Australian MP’s Are Deeply Tied To Pharmaceutical Corporations

CLIVE Palmer has exposed the corrupt role of big pharma companies Pfizer and AstraZeneca behind Gladys Berejiklian’s frantic push for vaccines in NSW.

In a press conference on Tuesday Palmer dropped a bomb on the NSW Liberals and the corrupt role of a political lobbyist being paid tens of millions of dollars by Pfizer and Astra Zeneca. The same lobbyist, says Palmer, controls the Liberal Party in Sydney and is using the threat of the Independent Commission Against Corruption’s (ICAC) inquiries into Gladys Berejiklian to pull her strings and push the vaccines.

 Threats of Criminal charges against Craig Kelly and Clive Palmer for exposing the 483 post-vaccination deaths reported by the TGA?

Media and mainstream parties are in a panic, trying to cover up the mounting scandal by attacking Palmer, whose United Australia Party is about to become the biggest political party in Australia by membership.

Palmer also accused the head of the TGA Prof. John Skerrit, as the chief regulator of drugs in Australia, of being in a “serious conflict of interest” by going on television in a white coat promoting vaccines threatening media owners with withdrawal of advertising if they published stories contrary to government vaccine policy.

Palmer dropped the bomb when a jabbering journalist tried to push the NSW government’s lies about 1600 “cases” and that people really were dying from COVID-19 and the only way out for locked-down small businesses in NSW was for most of the population to get a double jab. “They can’t open their businesses because the premier’s telling them the only way out is a double jab and that’s what they’re being told,” said the journo.

Video – Bombshell!!!! Palmer Exposes Corrupt Big Pharma Politics And Blackmail In NSW

“I’d say the premier is lying to them,” Palmer shot back. “And I’d say that she’s under an ICAC inquiry, but a particular lobbyist in Sydney controls the Liberal Party in Sydney and told her the only way she gets out of that inquiry is if she pushes the double jab, and his clients are Astra Zeneca and his clients are Pfizer.”

At that point the upstart journo butts in again, repeating the nonsense that the only way out for the business owners is the double jab. Palmer’s very newsworthy allegation of high-level corruption was too much for the lame-brained scribbler to take in, apparently.

Palmer came back, again trying to answer the question. “That’s what I’d tell them (the business owners) and that what the premier’s saying is not true and … that they shouldn’t be locked down, businesses should be open and the government’s using this as an excuse to destroy them and they know that.”

Palmer’s reference to the big plan behind COVID-19 triggered the journo again. “You think that the Premier of NSW wants to destroy businesses?” “I do,” said Palmer. “Why would she want to do that. It’s her economy!” he countered.

“Because as I tried to explain to you, she’s being directed by a lobbyist in Sydney who’s being paid by Astra Zeneca and by Pfizer tens of millions of dollars to get these policies through, to make sure these vaccines are pushed. That’s why. You asked the question and that’s my personal knowledge and I’m happy to make the statement here to the police or anyone who want to know what’s going on … I’ll be doing that. They’ll be named.”

Palmer went on to remind the journo that United Australia Party is about to become the biggest political party in Australia, with some 46,000 people recently joining, including 20,000 from western Sydney.

He told the media conference earlier that he and the UAP leader Craig Kelly welcomed a bizarre threat by the head of the TGA, Prof. John Skerrit, to lay criminal charges against them for exposing the 483 post-vaccination deaths reported by the TGA. Cairns News believe the figure is now at least double that.

“It’s an extraordinary situation where you’ve got a member of the Australian House of Representatives being attacked for doing nothing more than circulating a government report. First of all United Australia Party Welcomes any legal action against Mr Kelly and we look forward to it as an opportunity when John Skerrit himself can be subpoenaed and be asked the question about the 483 Australians who died after having the vaccine and be asked to say to the court and the Australian people what were their causes of death and what did the TGA do to investigate that, and why is it justified to continue the roll out?

“Secondly, we can ask Mr Skerrit on oath about the 46,000 adverse (event) reports that his office has received, about what he’s done about it and thirdly we can raise the question about how he threatened media owners with cancellation of advertising if journalists wrote anything about a contrary view of the government and his attack on freedom of speech.”

