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Mongan Method HypnoBirthing® is a simple, straightforward program, thoughtfully developed over the years to remind mothers of the simplicity of birth itself. Just as the majority of birthing women do not need interventions and procedures for safe and healthy birth, they do not need a complex set of exercises and scripts to prepare themselves for peaceful, calm and comfortable birthing. The birthing body and the baby know just what to do. Mongan Method HypnoBirthing® is designed to teach women to trust in Nature’s way of birth and to relax and let their bodies do what is needed. By practicing a few key techniques, mothers program their minds and condition their bodies to birth easily. When it comes to programming and conditioning, variety is not necessarily a good thing. Repetition is what gets the best result.

We believe that every woman has within her the power to call upon her natural instincts to bring about the best possible birthing for her baby and herself.

Marie F. Mongan


HypnoBirthing® Mothers are making choices — creating change!

  • From 2005 to 2010 17% of US HypnoBirthing® mothers birthed via C-Section, compared to the national average of 32%
  • 9.5% of HypnoBirthing® mothers chose to birth in the comfort of their homes.
    The national average is less than 1%
  • 6% of HypnoBirthing® mothers chose to birth in freestanding birth centers.
    The national average is less than 1%
  • Only 23% of HypnoBirthing® mothers birthing vaginally had epidural anesthesia, compared to the national average of 71%

A Proclamation for Transforming the Lives of Children


Envision a world where:
every child is wanted, welcomed, loved, and valued;
every family is prepared for and supported in practicing the art and science of nurturing children;
adults respect children and honor childhood:
children joyfully participate in the vital life of family and community; and
dynamic, resilient life-honoring cultures flourish.
We will create this world by:
recognizing that in nature’s design there are biological imperatives that must be fulfilled to support optimal human development;
identifying the evidence-linked principles that arise from these imperatives; and
acting on these principles that are essential for transforming the lives of children.

Too Many of Our Children Are in Crisis

Solutions Abound

Education Is Key

Action Is Essential

Never before has one generation of American children been less healthy, less cared for, or less prepared for life than their parents were at the same age.
—National Association of State Boards of Education, 1990
Never before has there been such a wealth of information on keeping children healthy, caring for them, and preparing them for life.
—The Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children, 2001
Families today face unprecedented challenges—isolation, loss of the extended family, conflicting advice about how to parent, and the stress of modern-day life. Even with these challenges, some children are thriving due to the love and commitment of their families and communities. What can we learn from them?
It is the birthright of every human being to be conceived, carried, birthed, and nurtured in the best possible way. By recognizing and responding to nature’s imperatives, individually and collectively, we foster optimal human development and a brighter future for our world.
A growing body of evidence now documents that the quality of a person’s earliest experiences of life has a major impact on that person’s entire life. It is therefore essential that we, as a society, give high priority to nurturing our children in accordance with nature’s design.
The Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children is dedicated to ensuring that parents are supported in practicing the art and science of nurturing children and experiencing the joy of being parents.

Each of us is parent to every child.
How we treat the child, is how the child will treat the world.
Our children are the future of our world.
ATLC is committed to:
identifying the biological imperatives for optimal human development;
defining the principles and specific actions that arise from these biological imperatives;
making this information readily accessible and understandable to all parents and caregivers;
supporting families in implementing the actions essential for transforming the lives of children and adults; and
fostering dynamic, resilient, and life-honoring cultures.
ATLC invites you to get involved
Children Are in Crisis

Pregnant women subjected to physical or emotional violence
Department of Women’s Health, World Health Organization
Infant male circumcisions that are medically indicated or beneficial
American Medical Association, Council on Scientific Affairs
American infants denied the benefits of breastfeeding for the one-year minimum recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics
Ross Laboratory’s Annual Mothers’ Survey, 1998
Children documented to have been physically struck by age 6 months
Bearing Witness: Violence and Collective Responsibility, SL Bloom and M Richert
Number of preschoolers who must care for themselves
Report to US Attorney General 9/97, After School Crime or After School Programs
Number of infant and toddler facilities that fail to meet minimum standards
U. of Colo., Denver, Economics Department: Cost, Quality, and Child Outcomes Study Team
US children under 18 estimated suffering from a psychiatric disorder that compromises their ability to function
9 million
National Institute of Mental Health
Links to aTLC core documents and extracts

