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What kind of Ancestor will you be for the children of the future?

Uniting for common needs is a powerful thing, whats more important than the essentials?

People Power In Full Effect

Start living a life that’s propa and start protecting your special places, your essentials and the resources needed for future generations to thrive as the generations before us were able to.

We are the only rescue team, UNITY begins with U N I

This is everyone’s business, if your ready to start something with integrity, reciprocal relationships and speak up for future generations we’d love to hear from you!

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Fishless oceans by 2048????? – Environmental groups are failing us and they are failing eco systems

Animal agricultural industry is the #1 environmental threat
Why dont we hear about it? They have massive legal resources

In 1812 we had 1 billion people on the planet, by 2012 7 billion
yet we have 70 billion farm animals humans raise.

Humans drink 5.2 billion gallons of water each year

1.5 billion cows alone drink 45 billion gallons of water each year

Cows consume approx 135 billion pounds of food while there are 1 billion people starving world wide

82% of the people starving live in countries where the food is fed to livestock that are later killed and sold off to more well off countries.

We could feed every human on earth an adequate diet if we did no more than turn the food for animals into food for the humans
People trying to promote gmo’s is like offering a drowning man a glass of water

U can get 15 times more protein sources from plant based diet than from a meat based diet.

The earth cannot support our needs of 9oz per meat per day per person, so we have to cut back and look at other ideas.

Plant based diet is the most sustainable
It takes approx. 100 pound feed/yr to feed a duck and u get a few pound of duck back. Its not sustainable

By eating a vegan diet, each year we save:
1100 gallons of water
45 pounds of grain
30sq ft forest
10 pounds of CO2
1 animals life

Polly Higgins is one such restorative voice. Her work is catalysing the kind of legal protection that our Earth needs at this most vulnerable planet -critical time. Once in place, the Law of Ecocide changes the rules of the global game to ensure a sustainable future. It is time for us to envision and implement the best of what is possible… for the sake of all life on Earth.
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Ecocide is a Crime

We all need the international crime of ecocide to be recognised.

International criminal justice exists, we must all ask to adapt it to environmental and climate emergency.

Draft Amendments to the Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) & the Rome Statute to add to the list of the most serious international crimes: genocide, crimes against humanity, the crime of aggression and war crimes, the crime of ecocide.

In view of the extremely serious consequences of an ecocide and because of the propensity of legal entities to commit such a crime, it must be recognized as a crime of strict liability, therefore not requiring a proving of malice on the part of his / its authors. Responsibilities should be determined on the basis of the knowing of the consequences of the act, whereas it is the duty of leaders/managers of hazardous industrial activities to comply, on one hand, with their duty of care, and on the other, to repair the damage caused to the affected ecosystems and affected populations.

However in determining the applicable penalty, the judge can make recourse to the intention of the author of the act, which will then be a mitigating or an aggravating element.

Article 30 of the Rome Statute offers a breach to make the crime of ecocide a crime of strict liability. Article 30 Mental element 1. Unless otherwise provided, a person shall be criminally responsible and liable for punishment for a crime within the jurisdiction of the Court only if the material elements are committed with intent and knowledge. 2. For the purposes of this article, a person has intent where: (a) In relation to conduct, that person means to engage in the conduct; (b) In relation to a consequence, that person means to cause that consequence or is aware that it will occur in the ordinary course of events. 3. For the purposes of this article, ‘knowledge’ means awareness that a circumstance exists or a consequence will occur in the ordinary course of events. ‘Know’ and ‘knowingly’ shall be construed accordingly.

To respond to environmental injustices, the recognition of the crime of ecocide must also rely on a principle of shared responsibility in the international community. Indeed, we must be in solidarity with the consequences of the degradation of the global environment and climate change because we are all, at our level, responsible for pollution and emissions of greenhouse gases. That is why the international community must agree to submit to a principle of shared responsibility in the management of natural disasters caused by human action, management that should be arbitrated by an international court if negotiations fail within United Nations. The international judge could impose to transnational companies, as operators, to participate in the international aid on the basis of their shared responsibility.

It is also urgent, to be able reduce our collective impact, to implement Article 15 of the Rio Declaration in order to enact obligation to environmental and health awareness on a global scale. Article 15 stipulates that “in the event of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing the adoption of effective measures to prevent environmental degradation.”. The precautionary principle there enunciates would give the international judge to compel a valuable tool to stop the industrial activities being responsible for ecocide, and this through declaratory remedy and injunctions. Injunctive remedies or conservatory measures are aimed to conserve a resource or wealth existing at the time of designing a development project in the framework of environmental assessment studies or public inquiries. Such measures are also given for the compensation of socio-economic or health impacts. The judge could, after investigation, issue suspension orders to projects highly emitters of greenhouse gas or having irreversible consequences for accidents occurring on global commons, such as drilling projects or burning/extracting fossil fuels, nuclear sites of projects or projects identified as disruptive of the carbon or methane cycle, such as massive deforestation and intensive agricultural methods. Citizens/peoples could then bring an action to the international prosecutor on the results of an environmental impact study in pre-industrial phase project if a serious risk of ecocide was suspected.