Palmer said Health Minister Greg Hunt would also be subpoenaed over his role in the vaccine roll-out. He said Craig Kelly had nothing to fear for publishing a government document.

Revealed: Husband of CHO’s history with Covid jab giants

The chief health officer’s husband Professor Graeme Nimmo received travel perks and benefits while serving as an adviser to Covid-19 vaccine manufacturer Pfizer, it has been revealed.

Courier Mail –

Dr Jeannette Youngs, (QLD Chief Health officer) Husband Prof. Graeme Nimmo has served on advisory boards for Novartis, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Janssen-Cilag. Graeme Nimmo is President of the Australian Society for Antimicrobials. He has served on advisory boards for Novartis and Pfizer, and has received lecture fees from bioMerieux and reimbursement for travel and accommodation from Novartis, Pfizer and bioMerieux.

He also is part of a company named Queensland Genomics, responsible for Sequencing, Tracking, Tracing, and “preventing outbreaks” of COVID-19. Their website was created by a company named NWO(New World Order)

Jan 29, 2021. Novartis signed agreements with Pfizer to provide manufacturing of the BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccines

Of course she wants a “JAB” in EVERY arm! She is directly profiting from her mandates…

(MSM Channel 9) The Today Show’s so called “Professor” Bill Bowtell is not a professor at all. He doesn’t even have medical qualifications. Why does Karl Stefanovic and no-cred Channel 9 keep using a pretend Professor as its disease expert?

Anastasia Palaszczuck’s father is the chairman of a DNA and gene company!

Founded in Singapore in June 2019, the GTA Foundation is a ‘non-profit organization’ (which really means lots of profit), specialising in genome sequencing technology. How convenient.

Their technology, according to their website, can detect 3 billion base-pairs covering all genes of the human body, and users will get a detailed test results.

This includes 84 precision medications, 202 diseases risks, 89 trait genes, 4011 single gene diseases; food and drug intolerance, and more.

Let’s take a look at some quotes from their mission statement:

“Look into the future, the massive storage of genetic data and its wide application in the field of wellness are extremely important.

In particular, the combination of genomics and emerging IT technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and block-chain can create huge power.

Certainly seems like this group understands the importance of genetic data, storage.. and control.

GTA say they also leverage genetic technology to analyse the whole-genome phenotype data stored by users, meaning they provide massive data support for institutions, such as precision pharmaceuticals, precision medicine, scientific research and health management.

The Queensland Premier is the daughter of the Director of this organisation.

This bombshell revelation adds further weight to the notion that PCR coronavirus tests are just a mass DNA harvesting in disguise.


Annastacia Palaszczuk has been at the helm of Queensland’s response to COVID-19, including the recent mandating of face masks and urging of testing since the pandemic beginning.

The significant linkage here is the fact COVID-19 tests have been marred in controversy, including suggestions th program may actually be the largest covert genomic harvesting operation in history.

Firstly, let’s explore how COVID DNA collection could be possible.

In order for any of the COVID-19 tests to be conducted, they need to collect genetic samples from everyone. This is part of the overall testing processes in most countries.

There are four different techniques employed with COVID-19 testing, with each requiring the collection of your genetic material, usually through taking a sample from an upper respiratory tract.

In this process, a collection swab is pushed deep into the nose, throat or nasopharynx (the space that connects the two) — collecting your cells in the process.

This data is used to provide results, however, the virus has never been isolated — so what are they ‘testing’ for? The answer: Nothing. They are actually collecting information in order to re-engineer it.

While the medical rogues of Scientism report a fictional ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ claim back, your data is actually being passed on for ‘research purposes’, to programs such as:

The COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative, including 127 studies in an international collaboration to investigate the ‘genomes of those infected by coronavirus’.

Also found is an initiative underway called the International COVID-19 Data Research Alliance — co-founded and funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The ‘coincidence’ that the Queensland Premier’s father is at the helm of a similar company should not be taken lightly.  We know that the tests are being used by to collect and store DNA.

Could Annastacia’s father be in on this program?

Although there is no conclusive proof detailing any direct sales or data transfers, the motivation is certainly there to partake in this dominant industry — medical technology, driven by IoT.

For, as we all know, pharmacological control is an essential emerging part of the Brave New World.


The rise of collecting data from the human body is advancing in fields of medicine.