© 1999-2011 by The Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children
901 Preston Ave, Suite 400, Charlottesville, VA 22903 All rights reserved.
aTLC is a 501(c)(3) educational organization supported by your donations



I Value the Aggressive & Receptive

I Discipline My Mind

I Am Open and Loving

I Expand my Consciousness

I Am Connected with All

I Learn in Every Activity

The Permanent and Lasting is Most Important

I Add to my Understanding Every Day

I Receive the Wealth from the Universe

I Create Plenty for Everyone

I Am Committed to Becoming Fully Enlightened

From DREAMTIME – Parables of Universal Law from Down Under




10 Essential Life Skills

There are universal principles that govern our universe.
Metaphysics is the study of these.

The School of Metaphysics is a place to discover, explore, and put these principles into action so you can live the life worth examining, your best life.

Coursework, seminars, media, and intuitive research provide the mental technology for developing your whole Self.

Start upgrading your Spiritual DNA now.

Have you ever wondered how some human beings seem to develop their potential to become a powerful influence in the world?  What inspires a Martin Luther King, Jr. to broadcast a vision so clear it lasts generations beyond him?  What gives a Mahatma Gandhi the courage to hold true to his ideals amidst great adversity?  What enables an Albert Schweitzer to transform his life and career and devote his life to humanitarian service?  Where does a Mother Teresa acquire the determination to give and give with complete surrender to a higher calling?

These great men and women throughout history tapped the hidden powers of the mind.  Scientists report that the average person draws upon only ten to twenty percent of his or her brain power.  The remainder lies dormant until we learn how to develop and strive toward our full potential.  We believe that any thinker can come into his own greatness by increasing his knowledge, exercising mental discipline, and generating insightful discoveries that can be employed to improve his own life, and sometimes aid all of humanity.  (from School of Metaphysics Student Guide)

We can greatly increase our ability to be powerful, intelligent, creative, and expressive by learning how to access reasoning and intuition.  These are two of the ten essential life skills taught in the School of Metaphysics course of study.  These skills are:

SELF RESPECT – Everything begins and ends with you.  When you can view yourself from different perspectives, you develop a greater awareness of who you are and how to become the person you desire to be.  Knowing how you cause everything in your life gives you the great power of knowing how to change.

Undivided Attention – Attention is one of our greatest commodities!  You can learn to put your whole self into whatever you doing.  You can learn to be here now to reap the beauty and fullness of each moment.  Your relationships will improve, you will be a better employee or employer, and you will be a great influence on your children when you give your undivided attention.

Concentration- Holding your attention where you want it for as long as you desire makes you powerful, effective, and efficient.  A high degree of concentration is one of the secrets to success in the business world, the field of education, for artists and musicians, and for anyone who wants to understand commitment.  Concentration is a skill that can be built with exercise and practice!

Memory – You can also build the skill of drawing out of your brain what you have stored there, at will.  Undivided attention and concentration build the memory power.  The ability to strengthen memory saves time, produces relaxation, and helps you to learn from the past so that you can live a better present.

Listening – Everyone loves to be heard.  When you cultivate the ability to listen to your inner self through meditation, you can be s still-minded, calming presence for others.  Listening to your inner self enables you to listen to other people.  Good listeners are great marriage partners, wonderful parents, sought-after employees, excellent employers, compassionate friends, and wise counselors.

Imagination- This is a skill that distinguishes the exceptional person from the average one.  Imagination gives you the ability to improve your self and your life and to create new ways of being.  Every great discovery in our world was made by someone who could imagine a better way!

