Old Parliament House – The Real Story

Members of many tribes have gathered at the Old Parliament House Protest Site as they gear up for the 50th Anniversary of the original protests. The Aboriginal Tent Embassy In Canberra Australia, established in 1972 on the lawns of Old Parliament House.

Just over a week ago a cease and desist notice and notice to vacate was handed to the various heads of departments. The Tribal people have taken possession of the old Parliament House as their office and right to form their own self governance in accordance with international law. There have been numerous unsuccessful attempts to move people on occupying old Parliament House on, more and more people arrive daily and notices of acquiesce have now been given. After 7 days the notices were still being ignored and no dialogue has happened as requested by elders present.

Today the police try to again remove those occupying the old Parliament House, they sprayed some kind of flammable substance on the ceremonial fire and the door caught alight. The police suspiciously retreat before it was obvious the fire had started.


👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾 Elder uncle Albert tells us exactly what happened and who started the fire. The police started it, see here for yourself we have posted many first hand accounts from the ground

This is the best video I’ve seen since covid

Unlce Albert Disarming Police
Parliament Evicted

There are many eyewitness accounts, heaps of people and groups sharing regularly from the Tent Embassy and convoys being organised from most states. Is this an attempt to bring in full blown martial law?

The Police need to make a public apology and pay for the damages

A lot of us watched the event unfold live online thanks to the many awesome people covering this important time in history. Like this one –


Live – Epic happenings at the Old Parliament House – First they drove the police off site, then they burned down the main entrance doors, now they are psyop-ing the line of police.

Eye Witness Accounts

Following Post Shared From Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination

Video footage https://t.me/mmamvau/444

What happened in Canberra from my view.

Taken from my Facebook live.

Smoke Ceremony was happening at the top of the stairs.

I was standing at the bottom.

Police ran out and started pushing through the people.

Police started spraying stuff and then moved back inside.

Seconds later I see everyone moving from the stairs, and a large flame.

If there was a fire previous to this why would not the police come out with fire hydrants instead of capsicum spray?

This comes from people who were there:

Cops set the building on fire. The smoking ceremony was taking place in front of the door. The Cops came out and caused an altercation and then they sprayed pepper spray which set the fire to the door and to the building.

#justasking #standwithus

Then of course we have the Mainstream media lies that began to circulate immediately

Channel 7 LIES https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/7news.com.au/news/canberra-fires/flames-flow-from-the-steps-of-old-parliament-house-in-canberra-as-federal-police-engage-with-protesters-c-5129137.amp

These assumptions and public statements do not help our cause, they couldn’t be any further from the truth! https://t.me/AussieCossack/528

Dave Oneegs Telegram is crawling with haters all insisting the tribal people are part of a UN takeover because they are invoking their international right and authority to form their own governance. So many people on their assuming to know for sure we have plants in the tribes trying to usher in the UN agenda. Call a black friend in the know please before you make matters even worse by posting this kind of stuff, seriously.

Here’s the backstory, not of the Embassy but the current situation that’s arisen.

Original Tribes Taking Back Old Parliament House

26th December 2021

This morning armed police was deployed to Old Parliament House to transgress on ongoing Cultural Protocol. The COMMUNITY DEMANDS the ACT police to CEASE and DESIST NOW. Lay down your weapons. Stand with the the community.

Here in AUSTRALIA, National Sovereignty will determine our future, either we create one that’s lawful together, or we fracture into small Nations, with a tyrannical empire agenda ready to annex it all under an all powerful worldwide sovereignty.

As of the 18 December 2021 the ACT was given a CEASE and DESIST notice by Original First Nation Tribes on this continent. The Corporation has no authority without a Treaty.

Numbers are required on the ground. If you can’t make it – know that your shares matter, your likes matter, every action matters. If you are an Influencer reach out to your community. If you are an independent reporter make your way here !!!!

WE WALK UNITED with the ORIGINAL SOVEREIGN NATIONS on this continent. WE CAN do this folks!!


Video of Australian Government being served by Cindy Roberts https://t.me/BlackfullaGrapeVine/1874

Everyone Welcome

Footage from Sunday 26th 12 2021 https://t.me/BlackfullaGrapeVine/1834


Canberra, ACT

Armed police presence on Original Sovereign Nation territory. Canberra is Ngunnawal country. The Ngunnawal are the Indigenous people of this region and its first inhabitants. The neighbouring people are the Gundungurra to the north, the Ngarigo to the south, the Yuin on the coast, and the Wiradjuri inland.

As the majority of individuals come to realise that the entire commonwealth construct here in Australia has no jurisdiction it creates a unique opportunity to UNITE as we have no alternative but to start afresh and do things the proper way this time around. We must stand up to the ongoing genocide. Premeditated trauma, suffering and disfunction throughout the whole spectrum of Nations, countries, societies, communities, families and individuals.