A new field called the Internet of Bodies (IoB) — a child branch of the IoT world — is already transforming health care, whilst jeopardising our most intimate personal information.

The ‘Internet of Bodies’ is a major part of the IoT revolution that connects the human body to a network through devices that are ingested, implanted or connected to the body in some way.

IoB devices monitor the human body, collect health metrics and other personal information and transmits that data over the internet. This gives controllers a full picture to monitor.

How does this relate to COVID tests? Well, it doesn’t directly. However, when we return to the premise that the information is being stored and re-engineered, we now turn to the COVID vaccines.

We turn to the very real premise of devices being transferred back through the vaccination, such as embedded microneedle tattoos, which have undergone successful trials at major universities.

Many suspect with a universal database of human genetic information, taken voluntarily under the guise of a virus test, a blueprint can be drawn to enter the final phase of Operation Epsilon.

The ‘undesirables’ can finally be identified and the vaccines can be targeted to certain regions and countries. Infertility, alteration of DNA, increases in chronic diseases and more.

If this isn’t the case, then what could logically explain all of this?

PCR tests are admittedly useless for detecting a new ‘virus’, yet are very useful for corrupt corporate technocrats who are currently trying to take away human and civil rights.

This includes unlawfully mandating the possible causation of harm by trying to force us to wear masks, which have not in any way been proven to protect from viruses.

This is where red flags arise surrounding Annastacia Palaszczuk and all other characters involved in this ongoing psychological operation. Morrison, Andrews and the rest.

If you have undergone a COVID-19 test, or know someone who has, ask the following questions: Do you know where the test results, with your unique genetic information, is being stored? Do you know who has access to them? Do you know if any third parties have access — or even backdoor access?

Apparently, these forces are much closer to home than most would think.

We will continue digging here on the website.

What are your thoughts? Do you suspect foul play?

 GTA (Gene Technology Alliance): Gene Data Storage and Application with direct links to China is basically a giant DNA storage and research project happening right here in Australia. It’s also apparently known for it’s artificial intelligence technology which apparently assists in their research and their goals of manipulating human gene sequencing (playing with the genetic makeup of the human race).And guess who is chairman?  Henry Palaszczuk. Yep, Anastasia Palaszczuk’s own father. It’s a new trillion-dollar industry, but they were a little scarce in the gene pool, so… get ready for it……”by combining advanced gene sequencing technology and blockchain storage technology, it adopted unique blockchain incentive mechanism to quickly attract individual users, gene sequencing companies, medical, pharmaceutical, health services and other data applications on the same platform, as a result of which, a gold mine of gene data storage and application has been built with a global genetic data storage as the core and profound application value. ”The next step in the total control and manipulation of humanity and Australia is tied right up to it.We also can extend this link to the sale of Queensland assets to the Chinese as we are aware of connections to Trad, The Premier and now most likely through to her father Mr Henry Palaszczuk as a connection to the CCP.AND GUESS WHO HAS BEEN PROMOTING ALL OF THIS FOR A LONG TIME? Klaus Schwab. Founder of the World Economic Forum and THE GREAT RESET.

Activities conducted by the GTA Foundation have been described by reports as leading the largest genetic scientific revolution in human history.

Their technology can detect 3 billion base-pairs covering all genes of the human body, and users will get a detailed test results.

This includes 84 precision medications, 202 diseases risks, 89 trait genes, 4011 single gene diseases; food and drug intolerance, and more.

Let’s take a look at some quotes from their mission statement:

“Look into the future, the massive storage of genetic data and its wide application in the field of wellness are extremely important.

In particular, the combination of genomics and emerging IT technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and block-chain can create huge power.

Certainly seems like this group understands the importance of genetic data, storage.. and control.

GTA say they also leverage genetic technology to analyse the whole-genome phenotype data stored by users, meaning they provide massive data support for institutions, such as precision pharmaceuticals, precision medicine, scientific research and health management.

To have incorporated Australia as a company in the United States of America represents a fraudulent act against its citizens by falsely pretending that this was done with their knowledge and authority.

This act by the states’ leadership can also be viewed as an act of treason, because they have acquiesced and compromised the sovereignty of Australia.

