Your Kidding If You Think You Can Help Australia

Why? Because most countries today are signed up to the UN’S International Health Regulations (IHR), locked in to compliance measures set by this International legally binding legal instrument

The USA, The UK, China, Russia, Spain, France, Brazil… Everyone is locked into the NWO via the IHR agreement terms.

But there is always a way out….

So how did we get in this mess? We are all signatories to the IHR

full document here

All Affected Countries Need To #UniteTheFight If We Want Out!

How We Will Fight Fire With Fire And Win

No biosecurity emergency means no powers for lockdowns, masks and social distancing.

No bio security emergency means the provisional approval for vaccines will no longer b valid.

No biosecurity emergency means it’s game over for them

The IHR are an instrument of international law that is legally-binding on 196 countries, including the 194 WHO Member States. The IHR  grew out of the response to  deadly epidemics that once overran Europe. They create rights and obligations for countries, including the requirement to report public health events. The Regulations also  outline the criteria to determine whether or not a particular event constitutes a  “public health emergency of international concern”.

Know Whats Coming

During the pandemic in Austraia for example, many decisions have been made at the National Cabinet – not in Parliament – and the responsibility for implementing those decisions has been split between federal, state and territory governments. This complicates the ability to ensure proper human rights scrutiny of the measures. 

For example: Some of the important functions of the Australian Human Rights Commission are limited to examining human rights compliance at a federal level – but many of the measures to respond to the pandemic were not implemented at a federal level, even though they relate to federal responsibilities like the border control of Australia. 

The Commission has offered our assistance to State and Territory human rights bodies during this time. 

What are the Human Rights Commission’s concerns?

The Commission is concerned at the lack of transparency in explaining the continued justification for some emergency measures, and even for identifying which level of government is responsible for some measures. 

Some of the decisions were put into legislation, others were introduced in other ways – which means they cannot be easily reviewed, and they don’t automatically require independent human rights scrutiny at the time of the decision. This means any human rights scrutiny happens after the measure is already put in place and affecting people.

The checks and balances that ordinarily exist are important to our democracy. Without appropriate transparency and accountability, there is a real risk of Australians being exposed to unnecessary restrictions of their rights and freedoms.

International human rights laws

International human rights law allows governments to restrict many rights and freedoms during a public health emergency, such as a pandemic, for the safety of everyone in the community.

However, limitations on human rights should meet the following criteria: 

  • They must be prescribed by law. 
  • They must be necessary and proportionate to the evaluated risk.
  • Governments must be transparent about the reasons why they consider restricting human rights is necessary. 
  • Any limitations on human rights should be the minimum necessary to address the emergency and in place for the shortest time needed to deal with the emergency. 
  • The measures must be consistent with international law and must not discriminate against people on the grounds of race, sex, age, disability or sexual preference. 

The need for the restrictions must be regularly assessed and the moment they are no longer necessary, they must cease.

The importance of independent monitoring

It is important to ensure independent monitoring of the measures is in place to keep human rights front of mind. Particular attention must be paid to upholding the rights and dignity of those who may be disproportionately at-risk to adverse impacts from the crisis.

We also need to be mindful of the “creeping authoritarianism” and erosion of rights and freedoms we have seen happen elsewhere in the world during COVID-19 and make sure we do not accept greater restrictions on our rights and freedoms than are needed to keep us safe. 

We must make sure that any restrictions are temporary and do not erode our freedoms longer term, such as by increasing surveillance or authorising intrusions on our privacy.

There is no evidence YET that this is a global pandemic but human rights have already been removed and the public is accepting this because it is being framed to be “for your own good”.

This is an excuse by the GAVI alliance to condition the global community into severe measures such as “social distancing” (through media propaganda campaigns not true evidence of risk) and forced vaccination.

Individual governments no longer have the power to make decisions that are in the citizens’ best interests.

Over the last 30 years the GAVI alliance through the WHO has influenced the education systems of doctors in all countries to claim that vaccines are needed to control infectious diseases and this claim is being used to remove our most fundamental human rights:

1) to decide what is injected into our own bodies

2) to participate in society without pharmaceutical products such as vaccines

Now is the time to challenge your government to provide the evidence they are using to enforce a lockdown (police state) in your country.

The armies of all countries will soon be on the streets to prevent opposition to these laws that have NOT been made by your own government.

In my opinion this means that the public is not bound by these laws because they have been made by the GAVI alliance that includes the Federation of Pharmaceutical companies.

WHO, GAVI, IHR links and the lockdown in Australia.

‘‘How did the WHO and corporations convince the global community that there is a ‘pandemic’ (or even the possibilility of a pandemic) when there is clearly no change in their own countries?

