If You Have Been Vaccinated Get a D Dimer Test NOW

“Any hematologist can see it within seconds under a microscope, and even more readily under an electron microscope. “The percentage of blood affected [or contaminated] by or with Graphene Oxide is the reciprocity of the End of Cycle calculation.” Dr. Mylo Canderian, who developed the patent for Graphene Oxide for use as a Hematological Bioweapon in 2015.

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Scientists Warn Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines May Cause Blood Clots, Too

Dr. Jane Ruby recently was interviewed by Stew Peters on his podcast and showed examples of what the deteriorated blood looks like when exposed to Graphene Oxide.

Graphene Oxide, for those who are unaware, is the component of Messenger RNA spike proteins and prions, which is at war with the heart, lungs, brain and blood for oxygen.

Graphene Oxide is an oxygen sponge which deprives the body of necessary oxygen and causes many complications, including but not limited to anaphylactic shock, toxic blood clotting, fatal lung paralysis, mitochondrial cancer, and endothelial cancer.”

Source – Klan Mother and Veteran Nurse Karen Ann Macdonald

Even the unvaccinated are affected by whats happening inside the vaxxed

UK Medical Doctors / Researchers analyse unvaccinated patients blood along side vaccinated blood.  Findings are irrefutable proof of poisonous injections PFIZER AND MODERNA


How Long Do the Vaccinated Have to Live? 

By Steven Fishman 

I deferred this question to a friend of mine, Dr. Mylo Canderian, Ph.D. [born Milos Iskanderianos, Corfu, Greece, 1938], who developed the patent for Graphene Oxide for use as a Hematological Bioweapon in 2015. 

In full transparency, Dr. Canderian is what I would call a “Genocidal Globalist,” who follows Precept Ten of the Georgia Guidestones, which is very seldom discussed, stating “Be not a Cancer upon the Earth; Leave Room for Nature.” 

Dr. Canderian is a Medical Contributor to the World Health Organization and is also very supportive of Klaus Schwab and the “Great Reset,” ushering in one world digital currency which is a secondary goal of the WHO for 2022. 

Dr. Canderian is of the opinion that 95% of the world’s population are “Useless Eaters” who need to be euthanized as quickly as possible. 

“Look at downtown Chicago, Baltimore, or Los Angeles,” he has stated, “and you will clearly see why the Useless Eaters must be put down like rabid dogs.” 

He has expressed his disdain for “Infectious Educators” who promote Critical Race Theory, and is confident that the “vaccine” will put an end to “Human Cancer Upon the Earth.” 

Dr. Canderian is an ardent supporter of Freemasonry’s Duty and Obligation to rid the world of the “Plague of Humanity.” 

Yet on a personal level, he and I share a passion for the same exotic dish served at L’emince de Veau in Geneva: Cream of Hummingbird Soup followed by Elk Tongue. 

We both are fans of Chef Gaston Sere de Rivieres, who is a culinary genius. 

So, I asked Mylo, “How can the “vaccinated” know with certainty how long they have to live once they have been jabbed?” 

He presented me with the information, called the “End of Cycle Formula.” 

He explained how easy it is to calculate. 

“The Power of Simplicity,” he said. “There is a maximum cycle of ten years from injection to End of Cycle,” [or death], he elaborated. “And it is extremely easy to determine.” 

He said any hematologist can see it within seconds under a microscope, and even more readily under an electron microscope. “The percentage of blood affected [or contaminated] by or with Graphene Oxide is the reciprocity of the End of Cycle calculation,” he divulged. 

In other words, an “inoculatee” [as he calls anyone jabbed with the Experimental Use Authorization Eugenics Depopulation Lethal Injection Bioweapon] having 20% Graphene Oxide deterioration in their blood will, barring any other input criteria, live for 8 years. [10 years less 20%]. 

Someone with 70% Graphene Oxide deterioration will not live more than 3 years. [10 years less 70%]. 

Dr. Jane Ruby recently was interviewed by Stew Peters on his podcast and showed examples of what the deteriorated blood looks like when exposed to Graphene Oxide. 

