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“You want real empowerment. Let’s not lobby or beg for the government to change the date of Australia day. Let’s just change it. From this day forth we shall celebrate the Real Australia Day(RAD) on the 25th of January. It represents an unchanged culture and continent. A good time. A time before theft, disease, Genocide and British imperialism. Let’s have a alcohol and drug free day of culture and celebration. Dance, music and plenty good tucker. Let’s invite anyone and everyone who wants to really be a part of this great land and its original people’s. All our Muslim and other ethnic brothers and sisters plz join us in celebration. Share your culture with us to. No conditions. Come as who and what you really are. Those who find the drunken debauchery of Australia day disgusting come to our celebration on the 25th. All the good white Aussies who want to truly be a part of this great nation you are welcome and I hope you join us. It is strategic. We will steal the show the day before the gammin Aus day. Every community and city start of organizing now. Send out the invites. Let’s do it. The next day we boycott the gammin one. And instead we all dress in black or wear black armbands to mourn all those and that which were lossed in the illegal invasion of this great country. Well get to work my people. We only have a few days. We do this now and the government b forced to follow us for once. From little things big things grow.sacrifice now and In a generation this will be the one true day every one celebrates. Please all my friends share this please. If ya don’t share it don’t bother just liking it then cus that won’t do shit. Share it so the word spreads like Burrallawarra(a bushfire).” Murandu Yanner


This is an idea my late father Tiga Bayles shared with people across the country. Mob around Australia have marked the last day of balance and harmony on the 25th January, with events in their local communities. 

Marianne Headland Mackay was an organiser of “The Last Day Of Freedom” celebration on Matagarup Heirisson Island, Perth back in 2013. We thank all the mob who have gotten on board with local events so far, we hope we can grow more grassroots events and light more fires to remember those we’ve lost and the pain that remains. 

Video message from Marianne- Invite to Join us – Remembering our Last Day Of Freedom
The Last Day Of Freedom – 25th January Facebook event

A time for smoking and whaling, sharing yarns, song and food around the fire to heal the hurts and pay respect to those we’ve lost along the way. Few mobs are doing them after dad telling them bout the idea, be good to get this happening as a way to wake the world up to the suffering of our people in a very real way. 
Keep an eye on out for a national event calendar, we’ll try keep track of the events around the country. Tricky, not sure where the old fulla planted the seed but I want to keep watering it with all u mobs help. Any help organising would be appreciated, we need to email artist asking them to support local events if mob are happy.

Imagine what our people would have been doing, the peace and quiet and the balance and the harmony. The ancient practices and the contentment we would have known with abundance all round. Plenty of fish, seafood, bushfood to sustain us and keep us thriving. Imagine now the boats arriving, the dispossession of land, the deaths, the sickness, the suffering, the cattle wiping out ancient food sources, fish traps,m and sacred places, the fighting, the removal of children and tribes, the violence and exploitation, the longing for country and the old ways ways. This day is important for us to remember and acknowledge if we are to heal past hurts in this land. 
We invite the community to join with us to reflect on the sorrow of what happend on the 26th January 1788, to feel the peace that was felt on the day before invasion and to celebrate with us – we have survived all of this.  

 People will have an opportunity to tell their stories about the pain of this day and all of Australia have a chance to snap out of their programmed mind state, simply by us marking this day and making an annual event of it. We feel this is a way to get education happening fast on mass scale, when they feel our pain they will understand us better. That’s why we feel dad wanted to make this happen, have them join in our mourning. 

Australia as a whole will be educated about our history faster this way than any other way thought of.

If your community would like to hold an event this January the 25th to mark the Last day of Freedom, we can help make it simple. Mob have my blessing to run with dads idea to make this event a reality in as many towns and communities as we can. 

This year to get started maybe light a fire or candle even on sundown wherever u are to remember the last day of freedom for so many, how beautiful this land was and how beofuful this country can be again.

Please email us at: if you need any assistance, have questions or would like your event advertised here on our national calendar.
Big love and thanks,

Keeping the fires of our old people burning strong 
Kaiyu Bayles 0412 023 864 or

National Calander of Last Day Of Freedom Events… coming soon

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Now living in QLD raising her children on their traditional country, gathering food, learning the old art of building shelters, dance and the local language. For the past 20 years with her late Grandmother Maureen Watson and a dance group with 6 of her sisters Kaiyu travelled schools, festivals, events etc sharing the beauty of First Nations Culture through song and dance, stories, art, theatre, nursery rhymes, poetry etc and engaging all ages in different projects that inspire positive change. Also a poet, documentary maker, songwriter, artist, event organiser, media consultant, testing the waters of micro social enterprise by starting her own tshirt and sublimation printing business and with her own label, Kaiyu creates what she calls Freedom Threads.

After building their own home on Tribal Sovereign land, Kaiyu is now homeschooling and teaching the kids about making our own tinctures, learning about bushtucker and mushrooms, growing food, building with aircrete, setting up wind turbines, composting toilets and ram water pumps... Really learning what it truly means to thrive. This is our Group where we share alot of what we do

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