An ABN (Australian Business Number) is for a Private Australian Business that invoices with GST, because they offer goods or services which are taxable. ALL LOCAL COUNCILS HAVE ABN’s Commonwealth of Australia ABN 122104616 Parliament of Australia ABN 52997141147, (which is a subsidiary company of Commonwealth Of Australia ‘Corporation’)

Australia Just A Colonial State?

Independent legal researchers have submitted to the United Nations in 1999 a bundle of documents, titled The Concealed Colony, that clearly demonstrate that Australia’s standing in the international community is a lie, supported by a convention of denial on the part of the international community.

It is significant that on the 8th December 2010, a Prerogative Writ of Mandamus was filed in the High Court of Australia. This has a great number of ramifications particularly for Aboriginal people, but it will be essential for our people to now come together to discuss the fallout that will emerge for us as sovereign nations and peoples.

In the December 8 writ the applicants demand that the executive government of Australia ‘cease all operations that are carried out under the Commonwealth of Australia ABN 122 104 616 and registered with the United States American Securities and Exchange Commission No. 000 080 5157 and further command them to dissolve their subsidiary companies being;

When A Government Becomes A Corporation, What You Need To Know

There no longer exists any form of representative government under the framework that is the United Nations Charter. The U.N. platform is offered as a contract and is then enforced via the Bilderberg Steering Committee’s influence upon all signatory governments. Today what presents itself as your council or government, or more correctly, the men and women working within the same, defraud you by pretending they represent you and operate according to the parameters of the office they hold after you gave them your vote to hold that office.[A]

What we call government today is in fact an incorporated entity, that means that because they are corporations, [1] they can no longer represent you an Autonomous living man/woman, due to the fact the council/government has changed Jurisdiction, they have shifted from a realm of laws to a realm of commercial legislationcontrolled by the UCC and for the movement of the cargo, coming under Shipping, (UPU) this they call the Legal System. However, they enthusiastically keep up an act in which they work very hard to convince you that they represent you while knowing the contrary to be fact.

In the video – Romley Stewart presents step-by-step instructions to guide you through the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (USSEC) website. He asks: is Australia a privately owned for-profit corporation, invaded by stealth, with a US SEC CIK number (Central Index Key) of # 0000805157?
(There has been changes in Australian governments Leadership since the video was made)

It is our time to take the biggest stand in our history as an invaded people. I believe that Aboriginal people have now reached the point where going forward means challenging the status quo and altering our history. We have two choices: to de-colonize ourselves and become free and independent people pursuing our own chosen destiny though the process of self-determination, or to acquiesce and become assimilated into the invader society, degrading our culture to mere museum pieces in which we perform like trained monkeys for the tourists.

Australia’s politicians are deeply tied to pharmaceutical corporations, the British Monarchy, and other corporate and institutional powers which threaten the freedom and prosperity of Australian citizens.

One product of this hegemony is Australia’s “No Jab No Pay” law, which strips welfare from citizens who refuse vaccination for themselves or their children.

You could say people should just go without government welfare, and that’s a good idea for participants in the philosophy of independence from the system (Voluntaryism or Agorism), but the “system” in Australia has been constructed to make it difficult for anyone who is left out.

They can use this as leverage to cut off other necessities from citizens who refuse vaccination.

Without regard for the world of evidence for why people should not vaccinate, politicians and mainstream media speak of “improving vaccination rates.”

While the Prime Minister leads government, and pushes for mandatory vaccination to the benefit of pharmaceutical companies, his wife Lucy is chairman of the pharma corporation Prima Biomed.

CVac, the “cancer vaccine” is a main product of this corporation, still not seeing success. As we have exposed in past articles, figures in academia and government hype cancer causing viruses over avoiding carcinogens and general good health to profit from vaccination.

Her company has worked closely with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical corporations, Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline.

Ex Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull even has financial ties in tobacco, which may lead to a rabbit hole if you want to research it, considering that in Australia tobacco is very strictly regulated with only pictures of mouth or lung cancer allowed on the few brands of cigarette permitted to be sold in the country.

“What’s on Malcolm Turnbull’s Register of Interests?