Graphene Oxide, for those who are unaware, is the component of Messenger RNA spike proteins and prions, which is at war with the heart, lungs, brain and blood for oxygen. 

Graphene Oxide is an oxygen sponge which deprives the body of necessary oxygen and causes many complications, including but not limited to anaphylactic shock, toxic blood clotting, fatal lung paralysis, mitochondrial cancer, and endothelial cancer.” 

Dr. Mylo Canderian’s viewpoint is much the same as Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and the Big Pharma CEO’s: LET THEM ALL DIE! 

I asked Mylo what the effect of second and third shots and boosters do and how that changes the End of Cycle table. 

Mylo replied: “It is all measurable through hematological testing. The more shots and boosters the imbeciles get, the worse their blood will look under a microscope, and the quicker they will turn to fertilizer.” 

Finally, I asked him how the plot to kill so many billions of people could be kept so secret by such a group of elites. 

His answer was: “You don’t know much about Freemasonry, do you, Steve?” And there you have it.

A Thousand Doctors Suing The WHO! 

Short version

Long version 


Study of Covid Vaccinated Blood Under The Microscope 

German Dr Discloses Blood Issues of Innoculated patients


Warning for teenagers as vaccine deaths overtake Covid

What The Experts Are Saying About The Covid Vaccine

PhD’s testimony on the covid vaccine 

Nuclear And Biological Weapons Experts Testimony About The Covid Vaccine

Dr. Sean Brooks At SW Ohio School Board Meeting



Before getting the vaccine if your still not convinced it’s not safe, please get a baseline blood test done first and D Dimer blood test before u decide to get your second.

Ask your doctor to do a D dimer blood test if you have had one or two shots. The test results will tell you if you have clots in your blood.

If you can’t go to the doctor for any reason there are ways to get the tests done through an online referral that cost $50 in Australia. This is one place online you can get a referrel for a d dimer blood test.


Once you receive your referral you can take that to your local medical centre to get bloods done, if you can’t get it free or your doctor won’t provide a referral.

Please tell your family and friends 

This is why a purchased vaccination certificate will not help.  Any scanner will can detect whether you are vaccinated or not by metallic nanoparticles.



Spanish Flu did not kill 50 000 000 Vaccines Did


In the deadly Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918-19, investigators attempted to develop vaccines to prevent influenza, though they had not yet correctly identified the causative pathogen. A variety of killed whole cell bacterial vaccines were tested; these vaccines included Bacillus influenzae (now know as Haemophilus influenzae) and strains of pneumococcus, streptococcus, staphylococcus, and Moraxella catarrhalis bacteria. These vaccines would certainly not have prevented influenza infection–as we know now, the pandemic was caused by a new strain of the influenza A virus. Influenza viruses would not be isolated and identified until the 1930s, and the first commercial influenza vaccines were not licensed in the United States until the 1940s: https://www.historyofvaccines.org/timeline#EVT_100531

Electron microscopy (EM) has long been used in the discovery and description of viruses. Organisms smaller than bacteria have been known to exist since the late 19th century, but the first EM visualization of a virus came only after the electron microscope was developed. Ernst Ruska, with his mentor Max Knoll, built the first electron microscope in 1931 as the project for his Ph.D. thesis. Eight years later, Ruska and colleagues Kausche and Pfankuch were the first to visualize viruses:


If viruses could only been seen after the invention of the electronic microscope in 1931. How did they know that the Spanish flu was in fact the flu?

The CDC up to 8th August Reported in CHILDREN 12-17 Years Old:

9246 Adverse Reactions
397 Heart Inflammation
14 Deaths

This is only in the USA and it is stated that only 10% of ADR’s are reported


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    Now that the CIA has lost access to its poppy fields in Afghanistan, what’s next?

    America’s APOCALYPTIC Opioid Epidemic – Kensington Ave Philadelphia (GRAPHIC)



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    Sep 16, 2021 @ 09:08:10

    The “Mark of the Beast”

    Who or what is the beast?

    Strongs Concordance 2342 describes it as a venomous dangerous animal.

