Letter to each member of the Referendum Council

Co-Chaired by Ms Pat Anderson AO and Mr Mark Leibler AC. The other members of the Referendum Council are Professor Megan Davis, Mr Andrew Demetriou, Mr Murray Gleeson AC, Mr Mick Gooda, Mr Stan Grant, Ms Tanya Hosch, Professor Kristina Keneally, Ms Jane McAloon, Mr Michael Rose AM, Ms Natasha Stott Despoja AM, Mr Noel Pearson, Ms Amanda Vanstone, Ms Dalassa Yorkston and Dr Galarrwuy Yunupingu AM. The former Co-Chair, Professor Patrick Dodson.

Dear member,

First and foremost it is going against the old law to speak on behalf of other people and their land. 

The Constitutional Reform debate to Recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people has be ongoing from as early as 1965.

In a nutshell, Constitutional Recognition is all about trying to apply laws to Aboriginal people and target laws specifically to our race.

The fact that ‘Aboriginal’ people are not on the Constitution protects us from Discriminative Laws in which the Constitution has power to enforce with any race.  

Once the terminology ‘Aboriginal’ is placed into the Constitution the Government can then proceed with specific laws for our race only which are discriminative for equal Citizenship Rights.

We are not Citizens of Australia if our race is not included on the Constitution although we have Citizenship rights. However, inclusion will place us at risk of the remainder of the Constitution power of targeting laws specifically for our race only.

Sir Robert Menzies in 1965 told the Government in a Parliamentary Hearing that by not having Aboriginal People on the Constitution protects them against discriminatory laws.  

Since 1967 any Legislations made for ‘Aboriginal’ people are unlawful within the Constitution.



A “Yes Vote” is a vote for Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain to be sole Sovereign over all the lands now known as Australia. It’s a way to maintain the fiction of Terra Nullius.

Summary of the concerns raised for the coming Referendum to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in The British Act of Parliament called the Commonwealth of Australia 
Constitution Act.

1. Acquiring jurisdiction 

– Acquiring Jurisdiction to apply Laws to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People is being sought through Section 51:xxvi and a so called consent process through the pathway of a Referendum. This pathway to Jurisdiction is an attempt to bypass a Treaty.

– Section 51:xxvi 

This law was designed for Alien races which means that anyone who is not an Australian citizen was considered alien and therefore foreign.  

– Consent from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People is being sought through The Referendum Council who “will advise the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition on progress and next steps towards a referendum to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Australian Constitution.” https://www.dpmc.gov.au/indigenous-affairs/constitutional-recognition/referendum-council

2. Control

– Right of consent for laws impacting us are removed

– Self determination will be forfeited and replaced with a Government Authority on all matters affecting Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander People.

3. Impacts

– Land desecration

– Land acquisition transferred to Government

– Sacred sites desecration

– Cultural Breaches

– Human Rights Breaches

– Higher incarceration

– Forced Assimilation

4. Binding Laws

– Recognition is a binding law due to the fact of the recognise definition which in The Black Laws Dictionary (Recognizance) means to enter into a bond 

– Recognition will be binding. The legislations will be binding.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/VotenoToConstitutionalChange/posts/1343741192363021

The Government lied to you last Referendum and they are lying to you again!

All Australians Voted ‘yes’ to enable ‘Interventions’ and not Citizenship for Aboriginal People.

The Government lied to ALL Australians and took them as fools for deceitful purposes.

“What was Australia’s 1967 Referendum about?

There are common misconceptions about what the 1967 Referendum actually changed.

What the referendum was about?

The 1967 Referendum proposed to include Aboriginal people in the census. (only)
The 1967 Referendum proposed to allow the Commonwealth government to make laws for Aboriginal people. (Future Interventions)

What the 1967 Referendum was not about?

The 1967 Referendum did not give Aboriginal people the right to vote. This right was already introduced in 1962.
The 1967 Referendum did not grant them citizenship.”

Do Not Trust Government Cons such as Reconciliation and their heftily funded campaign ‘R’ ‘Recognise’.  

For this time they want to steal Sovereignty permanently.

You do not speak for me. We Vote ‘NO’ To Constitutional Change.

Source: http://www.creativespirits.info/aboriginalculture/history/australian-1967-referendum


10 Reasons to Vote No download
See pamphlet also 
Instructions: copy message, paste into ur email and edit. Copy email addresses and copy into your address bar of the email. 

Members include

Email addresses for members of the Referendum Council constitutionalrecognition@pmc.gov.au

Co-Chairs Ms Pat Anderson AO c/-admin@lowitja.org.au 

Mark Leibler AC mleibler@abl.com.au 

The other members of the Referendum Council are Professor 

Megan Davis megan.davis@unsw.edu.au

Andrew Demetriou c/- info@saxton.com.au

Murray Gleeson AC c/- enquiries@hcourt.gov.au

Mick Gooda communications@humanrights.gov.au

Stan Grant c/- publicity@skynews.com.au

Tanya Hosch c/- communications@humanrights.gov.au

Professor Kristina Keneally c/- peter@wallmedia.com.au

Jane McAloon c/- sydney@gresham.com.au

Michael Rose AM Michael.Rose@allens.com.au

Natasha Stott Despoja AM c/- info@wla.edu.au

Noel Pearson c/- info@cyp.org.au

Amanda Vanstone c/- info@saxton.com.au

Dalassa Yorkston ceo@torres.qld.gov.au

Dr Galarrwuy Yunupingu AM


The former Co-Chair Professor Patrick Dodson senator.dodson@aph.gov.au
Contact RECOGNISE – recognise@unitee.com.au

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