Marrukakilikan – Thriving Back On Country

Marrukakilikan – one who is in a state of wellbeing, happiness, or one who is patient if in adversity. In my mother’s language, Gringai of the hunter valley.

After over 150 years of our families living in cities or towns since invasion, we want to grow our kids up on their ancestral land. We know the negative affects of western diet and lifestyle are creating cycles of suffering and have experience a huge amount of grief and loss because of this. We want better for our kids, we want them to know what being healthy is and we want them to learn how to break the cycles that plague our communities.

Even current research clearly shows living on country, eating a traditional diet and practising your culture improves wellbeing

Coming from Redfern, inner city Sydney and surviving all sorts of adversity ourselves, we hope by creating videos of our journey we’ll show other city dwelling mob that its still possible to go back to the old ways. If I can do it anyone can.

We would like to teach our children how to live a long happy life, as free of the worries of the western world as possible. To create a space where we can revive our old ways n thrive again as we did before the boats came. By 2022 we hope to set up bush school where they learn to grow, hunt n heal as well as the basics in bushcrafts.

Here we will share videos, photos and information about our journey. Hoping other families who are interested, get inspired and spark more fires of change in their communities.

To see ‘Our journey so far‘, checkout our album

Upcoming Dates & Event links:

5-6 July Start clearing land

1st August – Have shed rebuilt, tank and irrigation in place

6-7 September – Gardens go in Working Bee: Establish Family Food Garden

2-6 October – up goes the house: Kit Home Build – Calling all off grid enthusiasts

18th October 2019– Agroforestry Course: Minjerribah Living in Syntropy Agroforestry Course

Living in Syntropy is a systems based on a detailed understanding of forest dynamics, with guest teacher Scott Hall

Stay Deadly!

Kaiyu (Moura) Bayles

Fun(d) Raiser

If you have time have a listen to this interview i did with Professor Kerin O’Dae who did a trial taking blackfullas back to the bush.

In just seven weeks eating bushtucker, mob who returned to the bush from the city lost weight and all their health markers (insulin resistance, blood pressure, cholesterol levels) normalised.

Decolonise Your Diet-…/decolonise-your-diet-episode-7/

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