Reasoning- Reasoning skill is built through developing memory, attention, and imagination.  Learning to discern cause is a function of reasoning.  A good reasoner can learn from any experience, can produce growth and understanding, and is able to become healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Intuition-True intuition is the direct grasp of truth.  It is the ability to draw from the subconscious store of understanding and wisdom, the “teaching from within.”  Intuition can be cultivated and developed for better decision-making, for understanding dreams, for drawing upon abilities like clairvoyance and telepathy.

Breath – Most people don’t think of breath as a function of the mind.  Conscious breathing is the ability to give and receive energy.  We can learn to be more balanced, more energized, more relaxed, and to become aware of the Self that exists beyond the physical body.

Entrainment – Coordinating the head and the heart we become a Whole Self.  We experience the truth that we are all connected with one another energetically, as we realize the connection of our outer, physical self with the inner, spiritual self.  If you have ever had a “peak experience,” you’ve been entrained.  You can cause this state of consciousness on a regular basis with the practice of mental discipline.


Transforming the Lives of Children
aTLC’s Philosophy
Children are innately good, cooperative, and whole in spirit. Parents do the best they can at any given moment, within their present situation and life circumstances. Agreement on a set of guiding principles by all family members promotes enjoyable, confident parenting and provides children with a consistent, supportive environment.
aTLC offers the following evidence-linked Principles for promoting optimal human development. Our deep concern for children and parents is woven into each Principle. We invite you to ponder these Principles to motivate and inspire you. We encourage you to recognize and follow your intuitive knowledge and instincts. Our intent is to help you co-create with children a life that is practical, harmonious, and joyful.
All children are born with inherent physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs that, when met, foster optimal human development.

Every child needs to be securely bonded with at least one other person—optimally the mother.

All children are by nature social beings, born with the drive to play, learn, cooperate with others, and contribute to their world.

Each child carries within a unique pattern of development designed to unfold in accordance with the child’s own rhythm and pace.

Young children communicate their needs through behavior that is strongly influenced by innate temperament, early experiences, the behavior modeled by others, and current circumstances.

The ability of parents and caregivers to nurture children is strongly influenced by their own birth, childhood, and life experiences.

Children depend upon their parents and caregivers to keep them safe and to protect them from emotional and physical neglect, violence, sexual abuse, and other toxic conditions.

A child who is nurtured in the womb of a healthy, loving, and tranquil mother receives the best possible start in life.

A natural birth affords significant benefits to mother and baby; therefore, both the potential benefits and risks of any intervention warrant careful consideration.

Breastfeeding, continual physical contact, and being carried on the body are necessary for optimal brain and immune system development, and promote the long-term health of the baby and mother.

A father’s consistent, meaningful, and loving presence in a child’s life is significant to the child, father, mother, and the wellbeing of the family.

Parents create a strong foundation for family life when they consciously conceive, foster, or adopt a child, and are committed to understand and meet the child’s needs

Single parents have a special need for a strong emotional and financial support system to effectively nurture their children.

Political, economic, and social structures either enhance or diminish parents’ opportunities to nurture and sustain a secure bond with their children.

When children live in socially responsive families and communities, they receive a foundation for becoming socially responsible themselves.

Effective parenting is an art that can be learned.

By implementing these Principles through Actions such as those suggested in the aTLC Blueprint, societies can transform themselves into dynamic, life-honoring cultures where children are loved, protected, respected, valued, and encouraged to joyfully participate in the vital life of family and community.

© 1999-2011 by The Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children
901 Preston Ave, Suite 400, Charlottesville, VA 22903 All rights reserved.
aTLC is a 501(c)(3) educational organization supported by your donations

© 2001 by the Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children
Permission granted to freely reproduce in whole or in part with complete attribution.

Encourage prospective parents to carefully consider their readiness to assume the roles and responsibilities of becoming a parent.

Honor pregnancy as a natural event (not a medical condition) and recognize the importance of the mother’s emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing; a safe environment; a strong support system; and communication with the unborn as an aware, sensitive being.