    “Mark “Strongs concordance 5482 (to sharpen to a point)

    Why does the pharmaceutical industry symbolise itself with serpents slithering up a pole?

    More questions – Who wears the Crown? –

    When people say that the Vatican controls everything just remember that the Vaticans Pope is no longer coronated with a Crown. The void has been filled by Rothschid’s Crown City of London.

    It apparent to me that Romes papal authority over the world, symbolised by the Popes 3 tiered crown has moved its statutory authority from Vatican Hill to Capitoline Hill, Washington, D.C.

    “In 1968 after touring the United States, the crown was presented by Archbishop Luigi Raimondi, apostolic delegate to the United States, to Msgr. William McDonough, the shrine’s director.”


    Washington DC was established as a city-state in 1871 with the passage of the Act of 1871, which officially established the United States as a corporation under the rule of Washington, which itself is subservient to the CrownCity of London.


    Documents relating to registration with the SEC of the Australian Government as a privately owned American company
    30 June 2017

    Attached are documents released under a Freedom of Information request seeking access to all documents that confirm the following: registration with the SEC of the Australian Government (Commonwealth of Australia) as a privately owned American company, file number:333-163307 CIK:0000805157.




  6. crisscross767
    Sep 16, 2021 @ 13:55:20

    Poisoned fangs –

    The Satanic Roots to Modern Medicine – The Mark of the Beast?

    by Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News

    All the symbols and emblems for modern medicine have one thing in common: a serpent.


    The “Mark of the Beast”

    Who or what is the beast?

    Strongs Concordance 2342 describes it as a venomous dangerous animal.

    “Mark “Strongs concordance 5482 to sharpen to a point

    Why does the pharmaceutical industry symbolise itself with serpents slithering up a pole



  7. crisscross767
    Sep 16, 2021 @ 14:03:34

    3 Nails – 3 Jabs?

    “The Book, Three Nails the Numbers of the Bible, tells the complete story of Jesus Christ, the Trinitarian God, the number of the beast, Satan’s down fall, Christ resurrection and ultimately our salvation.

    By way of explanation, a single nail, is the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, vav. The meaning of the symbol is peg or nail. Pegs were used to hold the Old Testament temple tent in place. The Hebrew symbol is ˥ vav), which carries the double meaning of the number 6, speaking to the meaning of the number 666, the number of the beast in Revelation.

    The back cover depicts “the day of the Lord” and the dead Apocalyptic world of the end times. Ironically the number 111 (three ones) looks a lot like Hebrew ˥˥˥ (vav vav vav), which in binary is the representation of the number seven. The three ones may be interpreted as the trinity of individuals, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

    Satan used three nails to crucify Christ and thought his death would bring him victory only to have his temporary triumph turned into defeat by the resurrection of Jesus: thus sealing Satan’s fate and our salvation. Since mathematics is the discovery of what was true before all ages. The observations made in these pages were true in the time of Genesis, in the lifetime of Christ on earth, in first century when the New Testament was written and now. ”




  8. crisscross767
    Sep 16, 2021 @ 14:59:24

    Nurse Whistleblower Upset that Her Doctor and Nurse Colleagues Want Unvaccinated People to Die
    by Brian-Admin

    by Brian Shilhavy
    Editor, Health Impact News

    It should be obvious to most people today that the medical system in the United States, incorrectly labeled the “healthcare” system, is radically being transformed where political agendas now rule hospital policies, with hospitals becoming the distribution centers for Big Pharma products and services, including drugs, vaccines, and other medical procedures, where patient outcomes only matter in terms of how much financial revenue hospitals can make, and not health outcomes.

    In fact, the system has so radically changed since COVID-19 started, that hospitals now benefit more from patients’ deaths than they do from healing them.

    A video from a frustrated nurse has been making the rounds on the Internet recently, where she explains that her co-worker doctors and nurses now openly state that they want unvaccinated people to die, including herself.

    This is from our Bitchute channel.


    Rabbi Trachtenberg writes that since the 1200’s AD, Christians have feared:

    “A terrible mysterious Jewish horde hidden somewhere in the East awaited the signal to pour out upon Christendom and annihilate it.