The big polluters have then the obligation to comply with the law in order to avoid this risk. The implementation of preventive justice is a powerful pillar to halt the deterioration of living conditions on earth and protect future generations against our current inconsistency. Valérie Cabanes International lawyer Spokesperson of End Ecocide on Earth

Click to access ICC-Amendements-Ecocide-en.pdf

Let’s Get Environmental and Climate Justice now!


In January 2015, the threshold of four of the nine planetary boundaries has been reached beyond whichhuman existence could end up threatened. The period of stability experienced by our ecosystem for 10,000 years and is the cause of human development is endangered since the advent of the industrial revolutionwith, among others, the massive use of fossil fuels and progression of industrial agriculture.


How to live for generations to come?

It is time to recognize that the safety of the planet is a universal overall value to be protected, and that this requires to maintain acceptable living conditions for current and future generations.
Our right to a healthy and sustainable environment has not been recognized as a fundamental right and it threatens the interests of transnational companies trying to sabotage the climate talks. In recent work fiercely for new free trade and investment agreements and the WTO policies, the IMF and the World Bank set up a legal framework granting them unilateral protection including the right to sue governments for the actual or supposed loss of profits, or the right to require changes in environmental legislation.
How to reverse this trend? How to stop the most polluting activities that disrupt the climate and the biosphere? Can we impose to abandon fossil industry on behalf of the safety of the planet?
Impunity leaders of transnational corporations or governments must be lifted in the most serious cases of destruction of living conditions on Earth.

Yes, it is possible ! International criminal justice exists, we must all ask to adapt it to environmental and climate emergency.

We all need the international crime of ecocide to be recognized.

For this, the experts of End Ecocide on Earth have prepared draft amendments to the Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to add to the list of the most serious international crimes: genocide, crimes against humanity, the crime of aggression and war crimes, the crime of ecocide.

Support this project to launch a strong appeal to States Parties to the ICC who have already this proposal in hands. Most of these countries are developing countries that are already victims of climate change and often are at the mercy of transnational corporations. Ask them to symbolically bring the text to Mr Ban Ki-Moon at the COP21 in December 2015 in Paris. It requires only one state to launch an ICC Statute review process. He must send the proposal to the Secretary General of the United Nations who will be in charge of convening the Assembly of States Parties to deliberate.


Follow the progress here:

WHAT THE HEALTH Feature length documentary

What the Health is a ground breaking feature length documentary from the award-winning filmmakers of Cowspiracy, that follows the exciting journey of intrepid filmmaker, Kip Andersen, as he uncovers the impacts of highly processed industrial animal foods on our personal health and  greater community, and explores why leading health organizations continue to promote the industry despite countless medical studies and research showing deleterious effects of these products on our health.
“This film is a combination of Cowspiracy and Forks Over Knives on steroids.”
What separates this film from others on this topic, is that it explores not only the relation of this industry to personal health, but then also how this industry is connected to everything from the pharmaceutical industry, the medical industry, health organizations, and even the government, and its effects on those communities that live next to the production of their products.

This is an extremely urgent topic that must to be exposed to the world and to our loved ones, in order to share the truth of what is being hidden from us.–4#/


Australia’s Farmers Markets Under Attack

On the 21st January 2016, the Environment, Resources, and Development Court in South Australia deemed market stalls as “Shops”, therefore concluding a group of stalls is now deemed to be a “Shopping Centre” under Australian development law.

Australia’s Farmers Markets Under Attack

See Max Igan at the Free Your Mind Conference
The adventures of Max Igan come to life as he describes his travels to war-torn areas and his trip to the pyramids of Peru. We examine the crimes against humanity and seek solutions from their trials and tribulations. What happens when the whole world has had enough?


Ensuring A Thriving Future Through International Ecocide Law –

Polly Higgins was in court when she had an epiphany that the Earth was in need of a good lawyer. Following that insight led to her life’s work and recognition for being one of the World’s Top 10 Visionary Thinkers by The Ecologist.

“It’s an expansion of a vision of what’s possible on the Earth.

— Polly Higgins

Polly is a barrister, author and international environmental lawyer advocating for a shift to laws that impose responsibilities, duties and obligations for the benefit of the many. Nominated The Planet’s Lawyer by the Performance Awards for work such as advancing the Universal Declaration of Planetary Rights, Polly has submitted a proposal to the United Nations: the Crime of Ecocide. She argues that ecocide is a 5th Crime Against Peace, yet to be recognized alongside Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes and Crimes of Aggression.

Polly has been named one of the top Unreasonable People in the world by the online magazine Planet Green for refusing to accept harmful norms, and has been hailed by the Guardian as one of their Green Heroes working for the right kind of environmental change. Polly is also author of Eradicating Ecocide, which highlights the need for enforceable, legally binding mechanisms in national and international law to hold perpetrators of lasting severe damage to the environment accountable for the systemic impact of the harm caused.

In this interview, we learn how Polly is changing the rules of the global game to tip the balance in favor of a thriving future for life on Earth through International Ecocide Law. We also witness restorative leadership in action as she translates the circumstance of our global ecological emergency to aligned momentum for addressing the climate crisis at its source.


Please Sign the petition to end Ecocide on earth –

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