#TakeOldParliament #TheTimeIsNow #Humanity #Community #Unity #Sovereignty

Respected indigenous elder Uncle Bruce Shillingsworth taken by the police before he got to read out an important document at Old Parliament House – Canberra.

Police were there in breach of a deal they had made with the people just days earlier.

Video of arrest – https://t.me/mmamvau/441

What it’s all about in 30 seconds

https://t.me/mmamvau/442 – Bruce Shillingsworth Junior at the doors of Old Parliament House

Source https://t.me/BlackfullaGrapeVine/1701

Just yesterday we all shared a Q & A session online and everyday at 10:30 you can witness a ceremony at the embassy online or in person.

Following the deliverance of the notice to the Australian Government Corporation, on the 18th of December this year, First Nations people, and their allies, have continued to meet for ceremony on the steps of Old Parliament House in Canberra every morning.

“This is the first time [this] has been done. We call out to all our Indigenous brothers and sisters across the world to stand with us. It is time.” Uncle Bruce Shillingsworth, a First Nations Leader and an important part of the proceedings, was filmed saying this week, standing alongside Uncle Bumajin Gumbaynggiirr.

On December 27th, 2021, what was termed a ‘Cultural Education Corroboree’ took place on the steps of Old Parliament House. Spectators and allies to the gathering were witness to traditional song, dance, Dreamtime stories, as well as lessons around connection to land, Culture, and Lore.

This week the gathering also witnessed a change from previous interactions with the AFP, with a few unarmed officers filmed assisting with the unloading of wood for the ceremonial fires. Prior to this, a few of the leaders had been involved with relatively peaceful confrontations with the AFP. One interaction on Boxing Day resulted in Uncle Bruce Shillingsworth being arrested, before he was released a few hours later with no charges being laid.

Each day has seen the arrival of more individuals from around the country, joining the now growing gathering camped at the Tent Embassy, out the front of Old Parliament House. There are more expected to arrive in the lead up to the 26th of January 2022.

Read the first media release ‘Historical Cultural Ceremony Commence at Old Parliament House’



The gathering

Canberra , ACT

FIRST NATIONS and ALLIES are UNITING and INVITE you TO JOIN a Q & A as we call forward Natural and Lawful Justice for all.

Video here https://t.me/mmamvau/443

#Corroboree #Wirritjin #YourVoiceMatters #TakeOldParliament #TheTimeIsNow #Humanity #Community #Unity #Sovereighty #DecolinizeYourself

You can take part in cultural education session in person or online from the Tent Embassy, by the elders present

Cultural Education with uncle Bruce from the Embassy grounds https://www.facebook.com/MMAMVAUSTRALIA/videos/cultural-education-with-uncle-bruce/1767465930117049/

There’s online forums happening often like this one https://t.me/BlackfullaGrapeVine/1835

Occupy Old Parliament House (evicted) aka Headquarters of the New Tribal Assembly

First priority – Reunite First Nations Children in care with their families

Final Notice Given https://t.me/BlackfullaGrapeVine/1814

Heaps of Tent Embassy Updates coming in, tune in from 10am for daily gathering

Tent Embassy Updates👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾


Take Back Old Parliament House


This is a CALL OUT to all TRIBES, the fire keepers, freedom fighters, truth seekers, free spirits, warriors, guardians, protectors, critical thinkers, on a mission to protect our CHILDREN and restore TRUTH and HEALING to humanity. EVERYBODY with GOOD INTENTIONS is to join in SOLIDARITY and SUPPORT, with our brothers and sisters for the HEALING of humanity.

Here in AUSTRALIA, National Sovereignty will determine our future, either we create one that’s lawful together, or we fracture into small Nations, with a tyrannical empire agenda ready to annex it all under an all powerful worldwide sovereignty. We have this opportunity to make things right, to make it all legitimate as a Nation of People united.

Numbers are required on the ground. If you can’t make it – know that your shares matter, your likes matter, every action matters. If you are an Influencer reach out to your community. If you are an independent reporter folks need you there !!!!


1 Mob Rising

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Richard Webster
    Dec 31, 2021 @ 13:04:19

    We are behind you brothers. One blood.one land .one people.one day we will never part.



  2. Lyn Bugal Wena
    Jan 03, 2022 @ 00:14:37

    I was watching from the Tweed coast. I know it is time for our people, given due respect and admiration for their determination, to resolve and restore the natural law of the harmony that always exists between human groups and the natural world. Gran (RS) and I are with the people in the spirit of awareness, peace, unity and unconditional mutual respect



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