  9. crisscross767
    Sep 23, 2021 @ 07:42:47

    Almost 50 years ago, an Australian doctor wrote a much-lauded book. Now it’s emerged as the anti-vaxxer bible

    A book written by a prominent doctor in the Indigenous health space has become a core text for anti-vax activists.

    A book written by an Australian doctor in the 1970s has re-emerged as a pivotal text for Australia’s anti-vaccination movement. The out-of-print book has found a second life online. Well-known Australian and international anti-vaxxers are distributing digital copies to support their arguments, particularly in Indigenous communities.

    The obituaries when Dr Archie Kalokerinos died in 2012 spoke glowingly of his service to Indigenous health. The Sydney Morning Herald credited him with cutting the infant mortality rate to zero in some regional NSW communities. Neos Kosmos — which named Kalokerinos the Greek Australian of the century — called him a “brave humanitarian who knew no bounds”.

    Former prime minister John Howard praised Kalokerinos for his “consistent and selfless efforts”. This Is Your Life did an episode on him.

    What wasn’t mentioned was Kalokerinos’ history as a crank scientist and conspiracy theorist who claimed vaccinations were a cause of vitamin C deficiency. His proposed treatment for almost every malady was large doses of the vitamin to boost the immune system.

    ………..He was reported to have given speeches at events run by Australia’s longest running anti-vaccination group, the Australian Vaccination Network.

    He spoke about how the World Health Organization and Save the Children Fund were deliberately committing genocide through a mass vaccination program, and how the US government was conspiring to kill certain populations by encouraging those with known heart problems to get vaccinated.
    Anti-vaccination magnum opus

    Kalokerinos’ 1974 autobiographical book Every Second Child encapsulates his legacy. Its 143 pages chronicle his work in Indigenous communities, where he talks in great detail about the people he treated and the harms of vaccination.

    It has a foreword by Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling who said Kalokerinos “deserves much credit for having made these discoveries”.

    Every Second Child is long out of print. But that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a core text for today’s anti-vaccination campaigners. Copies of the paperback are listed for sale on Amazon at more than $900 for Australian buyers.

    The Australian Vaccination Network (which has since been renamed) posted in February that the book was a reason that Indigenous Australians were wary of being vaccinated. It endorsed the book.

    Prominent Samoan-Australian anti-vaccine activist Taylor Winterstein has repeatedly promoted it to the nearly 100,000 people following her social media, saying it shows proof of “medical racism”. She now includes a downloadable version of it as part of a pack of documents for new parents.

    Other active state offshoots of an international anti-vaxxer group (which Crikey has chosen not to name to avoid promoting further) link to digital copies and share quotes on social media.

    Just one website hosting the free download shows it has been downloaded more than 2400 times. Facebook posts by users, including prominent international anti-vaxxers, that link to this digital copy of the book have received nearly 5000 engagements.

    To these campaigns and groups, this tome based on one doctor’s anecdotal evidence is proof about the risks of vaccination nearly 50 years later.

    Its promotion of “boosting your immune system” and fears that safe and effective vaccines are actually “medical experiments” have become common refrains in the modern anti-vaxxer movement.

    And with reports out of Indigenous communities that 50% to 75% of people living there will eschew the COVID-19 vaccine, it seems Kalokerinos’ thinking is finding a receptive audience at a crucial time.

    Read on –




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  12. crisscross767
    Sep 23, 2021 @ 10:04:20

    Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; ( B) Because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.”



  13. crisscross767
    Sep 23, 2021 @ 13:49:04

    Satan’s Seat: Pope Francis the King Orders the Country of Vatican City Closed to All Catholics Who Have Not Received a Covid-19 Green Pass
    by Winter Watch

    The Green Pass can be obtained by showing proof of vaccination against the coronavirus, demonstrating recovery from the coronavirus, or by showing a negative rapid antigen or PCR test, the Vatican ordinance states. The decree also declares that the Green Pass mandate extends to the Vatican’s extraterritorial properties stipulated by the 1929 Lateran Treaty, which […]

    Read more of this post


    Green is the colour of Serpentine and is also the skin colour of the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz.



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