The ‘Emperor’s new clothes’ of pandemics. This situation was possible because the World Health Organisation (WHO) is no longer an organisation that makes health decisions based on objective scientific evidence.

The WHO is the front organisation for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI). This is an advisory group that includes the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and many other private-public partnerships. This group does not provide objective science that is in the public’s best interest. It is a group that promotes corporate interests in government policies and global economic markets.

As shown in the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation report, global elites had decided at least a decade ago, after the SARS, MERS and swine flu outbreaks, to “guide” the entire planet through a corona virus pandemic. In fact US deep state medical bureaucrat Anthony Fauci predicted it would happen within the first term of the Trump administration.

The Department of Health do not have an isolated sample of the virus covid-19 (freedom of information requests). The RTPCR test is not fit for purpose as it does not identify infection.

The USA CDC and FDA have revoked its emergency use authorisation as it cannot diffrentiate between the flu and another virus and would not have received permanent approval.

There is something seriously wrong that the Department of Health with all its resources is not aware of this and continue to give advice that keeps leading to declare and extend State of Emergencies based on this false data.

The comittee Scott Morrison set up to advise the cabinet includes Jane Halton, who was at Event 201 in 2019 which was a simulation excercise of an outbreak of a corona virus.

All the projections of the pandemic have been taken from Neil Furgeson of the Imperial College of London and John Hopkins who both got it completely wrong, but their models and advice is still being listened to and used.

By any metric there were no more aggregated deaths in 2020 than 2019, what has happened is that the deaths have been re-categorised that anyone that died testing positive to covid19, even if they had comorbidities had covid19 put on the death certificate.

The definition/classification was changed by the Bureau of Statistics to with covid to of covid. HALTON was a former Head of that Department.

Judy Wilyman PhD

Bachelor of Science, University of NSW

Diploma of Education (Science), University of Wollongong

Master of Science (Population Health), Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Public Health, University of Wollongong.

PhD in ‘A critical analysis of the Australian government’s rationale for its vaccination policy’ (the science, politics and ethics of Australia’s vaccination policies) , UOW School of Humanities and Social Inquiry.

Website Vaccination Decisions

So We Withdraw From The IHR But How?

A country withdrawing from WHO is unprecedented and I am not sure anyone really understands the repercussions, but the formal designations may have to be rescinded, as each one must be approved by the host government. With the loss of the designation, it would be harder for us to receive funding and data for joint projects.The complete withdrawal of cooperation from the 27 collaborating centers at the CDC and other federal government agencies would surely lead to CDC losing some of its global preeminence and top staff.

Any State not a Member of WHO which has become a party to these Regulations may at any
time withdraw from participation in these Regulations, by means of a notification addressed to the
Director-General which shall take effect six months after the Director-General has received it. The
State which has withdrawn shall, as from that date, resume application of the provisions of any
international sanitary agreement or regulations listed in Article 58 to which it was previously a party. International Health Regualtions (2005) Article 64.2

The World Health Assembly is the decision-making body of WHO, the Health Assembly is held annually in Geneva, Switzerland.

Public health emergencies: preparedness and response

“This was one of the most complex agenda items, as it encompassed three discussions on: (1) a technical update on the COVID-19 response; (2) the reports by the Independent Panel on Pandemic Preparedness and Response (IPPPR), the Independent Oversight Advisory Committee (IOAC) for the WHO Health Emergencies Programme and the Review Committee on the functioning of the International Health Regulations (IHR); and (3) WHO’s work in health emergencies and strengthening preparedness for health emergencies and agenda item 18 (Mental health preparedness for and response to the COVID-19 pandemic).The decision ‘Special session of the World Health Assembly to consider developing a WHO convention, agreement or other international instrument on pandemic preparedness and response’ (WHA74(16)) was adopted asking for a special WHA session from 29 November to 1 December 2021, to take place after the Member States Working Group to be established following the resolution ‘Strengthening WHO preparedness for and response to health emergencies’ (WHA74.7) assesses the benefits of developing a WHO legal instrument on pandemic preparedness and response.

The Next Assembly Begins 29/11/21

Special Session of the World Health Assembly referred to in decision WHA74(16)29 November – 1 December 2021

Read what they are trying to do in the next assembly, get more powers!

