Urgent Message To Every Blackfulla In The Country

Notice: Government of Australia must vacate this land. You are operating Persona non Grata – aliens who are not welcome. 

Recognise is the last nail in the coffin to give them total power. 

“Once they have administrative control, they have complete power and they don’t need to act in accordance to the law.” 

Gary Lilienthal, Ph.D. professor of law 

(Non Est Factum means they get you to sign something that you think is one thing but its actually another. It is fraud, and if you say that to the official,once they realise you think it’s non est factum they can’t force you to sign anything).

watch Prof Gary Lilienthal confirming what Alice Haines’s saying here

– He appears at 25:30 31:30 

Through section 116, they will get away with making more discriminatory laws.

Through the heritage act they have the right to dig up our bodies in part or in whole.
Enter our houses without a warrant.

This is what they have been doing for thousands of years, it’s the old Roman Empire system.

Treason- the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government

Time to get the message out!
They are trying to fraudulently take ownership of everything of ours as an ancient people. 
They are claiming total immunity from possible legal action too:

Two laws cannot operate in any country, we have had our own law of the land for thousands of years. You do not have consent of the first inhabitants to practice your law and system here. 

The Cold War, genocidal tactics used in this country for the past two centuries is nothing short of treason. This is an order to cease and desist your trickery in the form of policy and law that is killing our people. We the Sovereign Tribes of Australia have grounds to sue the crown and it’s agents under the tort of Misfeasance- a transgression, especially the wrongful exercise of lawful authority.

– 31:30 in video. Non Est Factum means they get you to sign something that you think is one thing but its actually another. 
It is fraud, and if you say that to the official,once they realise you think it’s non est factum they can’t force you to sign anything.

Our message to the illegal, fraudulent Australian Government, the crowns and all its agents: We are Sovereigns, you have no consent, no jurisdiction, no deals can be done legitimately as your instruments are non est factum. We do not understand your codified language and do not willingly comply.  The tribes are being held under duress by the crown to fleece us of our precious mother land and her resources.

We should be filing a lawsuit against the queen, the crown and its agents for the genocidal Cold War and acts against humanity. This is something for us all to think about and talk about at home with mob.

For now, I’m making my teenage kids watch this and will get some fight back music happening soon. If you can translate this message into your language pls let us know as this is an urgent message for all Blackfullas everywhere. 

Time to come together as 1 urgently.

Urgent message to every blackfulla in the country, please listen: 

Goomeroi woman Alice Haines proves Oz Gov defrauding tribes

Love n respect xo
Kaiyu Bayles

 Uncle Kevin Buzzacott message to everyone

Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, Arabunna, South Australia forward a message via Honey Pynor stressing how important it is for the Elders to come together in a great Peace Meeting and Ceremony with the Old People in front of the whole country and for it to be broadcast.

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