Consider all birthplace options, recognizing that birth experiences are enhanced in home, birth center, or hospital settings that support parents’ birthplan detailing their informed choices for labor, birthing, and the postpartum period.

Select a birthing environment that clearly supports the infant-parent attachment process, e.g., actively encouraging immediate and continual physical contact, breastfeeding, and the involvement of the father in supporting the mother and connecting with the newborn.

Support secure infant-parent bonding through the early days, weeks, and months by respecting attachment-promoting behaviors, e.g., breastfeeding on cue, carrying infants in arms or slings, avoiding substitutes for human contact–strollers, pacifiers, stuffed toys, etc.

Assist in building additional support for the single parent.

Recognize and nourish every child’s innate goodness and wholeness of spirit, innate motivation to learn, and unique rhythm of development.

Meet children’s innate needs for caregiver constancy, unconditional love, a nutritious diet, and security.

Protect children from harmful environments, e.g., physical or emotional trauma from people or media exposure, and environmental toxins and pollutants.

Minimize our own barriers to nurturing children as parents, caregivers, and a society by addressing any dysfunctional patterns caused by our own early unmet needs or traumatic experiences that occurred around pregnancy or birth.

Foster children’s sense of belonging to a responsive and responsible community by providing them with opportunities to contribute to others.

Provide ready access to education and support for parenting.

Develop family-friendly economic, political, and social structures that clearly support and value the raising of children understanding they are the promise of our planet’s wellbeing.
Source: © 1999-2011 by The Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children
901 Preston Ave, Suite 400, Charlottesville, VA 22903 All rights reserved.
aTLC is a 501(c)(3) educational organization supported by your donations


Families Conciously Creating The Future

Future Families is a unique not for profit community association commenced in March 2007 by a group of Adelaide (South Australia) mums.

We are a ‘one-stop-shop’ offering products, services, practitioners, information and support for parents regarding:

Gentle, Natural Birthing
Conscious Parenting
Natural Health and Wellness
Chemical Free, Sustainable Living

This website provides a vast array of information and resources directly via downloads and links.

Who may benefit from Future Families?

Anyone choosing conscious parenting! That is anyone wishing to raise their children with the greatest of kindness and respect.

Parents seeking alternative choices to a highly medicated approach to birthing and wellness.

Parents seeking to understand children’s developmental needs and how they can appropriately respond to support their children’s development.

Parents who see children as spiritual, emotional and mental beings to be nurtured with love, attention and kindness – and healthy food!

Parents seeking alternative assistance for childhood problems such as:
* Learning difficulties
* Allergies
* ADHD / ADD / Autism
* Special needs children

Parents wishing to raise healthy, happy adults.

The Alliance for Transformation the Lives of Children – co-founded by Pam Leo ( has done amazing work to reveal research and provide extensive guidelines on this nature of parenting.
We consider their Blueprint of Principles and Actions to be an invaluable resource for every parent, midwife, doctor, child care worker and politician – in America – and here in Australia.


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Now living in QLD raising her children on their traditional country, gathering food, learning the old art of building shelters, dance and the local language. For the past 20 years with her late Grandmother Maureen Watson and a dance group with 6 of her sisters Kaiyu travelled schools, festivals, events etc sharing the beauty of First Nations Culture through song and dance, stories, art, theatre, nursery rhymes, poetry etc and engaging all ages in different projects that inspire positive change. Also a poet, documentary maker, songwriter, artist, event organiser, media consultant, testing the waters of micro social enterprise by starting her own tshirt and sublimation printing business and with her own label, Kaiyu creates what she calls Freedom Threads.

After building their own home on Tribal Sovereign land, Kaiyu is now homeschooling and teaching the kids about making our own tinctures, learning about bushtucker and mushrooms, growing food, building with aircrete, setting up wind turbines, composting toilets and ram water pumps... Really learning what it truly means to thrive. This is our Group where we share alot of what we do

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