Time To Flood Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’ Office and Heads Of States With Affidavits Demanding Our Country Be Removed As Signatories From The IHR

The World Bank Is Funding The Covid Agenda Until 2025

Proof The World Bank Is Funding Covid Until 2025

The 2005 International Health Regulations and the WHO limited power

The WHO, as an organization, does not have the authority to gather information and data in each country. Instead, the responsibility to disclose information falls on states’ national authorities, as stipulated in Article 6 of the IHR. States are obligated to notify the WHO within twenty-four hours of ‘all events which may constitute a public health emergency of international concern within its territory’. In addition to Article 7 of the IHR, which requires states to ‘provide to WHO all relevant public health information’ of ‘unexpected or unusual public health event within its territory’ that could constitute an international public health crisis. Even though the IHR allows the WHO to take into account reports from sources other than states, as provided in Article 9(1) of the IHR, the WHO is still required to request verification from relevant state parties of those reports, as stipulated in Article 10 of the IHR. The only situations the WHO could overlook state parties are in cases of non-collaborations by the states, as provided in Article 10(4) of the IHR.

Hence, without states going through with their obligations in good faith and providing resourceful information, the body designed as a hub to foster cooperation in tackling international health crisis, would be practically almost ‘blind’

Affidavit Template – download here

Template –

Here is an example of a cease and desist notice from the OSTF




The RockerFellers Have Patented The Technology To Control The Vaxxed 

Patent Info – Remote control of cell function based on the use of radiofrequency waves to excite nanoparticles targeted to specific cell types

Compositions and methods to modulate cell activity – Patent Number US10786570B2 

Billionaires Became ONE TRILLION DOLLARS Richer in 2020

This was planned over 50 years ago here in Australia and the globe, the NWO aka The Old Underworld Order – video

The History Of the  NWO In Australia – How We Got Here

Australia – The Head of the Snake

(why its being hit so hard) Your Rights Or You Simply Have NoneHow To Stop All Covid Measures NOWIs Your School Mandating The Covid Vax?

We Can All Do Something Today To Stop This

Serve an Affidavit lien. You may sue person to person. If Govt have removed all liability then the next step to stop this Genocide is the people who willingly ignore legal notice person to person. Funny when it becomes their issue how they pull up real quick. Visiting her Geriatrician to get yet another letter that cites WE are the last voice for her, I got him and the Joondalup Virologist on the ph in room to look up the Phizer etc on the TGA for the ‘removed ingredients’ that Professor J Skerritt had authorised on Aussies a month prior. They weren’t having it. When they arrived laughing at the page together to find indeed they were removed, they weren’t laughing any more! The only thing left showing was aborted human foetal cells also a No No, once known you can say NO to this vaxx and discussed openly and quizzically why on earth the TGA would remove the rest and not that one as the rest were much more scary? After the phone call he advised perhaps best mum have the Astra instead still not acknowledging all the professional photocopies I had done for him to read. His secretary had seen them, taken them h I me, dug herself and thanked me as “her friends had been trying to get her to listen to their warnings as well and now she was!” He then admitted ALL B1’s were to get vaccinated? I asked what B1s were and he replied ALL front-line staff. Border patrol, cops,medical and they were to have theirs shortly. The Omnibus Act (not lawful as not assented by the Queen nor the people) was secretly put together whilst this Govt were spsd to be down? In Oct 2020 and inside it when you research is the right to enter foreign troops into Australia. With an underscore of whatever they are told to do to the Australian people is to hold no retribution as War Crimes. Feeling uneasy yet? Military are used as Govt Guinea Pigs HMAS Sydney were vaxxed a month ago and the impending rumour mill to the outcome had the handlers wiping all history if they could from the internet to keep it quiet. The 2 people that got vaxxed 4x to many are likely dead, no evidence mind but the Dr admitted the medical world were ‘uneasy at how easily Govt had thrown one of us under the bus?” That Dr has now been scapegoated and lost his license i was told.How much more do you need?How many more posts on nasty if not lethal side effects?

VAERs online holds the death stats not proper ive no doubt as everything is handled but you will get an idea. FluadQuad Did you know who makes it? Did you know CoronaVirus has been in the Flu vaxx since 2000. Did you know who owns the Brisbane, Phuket and Wuhan labs that make it? Do you know they have H1N1 in it? Do you know how many people die approx each year on a soft kill from the flu vaxx in Australia? 17,000!! That’s just Australia folks. That’s someone you know. And last but not least COVID Nothing to do with Corona Virus. CITIZENS OPENLY VOLUNTEERING IDENTIFICATION DAILY…Now think Qr codes, Sign-in’s, Masks, PPR tests that seem to cause a large amount of strokes in the pop and was advised by its maker to not be used for Pandemics because it throws False Positives (meaning it can’t be relied upon to be 100% correct). The Military knew about COVID and 5G long before we did and re-enactment bivvies are indeed a thing. So choose your poison wisely folks and choose to learn your rights and who runs this country because State acting as Govt have NO affiliation to the person/s. We have given over the reins far too long and its time we stand up as Free Will Living Men and Women and take back what is rightfully ours to take…Ignorance is no excuse to the laws folks. Use them and stop accepting others push to kill us openly. It is Your Will. Affidavit and Lien can be found on fb just ask me.

