Have You Been Fined For Leaving Your Home?

As NSW Police commence ‘Operation Stay Home’, the Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT has raised concerns about over-policing of Aboriginal communities and urged Aboriginal people to seek assistance in dealing with infringement notices.

During last year’s COVID lockdown, police handed out the most fines in suburbs with a high Aboriginal population. People living in Mount Druitt, Liverpool, Green Valley, Blacktown and Redfern topped the list.

“This is no surprise – statistics demonstrate that Aboriginal people are typically subject to over-policing,” said Anthony Carter, Deputy CEO of the Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT (ALS).

“Now that police have extra powers and are joined on the ground by 800 members of the Australian Defence Force, we are extremely concerned about the potential for Aboriginal people to again be targeted and intimidated,” Mr Carter said.

The ALS is urging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in NSW and the ACT to contact them for help with infringement notices.

Call 1800 765 767 for help If You Have Received A fine


“Operation Stay Home must not be excuse to target Aboriginal people”

Legal Letter Templates and Support To Fight Unlawful Fines

Templates Courtesy of AdvocateMe – https://tinyurl.com/vs6rvcyj

Call AdvocateMe – 0425 754 299 https://www.advocateme.com.au/

Fight The Fines – https://tinyurl.com/yw7tpm22 

Steps You Can Take To Fight The Fines ($25 ebook) – https://tinyurl.com/judrpp6k

Look at all the laws which protects us from Government and Police persecution. We actually have a lot of rights which are currently being infringed unlawfully.

Please print out and study.

We have a right to Walk on our Tribal Land, NOT wear a mask, NOT be tested and NOT be vaccinated and NOT be penalised for it!

Commonwealth Constitution Section 51 sub-section 9 sub-section 23A Section 92 Section 58 Section 109 Section 115 Section 117 Section 118 QLD Human Rights Act 2019 Section 12 Section 16 Section 17C Section 19 Section 22 Section 29 Covid-19 Emergency Act 2020 Section 4 – This Act does not supercede Human Rights Act 2019 Public Health Act 2015 Section 2 Section 5 Section 23 Section 362D Biosecurity Act 2015 (Commonwealth Law supercedes State Laws) Section 60 Section 61 Section 62 Section 63 Section 95 Section 108 Bill of Rights 1688 Section 12 Australian Immunisation Handbook Section 2.1.3 – Valid Consent 10th Edition Page 487 – Vaccination is not compulsory Privacy Amendment Act 2020 Section 94H

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bruce Shillingsworth
    Aug 26, 2021 @ 14:30:48

    Hi we have an extensive number of First Nation Peoples contacting me about these fines, Is there any way of promoting support to our people in remote communities. This needs to be an emergency, urging legal support from who ever



    • BlackfullaRoar
      Aug 29, 2021 @ 18:01:44

      Yes it this uncle or young Bruce? Its me Kaiyu Bayles, Tiga and Kaths daughter originally fromRedfern. I’m sending them Know Your Rights Packs to the address unc gave me. I’ll message young Bruce now and get address for him too. Just posted all the info about fines and who we can call, cards to save on phone too aye. My emails kaiyubayles@protonmail.com, feel free to yarn there anytime too



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