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Noel Orchard (of Harmonic Products) is a talented Australian inventor. Iris, my wife, and I have been using a variety of his inventions for over nine years. The following is an index of some of Noel’s devices we have in use. Use the URL to visit our picture album.
Noel s inventions photo album
Date: October 6 2004

Use this URL to view

1. Introduction
2. Our 1999 Lancer, 3 years old in September 2002, 15,041 Km.
3. Car Kit1 Shows my finger prier to testing the inside of the exhaust pipe
4. My finger is inside the exhaust rubbing the surface
5. Finger is withdrawn and is as completely clean. Now, two years later, this test continues to produce a clean finger. This test may be done just after parking as the exhaust pipe does not get too hot.
Just a thought, zero emissions prevents smell. The same applies to diesel.
6. Little, if any, tyre wear and tear. After 5 years tyres continue to be in excellent condition.
7. Nanotechnology allows Noel’s devices to be small but they are tremendously powerful. Here is a picture of one of the two stainless steel plates used for cars. Trucks and buses use larger plates.
8. The oil stays clean much longer and there little if any loss.
9. A lot of people are bothered by static electricity. Noel’s plates prevent this happening.
10. A typical seminar held for interested people. Noel’s shirt is orange. His wife, Liz, is in front of him. I am at the left end of the middle row (dark rimmed glasses), my wife, Iris, is at the right end.
11. The Modulator that renders all electromagnetic radiation from the use of electricity in the home, school, workplace, harmless. This is the device that saved my wife’s life and continues to be beneficial.
12. Modulator 2 shows our Modulator inserted in a socket, the refrigerator plugs into the Modulator’s socket. We chose the ‘frig as it is always on. Once in the electrical system all use of electricity is safe.
I believe the growing use of computers etc in schools and homes (and in the workplace) results in problems. I should like to see a Modulator in every school’s electrical circuit!
13. Noel with Iris. The inventor with the lady he saved from heart failure. Iris has, so far, enjoyed an extra 9 years.
14. A stainless steel Mini Light Tower. This does have a beneficial effect on the environment. There is far less stress on from the masses of radiations attacking our bodies.
15. A disk is available to wear around the neck. I am showing the correct position. My two fingers are at the bottom of the Bone shaped as a V. the disk is then over your thymus gland. This helps to prevent stress when out and about. People like it as it is also attractive.

Environmental Engineering – Zero Toxic Emissions
Power – Water
Mobile 0438 288 882 or 0418 808 282

Ross Fockler has offered to confirm his satisfaction with Noel’s inventions. Please do not hesitate to ask him for his opinions.
Ross’s email address is: rfockler@yahoo.com .

Horace Ball
Associate member: Institute of Nanotechnology U.K.

(VERY) Satisfied user of Plasmonics inventions. Iris and I began to enjoy the benefits to our quality of life in August 1995. We are now in our eighties and we know our unexpected good level of health, energy and sense of wellbeing will continue into the tenth year of using these wonderful inventions.

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  1. Anne Shelley-Smith
    Feb 27, 2017 @ 16:54:28

    Do you have a small device to go inside my new mobile phone. I had one but lost my phone last week. Please can I ask the price for a senior pensioner. Thank you. I live in Maroochydore, Qld.


  2. kevin teske
    Jul 05, 2018 @ 17:20:02

    i have a 2018 rav4 . Where do i put the plates in this vehicle.


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