO SOMETHING. If you’re a worker, whatever you do, and if you’re a member of these structures that say they represent YOU, hold them to that word. Start using this dormant power within the system to stop these atrocities. They’ve spent decades deceiving us into believing we are powerless here, we are much more powerful than they would have us believe, on every level, but we will never find out until we start kicking. So humbug your Union, start to organise in your workplace.

– Vivian Malo

“Just a Thought On Da Run…Given The Media Are Clearly Under The Instructions Of The Rich n Powerful…To Ignore And Give No Oxygen To Convey The Aboriginal Voice…The Story and Messages Relating To The Marches…And All Other Initiatives To Stop The Forced Closure Of Spirit Homelands…Perhaps a Destination of a future March Should Be To One of The Media,s Head Offices n Studios In Melbourne…I know ABC,s major setup is in Southbank…haven’t looked up wer grubby ch 7 or 9 or 10 is…We can hit them live while on air…We go to the medias Home…not wait for them to be dispatched to us…We Protest Outside Their Doors…Lets take da message rite to their Doorstep…In a passionate n peaceful way…They gunna ignore us then…????..Just a thought –
Neville Austin

Im thinking 1 weekend media next weekend churches the next weekend mps n bring letters each time or drawings etc and ask artist to perform. black street theatre stunts would b awesome right now. As well as wat Vivian suggested on her post to use the unions if ur a member. Have sent Vivian a PM too. Hope to see something happening – at very least everyone should turn off the murdoch box – especially pay tv. hit em in the pocket. Divest and make sure your bank does not contribute in anyway to unethical practices ie mining etc.

The invasion of Australia Australia’s forbidden word has been uttered at last. And with it is comes a new Aboriginal articulacy

The City of Sydney council has voted to replace the words “European arrival” in the official record with “invasion”. The deputy lord mayor, Marcelle Hoff, says it is intellectually dishonest to use any other word to describe how Aboriginal Australia was dispossessed by the British. “We were invaded,” said Paul Morris, an Aboriginal adviser to the council. “It is the truth and shouldn’t be watered down. We wouldn’t expect Jewish people to accept a watered-down version of the Holocaust, so why should we?”

In 2008, the then prime minister Kevin Rudd formally apologised to Aborigines wrenched from their families as children under a policy inspired by the crypto-fascist theories of eugenics. White Australia was said to be coming to terms with its rapacious past, and present. Was it? The Rudd government, noted a Sydney Morning Herald editorial at the time, “has moved quickly to clear away this piece of political wreckage in a way that responds to some of its supporters’ emotional needs, yet it changes nothing. It is a shrewd manoeuvre.”

The City of Sydney ruling is a very different gesture – different, and admirable; for it reflects not a liberal and limited “sorry campaign”, seeking feel-good “reconciliation” rather than justice, but counters a cowardly movement of historical revision in which a collection of far-right politicians, journalists and minor academics claimed there was no invasion, no genocide, no stolen generations, no racism.

The platform for these holocaust deniers is the Murdoch press, which has long run its own insidious campaign against the indigenous population, presenting them as victims of each other or as noble savages requiring firm direction: the eugenicists’ view. Favoured black “leaders” who tell the white elite what it wants to hear while blaming their own people for their poverty provide a PC cover for a racism that often shocks foreign visitors. Today the first Australians have one of the shortest life expectancies in the world and are incarcerated at five times the rate of black people in apartheid South Africa. Go to the outback and see the children blinded by trachoma, a biblical disease, entirely preventable. The Aboriginal people are both Australia’s secret and this otherwise derivative society’s most amazing distinction.

In its landmark rejection of historical propaganda, Sydney recognises black Australia’s “cultural endurance” and, without saying so directly, a growing resistance to an outrage known as “the intervention”. In 2007, John Howard sent the army into Aboriginal Australia to “protect the children” who, said his minister, were being abused in “unthinkable numbers”. It is striking how Australia’s incestuous political and media elite so often rounds on the tiny black minority with all the fervour of the guilty, unaware perhaps that the national mythology remains culpably damaged while a nationhood, once stolen, is not returned to the original inhabitants.

Journalists accepted the Howard government’s reason for “intervening” and went hunting for the lurid. One national TV programme used an “anonymous youth worker” to allege “sex slavery” rings among the Mutitjulu people. He was later exposed as a federal government official. Of 7,433 Aboriginal children examined by doctors, just four were identified as possible cases of abuse. There were no “unthinkable numbers”. The rate was around that of white child abuse. The difference was that no soldiers invaded the beachside suburbs; no white parents were swept aside, their wages diminished and welfare “quarantined”. It was all a mighty charade, but with serious purpose.

The Labor governments that followed Howard have reinforced the new controlling powers over black homelands, the strict Julia Gillard especially – she who lectures her compatriots on the virtues of colonial wars that “make us who we are today” and imprisons refugees from those wars indefinitely, including children, on an offshore island not deemed to be Australia, which it is.

In the Northern Territory, the Gillard government is in effect driving Aboriginal communities into apartheid areas where they will be “economically viable”. The unspoken reason is that the Northern Territory is the only part of Australia where Aborigines have comprehensive land rights; and here lie some of the world’s biggest deposits of uranium, and other minerals.

The most powerful political force in Australia is the multibillion-dollar mining industry. Canberra wants to mine and sell, and those bloody blackfellas are in the way again. But this time they are organised, articulate, militant. They know it is a second invasion. Having finally uttered the forbidden word, white Australians should stand with them.

• John Pilger’s film, The War You Don’t See, is available



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