First, there are the listed companies and funds*. Among them is the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust [NYSEARCA:SPY]. Over the last two years, SPY is up by nearly 40%. This ETF is relatively popular because it offers exposure to big-name stocks, whilst being balanced and accessible. The Trust’s top ten holdings are Apple Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Exxon Mobil, Johnson & Johnson, GE, Wells Fargo, Berkshire Hathaway (Class B), JPMorgan,, and Pfizer Inc. Apple is the most substantial holding, at 3.8%. To put that in context, Microsoft comes next at 2.03%. So it’s very tech heavy. But perhaps not as tech heavy as Vanguard Information Technology ETF [NYSEARCA:VGT], which Turnbull bought in July last year. VGT’s top five holdings are Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and IBM.

Then there’s the iShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate Bond ETF [NYSEARCA:HYG]. This Fund pays dividends of around US$0.40 every month or so. It has bonds from a variety of big corporations. Interestingly, most are from the US communications services market.

There’s also the Deutsche X-trackers MSCI Japan Hedged Eq [NYSEARCA:DBJP]. This fund tracks the MSCI Japan US Dollar Hedged Index. It provides exposure to Japanese equities, plus a hedge for the yen/US dollar exchange rate. Its top holdings include Toyota, Mitsubishi and Honda.

Australia – The Head of the Snake

(why its being hit so hard)

First Nations need to send “Bills of Exchange” to government. I’m doing it for Torres Strait’s, all the laws you need are readily available. To get started see “Bills or Exchange Act 1909 section 8 (1). Very last page of the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 is an example on which to work off, draft in same manner using your own words. (keep it to 1 page) Get it witnessed and signed by JP, so it becomes a legal document.Then write a letter to explain the reason for your “Bill”. (quote applicable laws to your case/bill)We need to challenge and discredit Native Title and I believe this is how we hurt them by targeting the governments hip pocket.Your letter of explanation of your “Bill” should include articles of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. (remind them that your “Bill” will be used in court and by law, they must rebut everything in your statement) Clearly state a time frame (I apply 14 working days for response) then impose addition costs (5 percent, per day thereafter) Include, Articles of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.Include Magna Carta 1215 section 61, this is Imperial Law.Criminal code Act 1995 part 2.5 Corporate Responsibility. (find the departments ABN and they have no jurisdiction to enforce any govt policy as they are ordinary registered businesses. Precedent already set in High Court (2015) HCA 11) If they have an ABN they commit “Fraud” (see Criminal Code Act 1995)Criminal Code Act 1995 sections 14 n 15, corrupt conduct.Remember we are already recognised in the Commonwealth Constitution 1901 so forget the bullshit circulation of inclusion in the Constitution and statement from the heart crap.TREATY in my opinion is BS. (another issue)We are recognised before Federation of 1901. Our rights have remained intact since 1700’s. Letters patent to Lieutenant James Cook 1769.Letters Patent to Captain Author Phillips, the first governor of Australia 1776.Letters patent of Lord Morton.Letters patent of King William the IV 1836Letters patent of Governor Hindmarsh 1837.Queen Victoria’s letter patent, South Pacific Act 1872 amended 1875. Section 7 Saving the Rights of Tribes.We, as First Nations peoples need to exercise and assert these RIGHTS. Hurt the governments financially by sending them a “Bill” for damages and claim for “Billions”. ( create your own invoice, I started with my initials, wb0001 and up to “Bill of exchange wb0008”)Don’t worry about Native Title Act 1993 it’s a floating bill which has no power because it has NOT been assented by a true Governor General.The last proper Governor General was Sir Robert Kerr who fired Gough Whitlem as serving Prime Minister of Australia in 1973.First Nations peoples please take note of all above. If you or any other concerned Australian needs a hand to write up a “Bill of Exchange” post message me and I’ll email info to you.Please share.

Further Reading

Australia – The Head of the Snake

(why its being hit so hard)

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  1. dianedraytonbuckland
    Nov 18, 2021 @ 23:53:21

    Thank you so much for this wonderful work and website.
    The whole political system is corrupted with systemic and widespread conflicts of interest – it is revolting – we stand united with you – it would be our honour to do so.

    I cried when I watched this – I have no doubt we will succeed in taking back our civil rights, our medical rights, our human rights and taking our country back from the tyrannical/treasonous politicians in EVERY State of Australia >


    Thank you so much,
    Kindest Regards,
    Diane Drayton Buckland



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