Time To Stand With The Tribes

Arrernte OSTF Statement

Stand Up!!!!!!

We are calling on all Australians to Unite together with OSTF to come against this tyranny destroying our Human and God given rights…
If you are seeking protection from the FRAUDULENT COVID LAWS
Worried about forced vaccinations in your workplace
Worried about your children being targeted for vaccination at there schools
Fear of not being able to travel to see family around our beautiful country
Please, we invite you to stand united in the biggest revolution this country has ever seen
Listen to video, share far and wide and contact us, you have rights to decide over your own body
We are with you

Tribal Sovereign Protection Cards And Certificates

This is the new sign up process, apologies for the stuff around. We will get back to anyone who emailed etc but can no longer accept registrations any other way then through becoming a member etc through the website here.

From: JDate: Tue, Sep 28, 2021 at 1:18 PM

Subject: IMPORTANT Foreign troops for “emergencies” bill has passed lower house

To: please share widely, remove my name please

dear friends,Whoa!

This bill has extremely sinister connotations. It has lurked in the background without a name for a whole year, everyone I asked has not known the name of the bill only alluded to it like a rumour. Well here it is. Everybody needs to be writing to their senators to stop this – the death knell for Australians. No liability for foreign troops? In other words they can go on a killing spree and we the guvt don’t care. Includes conscription. I believe this bill is created to round up non injected people after declaring some kind of emergency pertaining to the Invisible Enemy – the you-know-what. Who declares an emergency? the Governor General. Or in this case it appears the Minister for Defence … ONE PERSON will have the so called authority to put you all to death, if this bill is passed.

Who is there to say whether this move would be a “defence” or an OFFENCE? Nobody.Am I an alarmist? Not when you know the Agenda. The government has not been defending Australians, it has been putting them to death in the name of “health”. Tell me if I’m wrong about that and I will make a retraction. Yes tell me if I am wrong, otherwise Australians need to push back and push back HARD against the so-called “modest set of reforms”, trying to sneak past you!!

Parliament of Aust website:

With Labor’s support, the Defence Legislation Amendment (Enhancement of Defence Force Response to Emergencies) Bill 2020 has been referred for a brief Senate committee inquiry, due to report on November 4. The purpose of that inquiry is not to alter the thrust of the bill, but rather to refine it in order to iron out any technicalities that could disrupt military call-outs. WHY BRIEF?? Why so fast? What emergency do they have in mind? Well, there WILL BE one, of course. And we already know, they can cry wolf when there is no wolf. They have already done it.

Backed by the Labor Party, the Liberal-National Coalition government last week pushed a bill through the lower house of parliament allowing the rapid domestic deployment of the military, including Reserves, in a “natural disaster or other emergency.”[Note that our recent bushfires were not natural disasters but created disasters, there is much evidence for this – albeit supressed]Falsely presented as a response to last summer’s bushfire catastrophe, the wider intent of the bill is revealed by the undefined term “emergency.” That goes far beyond the intensifying “natural” disasters being fuelled by climate change. It can cover civil unrest, industrial action or any other development regarded as a threat to the existing economic and political order.

Speaking on the floor of the House of Representatives, Labor’s shadow defence minister Richard Marles misleadingly labelled the bill a “modest set of reforms.” It would, he enthused, provide the government and the armed forces chief “greater flexibility” to call out troops.In reality, the bill is the first instalment in plans, initially outlined by Prime Minister Scott Morrison in January, to overturn any constitutional barriers to the mobilisation of the armed forces within the country, with or without the consent of a state government.At the height of the bushfire tragedy, Morrison used a National Press Club speech to call for national emergency powers. This would effectively establish the conditions for rule by decree, enforced by the Australian Defence Force.

Morrison boasted of making the first-ever compulsory domestic call-out of reservists and military intervention without any state government request, saying he had been “very conscious of testing the limits of constitutionally defined roles.”With Labor’s support, the Defence Legislation Amendment (Enhancement of Defence Force Response to Emergencies) Bill 2020 has been referred for a brief Senate committee inquiry, due to report on November 4. The purpose of that inquiry is not to alter the thrust of the bill, but rather to refine it in order to iron out any technicalities that could disrupt military call-outs.In the name of “streamlining the process,” the bill provides for the “urgent” deployment of the armed forces by a single minister. It further specifies that all Reserves, including civilian part-timers, can be conscripted into such operations. In addition, the bill shields called-out military personnel and other “authorised persons” from civil and criminal liability for any use of their powers, which are also undefined.In other words, military personnel and others—who could include US or other overseas agency members—will be legally protected for any deaths, injuries or damage they cause. The government insists that the bill does not authorise armed force against civilians, but there is no such protection in the legislation.

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